Advent 2016: Christmas Day!

It’s Chriiiiiistmaaaaas! I always feel like that should be said in the style of Noddy Holder in the Slade song, it just feels wrong saying it’s Christmas any other way. I hope you’re all having a good day, it’s not too stressful and that you’re able to relax and have fun. 

You don’t normally get advent presents on Christmas Day but I guess that Marks and Spencer decided to be different so this is the present for day 25. It’s a fair sized perfume, though it always feels a bit risky including a perfume in anything like this as it’s so personal and I find a lot of them go a bit odd on my skin. This perfume is from a company called Shay and Blue, a fairly new company having started in 2012, and it’s a 10ml bottle of Atropia Belladonna.

This is definitely a good sized bottle, though I can’t find this 10ml one on the M&S website the 30ml bottle costs £30 so it’s actually a pretty reasonable price for a perfume. It’s definitely a good handbag size and I’d trust this bottle to last in a bag without opening by itself. It has a nice, classic look that’s clean and would look good out on the side if you keep your perfume on the dressing table as its clean and would probably sit any decor style. 

The scent itself is supposed to have cassis, floral including jasmine and a base of vanilla which, apart from the jasmine, sounds like a perfect scent to me. When I first applied it it smelled slightly soapy and a pretty unisex smell but within minutes the floral and jasmine came out. Unfortunately for me the jasmine does turn odd on me and that overpowers everything else, though I have a feeling in this one it’d be the main scent anyway having sprayed it in the air. The cassis and vanilla are definitely hidden, I don’t get the cassis at all no matter how much I sniff but there is a hint of sweetness when I spray it in my clothes so I can see the vanilla coming through more on some people.  

As it uses natural ingredients I can see this being one of those perfumes that does change a lot depending on the person wearing it, a lot more than most of the high street perfumes you get, so it would definitely be one to try before you order it just going on the scent description.

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