What I Got for Christmas

This is a bit late, it’s definitely taking me a while to recover from Christmas this year, but I wanted to post it as I like reading what other people get for Christmas. It almost feels like I should have titled this the year of Soap and Glory or something as I have quite a bit from them. Though I do often as for the big set when it’s at half price and they last me till next Christmas, I’m not sure how much Soap and Glory I’ve actually bought the past four or five years.

My big present this year was the iPad, my old one had been on the blink for at least six months and held out until Christmas, even if it did mean resetting it a couple of times a day. I didn’t realise e a fly how slow it had got until i got the iPad Pro, though it was four or five years old and used every day so it did last well. My parents also got me an Origami Case from Pipetto, one with a clear back and silver folding front which I love. The iPad is steel grey so it’s not a perfect match but I like the way it looks. I just wish they did iPads in rose gold with a black front, I don’t get on with the white for some reason, I find it distracting. I’ll definitely do more of a review on the cover as I think it’s great so far and I know a few people who have been looking for a good cover.

I don’t tend to get much makeup for Christmas, I got the No7 Extravagant Volume in brown/black as it’s a favourite and there was an offer where you get a free gift with anything No7 so that’s where the extra mini mascara, lip colour, face cream and eyeliner came from. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get better at eyeliner so it’s always good to get them to practice with. I also got two Red Carpet Manicure gel nail varnishes, one in a rose gold colour and another glittery light blue which is so pretty for ice themed nails, I have it on at the moment.

I don’t know how many people outside the UK get them but a lot of people I know in the UK get annuals each year. I’ve had abRupert one since I was born, I have quite a collection now, and recently my parents have been buying me the Doctor Who one. They’re a bit of light reading and I do actually read them. I also got a mini diary, always good for in my bag and I really like the Paperchase designs.

I also got this gorgeous Radley purse, which is so pretty and I do love Radley ones. I’ve had a couple and they last for years, my previous one is still going but I was on the look out for a new one as it got to the point where it’s been a bit stretched with coins. This is a Christmas design but I really like it anyway and it’s not too themed, the dark turquoise colour is so pretty and I love the contrasting colours inside.

Another gift was the Yankee Candle diffuser in Lime and Vanilla, I am a fan of anything citrus and this scent has a hint of sweetness without the vanilla being overpowering. Another house decor kind of thing I got were two candlesticks. I don’t know what it is about candlesticks but I do love them, even if I never light the candles in them. These were from Matalan, they have a few different styles and colours available, and I really like them as they go great with my room.

I did get a few body and beauty things separately, quite a few of these were stocking fillers and the kind of things that are great to have some of as they always get used. The first is a pack of Simple face wipes, great fir removing makeup or cleansing your face if you just don’t have the energy for a proper face wash. I also got some nail varnish remover and some sheet masks from Boots. My sister got me some Elf on the Shelf FUN from Lush, it smells like the Jilted Elf jelly they did a couple of years ago which is hard to describe but sweet, peppery and slightly fruity to me and it does smell good. And then the year of Soap and Glory begins with a Sugar Crush Body Lotion and a Shower Jelly in the same scent. I haven’t tried the jelly but the lotion is amazing and sinks in quickly but still moisturising so I always love that.

The first of the two gift sets I got was Zingle Bells and everything is Sugar Crush scented. You get a body wash, body butter and body spray so it pretty much covers everything and you can layer it to get a nice fresh lime scent. You also get a shower puff, which isn’t always great but as my previous one could do with replacing this will definitely be used as I find they’re great for scrubbing and you need less of products to get a lather.

The main Soap and Glory is the Whole Glam Lot gift which has a range of their products in different scents and categories including bath, body, skin care and makeup so it’s a good way to try things. If you shop at Boots around Christmas you probably know about their star deals where something is half price or better for a week. The largest Soap and Glory set is always in this so it’s a great time to stock up or just try some new things as it’s well worth the £30-£40 depending on the cost eac year. This year has a full sized Face, Soap and Clarity ( which I d already use and will last ages), Speed Plump Moisturising Day Cream, Thick and Fast Mascara (in the gold tube which I haven’t tried before), Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Rose and Shine, Hand Maid Antibacterial Gel, Sugar Crush Body Wash, The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer, The Righteous Butter, Smoothie Star Body Milk and Hand Food. Quite a few of them are products I already love and the ones that aren’t will be interesting to try but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. I’m not sure if I’ll use the case, previous bags have been used for storage or given away, but I’ll keep it for a while and maybe it’ll be good for something.

The last couple of things were kitchen things and, although to me, will definitely be used by everyone. The big one is a spiralizer, which has always interested me and I do love spaghetti, noodles and stir fries so this will speed up preparing the veg and might make them healthier. I have used it once and was very impressed with the cucumber, we’re doing a meal on tuesday around it so crossing my fingers everyone else likes it too. The other is a set of measuring spoons, they’ll definitely help when it comes to recipes as we currently use everyday teaspoons or tablespoons but there are so many sizes in the same thing so maybe now the results will be more consistent! 

I always feel a bit weird posting about presents, but I do know I like reading what other people got so hopefully this has been fun for someone. I also got some money for spending in the sales, though I’m not sure what I’m buying yet I do have my eye on a couple of good offers in Joe Browns or possibly some shoes.

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