Boxing Day Sale Haul: Rainbow Connection

I didn’t buy much from the Boxing Day sales but I did make an order from Rainbow Connection, a site that sells indie nail polishes and nail art supplies in the UK. Not all of it is here, a few of the stamper plates haven’t got here yet, but as most of it arrived I thought I’d do a post on it. I will be reviewing pretty much all of this at some point anyway so I’ll post the rest of the stamping plates then. 

For the last few years I’ve been planning on trying nail stamping, it always looks so good when other people do it and I love how intricate the designs can be even if my hands are shaky. Most of my order was for this; a nail stamper set that was on offer, some plates, a couple of nail varnishes sold for stamping and then a few extras that caught my eye. I am yet to find a good gel nail varnish company that works for me apart from Red Carpet Manicure and I love holographic nails so I bought one of the Color Club gel nail varnishes as well as a couple of non gels that were in the destashing or old stock section from Organic Farm. I hadn’t heard of them before but apparently they’re from Korea and hard to get in the UK, so even if I love them I’m not sure how easily I could get more from them but these colours are so pretty.

I will start with the Organic Farm nail varnishes, though I can’t find any names on them to actually identify them so I’ll just call them by their numbers. They are from Korea and pretty much all of the writing is in Korean but there isn’t too much in nail varnishes anyway. I can’t tell much on the company as their site is all in Korean too. These aren’t available from Rainbow Connection as they were a one off set of two on there. 

The two colours are 07 (shimmery green with silver particles in too) and 08 (a mid plum shimmer with plum coloured sparkles in). I love anything plum, I find the colour suits me and I wear it all through the year so this mid level one that isn’t very dark is something a bit lighter than others I have at the moment. The green reminds me of one I had from Collection, back when they were called Collection 2000 and probably ten years ago now, that I loved and used a lot around Christmas so I wanted to get it to sort of replace that as it went years ago and I haven’t got one since. The formula for these is pretty thin, it does apply evenly but needed three coats to become opaque on the nail wheel so, going by experience with other makes, I’m going to guess at it needing at least four on my nails to get the same coverage. I like the brush and the handle is easy to use so I’ll see how these work and might be searching eBay in the future if I like them.

The Color Club holographic gel in Eternal Beauty is so pretty, it’s a light purple and looks like it’s going to be very reflective and has a great holographic effect with small particles. The bottle definitely stands out too, being holographic itself, but I can see it being a fingerprint magnet. The brush seems nice and flexible and easy to control but I haven’t actually tried the gel itself yet so we’ll have to see how well it lasts as a gel and if it works with my lamp. This has been the main problem with other makes I’ve found I the UK that are easy to access in stores, they just don’t set between layers with my lamp, so it would be nice to find a company that does and has some different finishes. These cost £16 each so not the cheapest gel nail varnish but for the holographic effect I am hoping it was worth it.

The main thing I was on the lookout for from Rainbow Connection was a stamper set and when I saw this one from Creative Shop for Rainbow Connection in an offer at £10 I decided to go for it as it had a good review and it seems like a lot of the cheaper stamper sets I’ve read reviews of comment on how hard the stamping bit is and I can see how that might make it harder to get a good finish on the pattern. As I’ve not used a stamper before I wanted to give the method a fair go with a good stamper. In the set you get the stamper itself with one of the squishy stamp bits as a whole stamper, though it’s held on by suction rather than glue which surprised me (can you tell I don’t know much about these?). You also get a spare head, if that’s the right word, and a clear plastic card to use as a scraper. I can see it lasting well and it looks easy to clean so I’m hoping these will last a while. I’m definitely looking forward to playing around with it and seeing which nail varnishes work best. 

Along with the stamper I bought a few of the plates, though two or three of them haven’t arrived (I’ve actually forgotten which I managed to get and were in stock) I do have this one from Delish Polish. It’s the Enchanted (DP01) plate and has twelve designs based around enchanted forests on it. I love the detail in them, especially the thorns, or are they leaves, one and the really finely detailed flower ones. I am definitely looking forward to trying this out, I could never get this detail with nail art brushes. I know it has the protective blue plastic in it now, I’m just keeping it on until I actually use it as I just know it’ll get scratched otherwise. These cost £6.80 each but it feels like it’s made of a nice, sturdy metal and shouldn’t get damaged easily so I think it’ll last very well and get a lot of use.

The last thing in the order, or two things, are two nail polishes that were sold as being for nail stamping so they seemed like a good place to start in getting a good finish with the set I bought. These are from Esmaltes da Kelly and the bottles are so cute. I wasn’t sure how practical the bows on the front would be but they actually help you grip the lid when it comes to twisting it as the rests of the lid is smooth so they’re not just pretty. I do love the characters on the front, Dolly is the white colour and Doguito is a pinky neutral colour. I was very impressed with these when I was switching them on the nail wheel, this picture is with one coat and I can see them showing up nail art really well. They’re pretty thick but you do have enough time to do things with them rather than them drying super fast but at the same time they don’t have to sit there for ages. I think the fact it’s one coat does help with that, rather than needing to sit there drying between coats. I was surprised that they dried matte but I like the effect and think it’ll stand out really well against a shiny base, plus you can just use a normal top coat and it’s no longer matte if you want. These cost £6.50 each but are apparently being discontinued on the site so you can get a further discount. I didn’t realise they were being discontinued, I am definitely making another Oder soon and getting some more even if I don’t use them for nail stamping as they’d work well as a very pigmented normal nail varnish, especially at that price.

Anyone who has a nail stamper do you have any brands to recommend when it comes to nail varnish to use with them? Or anything to look out for in nail varnish, like is thicker nail varnish better or does a thinner consistency work? I have quite a range at the moment but no idea if the brands I own are good for this so I want to give it a fair go.

3 thoughts on “Boxing Day Sale Haul: Rainbow Connection

  1. I’ve never done nail stamping before either and I really want to try it! I even bought a cheap stamping kit to try. Your stamper set looks impressive! Mine is so basic, it’s like this:

    I can’t wait to see your stamping efforts! I might photograph my efforts if not for a good laugh! 😆
    I’ve heard of Organic Farm through blogs, the bottles are so pretty!

    I have absolutely NO recommendations but I recommend this post from Mrs Strawberry Blonde:

    Good luck!

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    1. Thanks, I’ll check the post out. I think I’ll be giving it a go in the next couple of days so will have to post the first try to see how it goes! It will be interesting to see if I can get it to look half decent on the first go and how hard it is. Good luck when you try it, will be fun to see how it turns out 😁 I am a bit of a sucker for pretty bottles, I like the idea of having them out on the side but they always stay in my drawer anyway.


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