Advent 2016: Day 17!

I just realised today that were over half way through the month and were less than two weeks away from the beginning of 2017. How has this year gone by so fast? I think it took months for me to remember not to write 2015 at the beginning of this month so it’ll still be like its 2016 for a while yet for me. 

After today my room is now covered in black glitter from the Ciate Mini Mani Month nail topper, it’s called Starry Night and I do love it but see things make so much mess no matter how careful I am. The Marks and Spencer advent calendar is a Ren Evercalm Global Day Cream, which I don’t think I’ve tried again though I have had things from the make before and I know they do tend to do well with my skin. The Yankee candle today is a Cosy By the Fire, one of the more stereotypically Christmas scents from Yankee that I quite like now.

The Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream is a small tube at 15ml but it’s not much smaller than the smaller of the two full sized ones available. It’s available in a couple of different sizes along wi others in the same range, it costs £12 for 20ml and £28 for 50ml. This is a pretty thick looking cream when you apply it but it spreads really evenly so a little goes a long way, I can see this lasting a month or two if you just use it on your face. It feels pretty mid range in richness as it isn’t a thin formula but it doesn’t leave that greasy feeling a lot of richer creams do or leave my skin feeling oily. The scent for this is pretty subtle, it doesn’t smell perfumey but it has a similar scent to dream cream and steamcream. I guess I’d describe it as slightly herbal with a hint of rose and lavender.

I do love these toppers from Ciate but they make such a mess and I tend to find that they don’t get that much use after the first month, I still have them left from three years ago. This one is called Starry Night and a black glitter with some purple and silver based reflection in there though the glitter itself looks black. You have to apply this when the layer underneath is still wet, I think this one would definitely benefit from a black nail varnish base as it doesn’t necessarily apply evenly. These are definitely ones to apply for the night as they can’t have a clear top coat without making a huge mess on the clear nail varnish and moving the glitter around. It does catch on a lot of things as it’s just glitter so it won’t last beyond a day or two before it becomes patchy. This one isn’t available outside the advent calendar but I think they do a range of toppers, often in sets they have them in these smaller sizes.

The Yankee Candle tea light today is Cosy By the Fire, one of the stereotypical Christmas scents that has something fruity and spicy. I can’t actually identify anything in this but it has the fresh yet spicy and warm smell, which sounds like an odd mix but it’s the kind of smell I associate with Christmas candles. The official description says it’s orange, ginger and various other spices but I don’t really get that from it, maybe I’ve just become so used to it but I don’t get anything citrus at all even when burning it. These are available online, the scent is in an offer and pretty much all of the range of products in it are still in stock in the UK Yankee store online. These tea lights are £4.89 for twelve rather than the £6.99 that they were originally at the moment.

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