Advent 2016: Day 22!

Today’s advent calendar presents are really nice, I think I might have my New Year’s Eve nail varnish base now as I have plans for nail art and needed a good navy for a night sky and the Ciate Raincheck is pretty much perfect for this. The Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar had a great nail gift in it too with the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. I’ve considered getting these in the past but now I get to try one without having to spend the extra money and this is a great travel size though I’m not sure how suitable a crystal nail file would be for keeping in a bag without any protection. The Yankee Candle today is Winter Glow, I’m torn between loving this and not liking it, it seems to depend on the day and if I get the hint of pine air freshener from it. Today is a loving it day.

Finally finished all the mad dash Christmas shopping and actually have done some early birthday present shopping for the beginning of next year so I’m feeling organised for once. All that’s left is wrapping presents and the fun things you do on Christmas Eve and the day before like putting all the snacks out, and maybe sneaking some, and decorating the fake tree with the things that are slightly too broken or old for the nice tree.

I know the other day I said I wasn’t a fan of nail file days but this Crystal Nail File from Leighton Denny is amazing and I am very happy with this. I think it’s the first time I’ve had a nail file with a twenty five year guarantee, not that I know how they could tell when I bought it as its from a calendar but it means it should last well. I’ve considered getting a crystal nail file in the past but was never sure how worth it they were, I may end up getting a bigger one of these as I’ve used it today and it gives a great finish. It is a very fine grain so I think it’s likely to be one that I use after filing it down more as a shaping tool rather than to make them shorter as it’ll take ages to get the nails down with this. I can’t find this in a mini size but there’s a small one at £12.50 on the Marks and Spencer website, the largest costs £17 so it’s not a bad price when you think about how many nail files you go through in that time. I think I’ll be doing a proper review on this in the future when I’ve used it more and had to wash it.

Today’s nail varnish in the Mini Mani Month is a dark blue called Raincheck. It’s got a bit of a purple hint when it’s wet but dries down to be a darker, more muted denim type blue that seems to get very dark as it dries. For some reason it’s showing as high shine in the phot but it’s a slightly more matte finish than that if you don’t use a top coat. It’s a Gelology colour and does need three coats to become even and opaque, I’m not sure how they can say use two coats of these. It’s a creme style nail varnish that looks patchy with the first two coats but does spread out fairly well as its fairly thin but the final coat gives it a nice finish. When I searched online it said its no longer available but was earlier this year in a set with a gold colour so not sure whether it’s a temporary thing of it not being sold. 

Winter Glow is probably the freshest of the winter scents in the Yankee Candle advent calendar. It’s a pretty strong scent but it’s got a mix of the ‘ice’ kind of scent that I’m never sure what it actually is, alongside some pine and something slightly fruity to me. It does have a hint of car air freshener but it isn’t too bad and it gets less when you burn it and the fruit comes out more to me. These tea lights have a fair amount of throw, it filled a large room and went onto the landing when I burnt it and it lingered for a while. At the moment there’s quite a few of the products in this scent still in stock online and they’re in the sale for roughly half the original price, including an advent calendar. The tea lights aren’t available any more but I’ve often found in the past that stockists near me seem to have tea lights in stock after the larger sizes have sold out so its worth checking stores near you.

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