Review:  No7 Matte Lip Crayon in Raspberry Red

This No7 Matte Lip Crayon was part of a free set if you bought something from their beauty line though it is also a full sized product available from the Boots website, here. The full sized version sells for £9 though I can’t find the amount this holds. This product is the mini size but it’s the same formula and is in the colour Raspberry Red which, to be honest, is not a name I would have put with this colour as it’s a lot more muted and less pink than I’d expect from that. I’m almost considering checking in store to see that it definitely is the same colour as the product itself has no name on it but other swatches for the product look like this so I guess it’s just an odd naming choice.

I do love these pencil style lip colours, or lip products in general, as you can get a nice precise application and it’s easy to use with the twist up end. The lids for these No7 ones do stay on well and I’ve had them in my bag for ages before with no accidents so packaging wise I trust them. The fact you can see the colour by the lid makes it easy to reach for in a hurry and this is one roebuck that it’s pretty much spot on to the product in the tube.

Although this product says it’s a matte I’m not sure it really is a true matte finish, it’s more a semi matte. If you blot it it does turn matte but you also slightly alter the colour, it removes some of the muted red or brown tones and becomes slightly pinker toned. Also it is unusually moisturising for a matte, I had it on for a few hours and I didn’t get the dried out, cracked lips look or the feeling of needing a lip balm. The colour doesn’t last well when it comes to eating but has survived drinking hot drinks even if it did leave a bit of transfer on the mug. Like a lot of mattes when it gets wet it doesn’t stick as well until it dries off again so it would be one to reapply if your out for drinks or a meal.

This isn’t a new product, though I haven’t tried any of them before. Apparently they were released in 2014 which seems to be in line with past offers like this which includes some of their longer running products rather than exclusives when it comes to the winter free products.

Overall I’m very happy with this, the more moisturising formula for a matte really impressed me and it’s up to the normal standard for No7 lip products when it comes to pigmentation. I think I would have preferred if it had survived eating and drinking better but just rubbing your lips together does even it out again and it’s not obvious that any colour has been removed from your inner lip.

Whether this is worth £9, I’m not sure. I am a fan of No7 and think that a lot of their products do live up to the slightly higher price tag than a lot of other drugstore brands. It does claim to be hypoallergenic so it might be that these are worth checking out if you have problems with ingredients in other brands but I don’t know that I would be paying £9 for this particular product, especially having tried Marks and Spencer’s Autograph ones, though I’m unsure if they have a matte. If one of the other colours was amazing then I probably would, this is slightly darker than I normally go for but a dusty rose kind of colour I would definitely be tempted to pay the full price for it.

Have any of you guys tried this or any of the other colours? There’s only 4 in the range, which I guess isn’t likely to grow now as it’s been out for over two years, but are the others so different from how you’d expect with the names? I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in any of the stores near me, I’d quite like to swatch the others and see what they’re like as the formula is nice and I’d like to see how the others compare staying power wise.

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