Advent 2016: Day 23!

The Marks and Spencer advent calendar has a high end skin care product, the kind it’s fun to try but would be outside my budget for a daily use product in the Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum. The Yankee Candle is the very Christmassy scented Bundle Up and the Ciate Mini Mani Month had a mini bottle of Pliés Please Me, the Gelology version of a colour that’s a light blue or grey shimmer colour with a hint of a pink duochrome that gives it a light version of a petrol look nail varnish to me.

Today’s Marks and Spencer advent calendar has a small bottle of Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum. Maybe it’s just me but it’s not very often I have had a mini bottle with a pump dispenser which is a nice surprise, it’s a pity it’s not one where the lid twists off as it would be a great travel bottle to decant into. As this is a priming serum it does say it works well as a base for makeup. It also moisturises, firms, revitalises and improves elasticity of the skin as well as reducing wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, puffiness and signs of ageing, especially with longer term use. It does come out as a clear serum and leaves my skin feeling nice and moisturising, though it has a tacky feeling that lasts a while so it seems like it would actually work fairly well at holding makeup in place. It does have a scent that reminds me of self tanning products for some reason, this scent does disappear after a few minutes though. This bottle is 5ml, though the full size one is 15ml so I see this lasting a while, at least long enough to have a proper go with it. The 15ml bottle costs £68 which is a lot more than I was expecting, not one that I’ll be repurchasing but it’s always nice to try these high end brands.

Today’s Ciate nail varnish mini is the light blue/grey shimmer with a light blue and pink duochrome called Pliés Please Me. In the bottle this looks a lot more grey and quite a bit darker than it does when you apply it so it was a bit of a reprise when it’s more light blue than the almost petrol look it has in the bottle. It does take three coats to be properly even but it doesn’t really go truly opaque so I think it’s one that I’d use on top of another colour, white would keep it true to its original colour but it would add a nice blue and pink sheen to any colour really. As it’s the Gelology formula this one is supposed to have a high shine when used with the top coat. It does do the job of filling any unevenness in the nails and it has got a nice high shine finish but it doesn’t feel like a fake gel nail varnish. At least these do dry quickly and you don’t have to wait a long time between each coat. It is available as the original formula version for £9 on the Ciate website but the Gelology version is only available from this advent calendar.

Bundle Up is the tea light today from the Yankee Candle advent calendar, it’s one of those stereotypical winter scents that’s pine, fresh and has some cranberry or similar scent in there so it’s not pure pine. It doesn’t really have that pine air freshener scent but it does remind me of a lot of the generic winter candles you often get with bits suspended in them. It is a fairly strong scent and does fill the room well when lit, even this small tea light version, as well as lingering for quite a while. This was in the sale on the website but, even there were originally a range of products available, the only one in stock online is the small jar candle. I know that some stores that sell them will have other sizes in stock so it’s worth checking anywhere you know that sells them, near me it’s mainly gift shops and garden centres, as they may have some there still.

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