Advent 2016: Day 21!

Four sleeps till Christmas and I’m not finished with present buying, this is definitely cutting it fine and the advent calendars are looking empty. I have to say that I am loving the snowballs in the Lindt advent calendar. They’re one of the Lindt products I haven’t tried before this and I love the mix of white and milk chocolate and how it’s all melty. They’ll probably be on my list of chocolates to get in the future at Christmas. 

The other advent calendars today gave me a bright pink nail varnish in the Ciate Mini Mani Month and it’s called Cupcake Queen which is probably one of the most appropriate names from the calendar, to me anyway. The Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar has a Pür Correcting Primer for normal skin which will be interesting to try and it’s a great travel size if I like it. The Yankee Candle is another Spiced Orange, one of the scents that has grown on me after the initial disappointment of it not being as orange as I expected the scent to be.

I don’t tend to go for primers, partly because my foundation is actually a powder mixed with a primer mixer, but I do like trying new ones to see how they work and if there’s a better one for my skin one. Today has a Pür Correcting Primer which is a fairly standard makeup primer, though it applies more as a moisturiser and then dries to give that slightly powdery, silky feeling. It applies white and dries more clear but does seem to lighten my skin slightly. This mini tube is for the normal formula though it is also available in purple for dry skin, green for red skin and a darker colour for darker skin which is good as this one definitely seems to make my skin slightly paler as a side effect of evening e skin tone so I don’t see this normal skin formula working for darker skin tones. All four of the different ‘colours’ available are £24 for 30ml which seems a fairly standard size for primers and I can see that lasting for quite a while as it definitely goes a long way. This 10ml tube is going to last me a fair amount of applications, I know my Benefit mini I got in a magazine lasted me about a month and this seems like it’s a good comparison, though may last longer as it’s a thinner formula. This primer has the benefit of being cruelty free, suitable for vegans, paraben and gluten free.

I think that the Ciate nail varnish today is the one out of the calendar that I am least likely to wear, it’s a bright pink with a blue duochrome and is called Cupcake Queen which seems like a pretty appropriate name as it definitely seems a sweet colour, if that makes sense. The blue isn’t as obvious on the nails as it is in the bottle, when it dries it seems to lose the more obvious blue tones. It needs three coats to become opaque, two leaves it looking slightly streaky but the third spreads well and covers it all. It’s one of the Gelology formula nail varnishes and it does have a high shine finish even without the top coat. So far I’ve been impressed with the two of these I have tried as far as longevity goes, the one lasted over a week without a top coat and the other was ten days before I changed it with the top coat but they do seem a bit hit and miss and there are at least three definitely different formulas depending on the finish. This one isn’t currently available but I expect they’ll expand the Gelology permanent line and this could be in there. I’m not sure it’s one that I’d recommend, I think you could get a better pink with duochrome finish by using two different nail varnishes but I will be keeping this in case I want a bright pink or for nail art.

It doesn’t matter how much I smell the Spiced Orange tea lights from Yankee Candle I can’t seem to get anything orange from them. Maybe it’s just my nose but I can get some sweet spice, it’s pretty subtle but it is there now my cold seems to be clearing up but other than that I get some kind of sweet and sharp scent, just nothing that I can say is definitely orange. I do quite like this scent but it is a bit disappointing as I’m a fan of orange scents and love the nosey clementine one they released earlier this year so was hoping there’d be more of an orange kick to it. It doesn’t have a great throw as it’s one of the weaker scents in the advent calendar but it does manage to fill the room when it’s lit. The tea lights are often the weakest formula for me though so maybe the tarts or the jar candles would be better for this if you want a stronger scent. This is available in a range of product types thigh some are out of stock or low in stock. They’re still all full priced and the tea lights are in stock and cost £6.99 for a box of twelve.

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