Boxing Day Sales Spoonie Style

The time around Christmas in general is really draining, I think that probably goes for most people anyway, so energy is definitely at a premium and after everything leading up to it I don’t have anything left when it comes to the boxing day sales. At the same time I do live sales shopping, and not just for the amazing deals you can find, it’s always been a bit if a tradition to go sales shopping title he nearest city the day after boxing day. Boxing day itself is a stay at home, relax and just watch TV kind of day anyway for my family, the crowds would out me off even if I was healthy unless there was something I really wanted. 

Since having M.E. I have been surprised how much I do miss the sales shopping and have found some ways to still enjoy it so thought I’d post some of these tips, even if it’s a bit late for some since the sales are probably half empty in some places (the Lush sale in the UK seemed to sell out in boxing day itself).

The obvious one,and a great way to find the biggest range if sale items, is to go online. I do love browsing the pages of department stores that have a huge range if things available and I’ve found a few things that I live on offer or found new products that I wouldn’t want to pay full price for just as a trial which have either been total flops or become new favourites plus it’s always fun trying something new you might not normally. With larger stores I find that they tend to have more in stock online, smaller stores or larger stores for chain stores may have more when the sales have been going for a while as they have the rest of the stock they had before it started though it tends to be certain sizes when it comes to clothes.

If you have someone who is willing to go for you, or is going anyway, and you have a list of things that you’d like then you can see if they’ll get them for you. I’ve found the past few years my parents and sister have been going in and have gone into Lush and bought a couple of things. This does rely on you either knowing the people very well if you have a description or giving a specific list which you can make from browsing online or make it from things you found before Christmas and hope they have it in the sales.

If you want to go to a physical store and get the full sales experience I would definitely recommend giving it a day or two if you just want to browse and don’t have a very specific thing you want. The sales will have calmed down but most stores will still have some bits left.

If there’s an option then go to out of town stores, especially when it comes to chain stores. These are normally larger anyway but you are also more likely to be able to be dropped off by the door so less walking as well. This is only really an option with larger chain stores but you also tend to find that there are a few stores grouped together so if you can get a lift then you can see the different stores if you want. 

One good thing about shopping during the sales us that, if the floor is relatively dry, it’s fairly normal to see people sitting in the floor outside shops waiting for others inside so you won’t get odd looks or feel like you’re getting in the way if you need a sit down. Benches are likely to be taken as there are so many people around but I always worry that I’m getting in the way if I sit on the floor but when there are others doing it I don’t feel like that so much.  

As with any shopping trip larger shopping centres often have wheelchairs you can rent or use for free so if you need them and have someone to push you,or the have motorised ones, I would recommend going for this. I know in the past I probably should have at times gone for things to help me when walking  but didn’t as I felt like I didn’t need them but been drained during and afterwards and taken longer than receiver than I would have.

One thing I have done in the past, though it would be for very specific things, is to contact a store and see if they have it in stock. I would not recommend it at any point at he beginning of the sale, though I know some people have, as the people are likely to be busy with customers. Also things like clothes stores are less likely to be able to do it but tech stores and the stores that have a smaller range of stock might be able to do this. Then you can plan a trip around getting it, they may be able to save it for you which is even better but I don’t think many would due to the amount of people who will be shopping. On the flip side you can know not to go to that store if they don’t have it in stock and save energy that way.

I’m sure I’ll have forgot something so do any of you guys have any tips for spoonies wanting to shoot he sales and ways to save energy when doing it? I haven’t actually gone physically shopping the sales for a few years so there are probably things I haven’t even thought if when it comes to that so will be interesting to see how other people do things and they might be useful for just normal shopping.

Hope you guys are as well as possible, enjoying the time of year and relaxing as much as you can.

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