Advent 2016: Day 15

There’s a bit of a colour match today with the Marks and Spencer Beauty advent calendar and the Ciate Mini Mani Month with the rose gold. I do love this colour so very happy that there are so many products using it this year as a large part of packaging or themes. Today was the day I was least excited about with the Ciate one as it’s the nail file day, it will get used but it’s always disappointing in these kinds of calendars. The Marks and Spencer beauty calendar has a Lip Glossy from the Rosie for Autograph range in Super Model smile, a nice pinky colour that’s fairly neutral and I think would work for most skin tones as it just adds a hint of a darker colour to your own lips. The Yankee Candle is another Cosy By the Fire tea candle today, another one that’s been growing on me as I use it and it’s a great one for a Christmassy feel.

We got a lip gloss chubby pencil type product last year and I really liked it, I reviewed the normal Autograph one here if you want something more in depth, so I’m very happy to get the Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in the colour Super Model Smile which is a warm pinky colour, though not as pink as the picture on their website. This has a glossy finish, as the name suggests, and it’s so moisturising and lasts well for a gloss. This particular colour doesn’t have any obvious shimmer in it but after rubbing off the swatch on my hand I realised there is a small amount of very subtle shimmer in there. Not enough to sparkle but enough to leave a wet look even when the product dries. Another thing I like about this particular product is the rose gold packaging, I may have a weakness for that colour so loving that it’s so in style recently, though unfortunately it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet. I think I spent more time trying to wipe off fingerprints to take the first photo than I did taking photos for this. This is a full sized product and costs £12.50 on the M&S website and, as this is exclusive to them, you can only buy it online or in stores.

I knew this day was coming, the picture was on the back, but it’s always a bit disappointing in these Ciate advent calendars when you get the nail file day. There’s nothing wrong with nail files, I always lose them so having another will get used and mean I have a backup when the others go, but these are always not the best quality and the kind that doesn’t last that well. It’s also that the other days are all such great products, this one stands out so much. I know it’s probably to reduce the cost of the calendar but I’d be happy to pay an extra few pounds, which is actually more than the average cost per nail varnish, to have that extra or to have a metal or glass nail file, something that lasts longer. I do like the colours, again with the rose gold with sequins on the non file side and a purple on the file side, so it’s one I will happily have out on my bedside table but it’s still a bit of a meh day in this calendar.

The Yankee Candle tea light today is Cosy By the Fire, another of those fairly stereotypical Christmas scents. It has some freshness, maybe pine, as a background note but the main scent is a sort of smokey spiced scent to me. I think there’s some cranberry, they seem to stick that in a lot of the winter scents, as there’s something slightly fruity but it could be a spiced drink maybe. Either way it all lends together to be a nice Christmassy scent that’s a fairly strong one, this tea light fills my room and goes outside into the landing and these are normally the weakest of the scents with the jar candles being second and the wax tarts having the strongest scent. This scent is available in a range of products and they’re in the sale online at the moment. These tea lights are currently £4.89 for a pack of twelve. 

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