Advent 2016: Day 20!

More sparkle in today’s Ciate Mini Mani Month with Antique Broach, it’s such a pretty colour and one I think will work all through the year as it’s surprisingly subtle on a neutral base considering the fact it’s a glitter. The Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar has a Marks and Spencer exclusive, it’s one of their own brands that I haven’t heard of before called Formula Absolute. It’s the Ultimate Sleep Cream, a night cream for all skin types that I’m looking forward to trying when my skin settles down as it’s really dry in Winter. The Yankee Candle today is Snowflake Cookie, which goes well with the fact we did some baking today, more food making tomorrow getting ready for Christmas as it’s getting so close and we still have quite a few things on the to do list in the build up to Christmas.

I haven’t used a night cream for years, I did like the Soap and Glory one but not enough to repurchase it at full price. Today’s Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar present is one that’s exclusive to them as it’s their own brand and it’s the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. It’s an overnight cream that you out on before bed and wash in the morning to remove any leftover residue. It is a very thick formula, I guess it needs to be for a night cream, and it does spread evenly but you need a fair amount to cover your face and neck as it recommends. Not really important but I do like the packaging, the black and gold theme is one I tend to like and it does look expensive and nice enough to have out on the side. It does have a slightly perfumed scent, that generic perfume scent of a lot of cheap perfumes, but it disappears within minutes of application so I don’t see it being a problem scent wise, just maybe not great if you have a sensitivity to perfumed products. It is also cruelty free, it has a leaping bunny logo, and is hypoallergenic and paraben free. A full sized version costs £22 for a 50ml jar, which will probably last a fair amount of time but, as this goes on fairly thickly and is a daily cream, it does seem expensive compared to what I normally pay for a lot of skin care. It’s definitely one that I would need to have an obvious positive result to buy but I will give it a go and see when my skin has settled down a bit. It does feel very rich which is good for a night cream but not great for acne prone skin, despite saying it’s for all skin types, so we’ll have to see with this one.

I really like glitter top coats when it comes to nail varnishes, especially the more subtle ones that mean you don’t have full on in your face glitter but a bit of sparkle and today’s Ciate mini fits into that category fairly well. It’s called Antique Broach and is a similar formula to the blue one I got on day ten in that is has large, medium and very fine glitter particles though this time it’s a gold and pale pink mix which gives a rose gold effect. The finest glitter is a translucent glitter that appears clear straight on, maybe has a cool blue tint, but from the side is a warm gold. The middle sized glitter is gold and the largest pieces are light pink, maybe rose gold but I don’t think so. On top of a neutral or rose colour this one would be a subtle glitter giving it a gold duochrome look. The formula for these is really good for a glitter, although the larger pieces are hard to remove the rest seems to be fairly easy. It’s also a very smooth finish, even the larger chunks don’t stand out at odd angles so you don’t have to worry about it catching on everything. This glitter is available as a full sized bottle costing £9 in the permanent line.

The Yankee Candle for today is Snowflake Cookie, it’s pretty much a pure cookie scent with icing sugar so it’s very sweet and the kind of scent that, to me, fills a room very easily. These aren’t my favourite scents but if you like bakery scents this is definitely one you should look at. For some reason I get a hint of coconut, though mum doesn’t when she smelled it so it may just be me. As a tea light it’s a great one to have to add a sweetness to other scents as, when it’s burning, I tend to find that the buttery scent goes a bit and it works well with straight fruit scents. The throw for this is pretty far, I’ve had this burning in the day and in the evening the scent has filled upstairs. They claim that these tea light burn for four to six hours, I’ve found this is probably more of a rough guideline as a minimum for us, they last for a couple of days burning for three or four hours fairly often. This scent is available in a range of products but they’re all sold out online. It is worth checking local stockists though as I know that one I went to last week had a few of the larger jars still left so they might have them near you.

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