Review: Color Club Holographic Gel Polish in Eternal Beauty

Over the past few years, since getting the first gel manicure set, I have been on the look out for gel nail varnishes that work as well as the Red Carpet Manicure ones. I should probably have given up by now but I saw the Color Club Halo Hues Holographic Polishes in the Rainbow Connection site and there was a site wide sale code at the time so I decided to go for one. I am a sucker for good holographic nails and Eternal Beauty has a gorgeous pale purple as the base colour.

I don’t know how easy Color Club are to get outside of the UK but I don’t know many places to stock it here, it seems to be an American company so maybe you guys in America will find it easier. On the Rainbow Connection website they have the holographic ones and the bottles are £16, though as they’re 15ml this isn’t a bad price for a gel colour.

The first thing I noticed about this nail varnish is the packaging itself, I do like the holographic look they have on the outer packaging but it’s definitely a fingerprint magnet. I also really like the shape of it, though the cardboard will just be put in the recycling and probably unnecessary really it did keep it protected in the post and it’s useful to have the extra information on how to apply it alongside the ingredients, especially if you use a different company’s lamp like I have.

The bottle itself is also holographic, which does make it stand out amongst the other gel nail varnishes I have. I will definitely know the finish for this one when I’m choosing a colour. The square shape of the bottle is nice too, it feels comfortable to hold as it’s got a slightly rounded shape to it and it does mean they fit together easily in storage and you don’t get those awkward gaps you do with round bottles sometimes.

It’s definitely a heavy feeling glass bottle but it does hold more than all of my others, I didn’t realise how much until I put it next to the Red Carpet Manicure gels I use all the time. I thought that at £16 it was slightly more expensive than others I’ve bought but when this holds 15ml compared to their 9ml it’s quite a difference in the amount of product for those extra couple of pounds. The brush isn’t the best compared to the others, they normally have a flatter, wider brush, but it’s a fairly standard thinner nail varnish brush and does the job. The lid also means it’s easy to control as it’s a longer, thinner one so it fits well into your hand.

The formula for this is really nice. It says to use two coats so I did but I can see it being opaque enough with just the one. It’s one of those thinner formula polishes so it spreads evenly really well and the amount and small size of the holographic particles means it’s very well pigmented. The holographic effect works well, you get a full rainbow spectrum when the light hits it and it looks like rainbow glitter rather than an obvious line of light reflected. 

Overall I am very impressed with this gel. It is well pigmented, sets enough between layers when it’s cured with an LED light (I haven’t tried UV as I don’t have one) so there’s not a lot of mess like other makes I tried. I also found that the colour on the lid is pretty much spot on with the colour it turned out as. The pigmentation is great and I don’t see any peeling yet, it’s only been two days but this is a problem I’ve have with some other makes before.

Basically this is a great make to use with the Red Carpet Manicure light. If you can find it where you are they seem to have a great range of colours but I am definitely going to be ordering at least one more of the holographic ones and keeping an eye out for other colours I might want. They may be more expensive than a lot of the gel colours out there that are easy to find in the UK but there’s a lot more in them, especially compared to the ones I bought in high street stores.

4 thoughts on “Review: Color Club Holographic Gel Polish in Eternal Beauty

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ve never seen Color Club before so didn’t know what they normally do, I don’t think they’re sold in the UK really or maybe I’ve just missed them. Definitely a great holo colour, I do love them but I’ve found a lot tend to chip so it’s great to find a gel version so it lasts longer


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