Advent 2016: Day 19!

The advent calendars today have some nice products, both a nail and hair care product that are supposed to help the condition of them so will be interesting to try them both and see how well they work. I have been looking for a similar hair product so it’s always good to get minis to try in that case. The Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar has a Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm for using on towel dried hair and the Ciate Mini Mani Month has a Nail Saviour, a new product to help improve the condition of your nails in seven ways so till be interesting to see if it actually does everything it claims to. The Yankee Candle is another Winter Glow candle which is a nice scent and definitely one of the ones that isn’t too Christmassy and more just winter so will be a good one for after Christmas in the colder weather, if we ever get the really cold weather here. 

We finally finished the decorating today when we put some old baubles on the trees outside and made a wreath for the door, a bit close to Christmas but it’s finally finished.

I am so happy to get this Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm as the product I’ve used for years for when my hair is drying has been discontinued without me realising until I went to buy a new one so it’s great to have one to try without having to buy it full sized and it failing. This one is kind of a very thin gel if I had to describe the texture, most of the balms I’ve used for my hair seem to be more cream consistency, this one is less oily feeling and no need to wash my hands after using it to get that greasy feeling off which is always a plus. The smell is pretty strong to start with but is a generic salon hair product kind of smell and it goes wit hint minutes of applying it. I haven’t tried it properly but I’m washing my hair this evening so I’ll see how it works then, I just didn’t want to wait before posting this. This tube isn’t much less than half the size of the full size as that’s 75ml for £18 and I think that this one will last me for a few uses. This will depend on the length and thickness of your hair but it feels like one that doesn’t need a lot to get a lot of coverage. If you apply some to your hands, rub them together and then rub it through your hair you don’t need much at all.

The Ciate Mini Mani Month product today is, at the moment, exclusive to this but I think it’s a new product that will be in the permanent line. It’s the Nail Saviour treatment and on the box it came in today it says it’s a 7-in-1 that strengthens, grows, hardens, protects, smooth, hydrates and increases shine so I’m assuming it’s on that your meant to use on its own rather than as a base for others, I will have to do a bit of experimenting and see how well others stick to it to use it as a base coat. It’s one of those treatments that looks white and creamy in the bottle but applies pretty clear, it does have a slight white hint to it when it’s wet but dries clear and very shiny so it’ll be a good one to use in days between gel manicures to help keep my nails in good condition. As I said it’s not available anywhere at the moment but I will assume that if it is available at full size it will be between £9 and £12 going by other similar products so it’s not a cheap nail varnish, it’s in the mid range when it comes to nail varnish I think and if it works on my nails I’ll be hoping it gets a proper release and would be worth the money.

The Yankee Candle tea light is Winter Glow which is a nice, fresh Christmas scent. It definitely has a pine base with that scent that candles seem to have when they’re ‘ice’ or ‘snow’ scented though I don’t actually know what these scents are. I think there’s a bit of cranberry and something maybe with a hint of spice but nothing too obvious and I have a feeling that may have been from being in the advent calendar alongside more spice scented candles. Considering it’s one of the more subtle scents it does have a good throw and these tea lights last longer for me than the guide of four to six hours. This scent is available in a range of products, though as it’s in an offer only the larger candles are still in stock online. If you want these tea lights I’d say check local stockists.

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