Advent 2016: Day 18!

Today’s advent has a Cosy By the Fire tea light for the second day in a row, I guess they did it randomly but it would have been nice to have a bit of a gap between the same scent. The Ciate today has a really dark berry red, it’s so dark to see the more berry side of it and it looks like a very dark brown. I love the range in this year’s Mini Mani Month, it’s like a mini nail varnish collection in one go, I think it’d be a good gift for any nail varnish fan and down at half price at £25 on their own website if you want to get it. The Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar has a tube of Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Body Touch Body Cream, it’s the cream version of a shower gel foam we got last year so it seems like it’s a popular scent.

Last year in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar we got a Rituals shower gel foaming gel thing in the same scent. This is the Magic Touch Body Cream in The Ritual of Sakura which is a rice milk and cherry blossom. It’s definitely a fairly strong scent when you first apply it, it’s very perfumey and seems to be the scent of cherry blossom though I have no idea what these cherry blossoms smell like as all the ones I’ve smelled have no scent at all so no idea how accurate it it. It has a sweet and floral scent that does linger well, not a product to use if you want to wear a perfume that doesn’t have a similar scent. It’s a pretty thick formula but spreads well and a little goes quite a long way. It does leave my skin feeling nice and moisturised and mine is pretty dry and eats anything moisturising. It does sit on your skin for a bit, only a couple of minutes, so it feels greasy then but sinks in quickly after that. I can only find this on the Marks and Spencer website as part of a set with a scrub, the foaming gel and a body mist which costs £29.50 and it’s the size of the tube of this body cream in that gift set.

Raising the Barre is the colour from today’s Ciate Mini Mani Month. It’s the darkest one in this calendar so far, a very dark slightly berry shade though it looks like a deep red or brown when you have three coats on that you need for it to become less patchy. Unlike the other Gelology nail varnishes I’ve had so far this one doesn’t have the same creme formula, though the original formula says its creme, it’s more like the standard nail varnish formula of being slightly clear that builds up to opaque. I think of this as the traditional nail varnish style, though I could be wrong, as it’s the kind all of the ones I had when I was growing up used and a lot of traditional reds have it. I can’t find this in the Gelology version but the original formula has it and it costs £9 here

The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Cosy By the Fire, one of the stereotypical Christmas scents that has something fruity and spicy and the same as yesterday do they’re not great with spreading these out. It’s supposed to be orange and spices but to me there’s something in it that reminds me of pine and cranberries as well as a bit of spice but nothing that I can really identify and nothing citrus. It’s the kind of generic Christmas candle smell a lot of companies seem to do which I’ve never been that keen on but this one has definitely grown on me. These are available online, the scent is in an offer and pretty much all of the range of products in it are still in stock in the UK Yankee store online. These tea lights are £4.89 for twelve rather than the £6.99 that they were originally at the moment.|0||sku.displayName|0
A week until Christmas! I felt so organised earlier in the year and was getting presents in October and November but there are some I still don’t have and there’s so little time left! I definitely have to hurry up on that. Also have some supposed to be in the post, crossing my fingers things get delivered in time. Why does everything seem to get so much more stressful this time of year?

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