I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions But…

For ages I would make new year’s resolutions but there are only so many times you can have learn to drive on there but kit be able to achieve it purely because of health reasons before it gets a bit demoralising. 

Instead I have decided to make goals, I did his last year and I failed most due to a mix of health, mediation side effects or other family member’s health issues that were more important to think about but since having ME I have definitely learnt that goals should be flexible as being to rigid with them leads to disappointment and it’s just not how chronic illnesses work, in my experience anyway.

Here are the ones I have in general, I do have some smaller goals within then hutbi realised how many u actually want to achieve this year so I’m just doing an overview type thing.

Read a book a week. A goal from last year that I failed at but I want to try again, it’s a great way of increasing not only the amount I read but also the range. 

Work out exactly what I’m doing with jewellery and art. This is one of those ones that got affected by my health. Not only in a not enough energy way but shaky hands, weird feeling like a zombie and port concentration do not help when it comes to jewellery making, especially the soldering I started as I ended up being myself more than actually doing things so I need to work on a new plan when it comes to this. I am considering going into art more as it’s less important to have steady hands all the time and less burning involved so less dangerous and I might finally have something I can do to become independent. 

Become more active with blogging. This was one from last year and throughout 2016 I have gained followers and views a lot since 2015 but I miss the comments and interactions. I’m going to maybe do some posts to see how I can improve it but I know I kind of just posted it and left it alone. This was one of the things that was affected by medication and I’m probably going to do a bit of a post on it some time soon but I am definitely working on this already so I hope to get back into the community some more as there were some great people I used to talk to a lot more than I have the past six or eight months at least.

Get my health sorted out. This is probably the big one and I know it’s a long term thing but ME wise I know I’m pretty much set in that I know how much I can do and how to deal with it, it’s all the new diagnosies and working out how to sort them with medication and work out if the side effects are worth it. I think when I have my POTS under control and then see if everything is fine to that combination I’ll actually be able to get on with so e of the other things on the list.

Become healthier. This is slightly different to the previous one. I mean eating healthier and hopefully keep up with the exercises I’m doing already. Also going back to going for walks a certain amount of times a week and hopefully losing some of the weight I gained with the new medication. If not then the other things will help my health in general and energy levels so the weight is less of a focus but I do know that losing the weight will help my energy.

Keep working on setting goals. I’m thinking of doing them once a month maybe and then keeping more an eye on what I’ve achieved or not to see how I have to change them going forward. I’ve done posts in the past about setting goals and how I do it so a lot of them are the smaller things but it’s still good to be able to see how well I’m actually doing as I go rather than looking back at the end if the eyear and realise how quickly they got forgotten or became less of the focus.

Sorry if I go a bit quiet the next week or so, Christmas and new year took more out of me than I expected so it’s time to make a duvet nest and recover in bed or on the sofa. I have got a few posts planned but my new iPad does not want to work with the app and my computer is still not cooperating with the internet all the time (thanks Windows updates) so it’s all in my phone and the camera isn’t the best for actual review posts. I definitely want to do a what I got for Christmas post, I do love reading them from other people, and maybe a best of 2016 as j realised how many new products I found that I love. 

Have you guys got new year’s resolutions? What are your plans for the year?

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