Advent 2016: Day 14

Today was meant to be a productive day but I’m still recovering from the weekend so it’s turned into more of a duvet, chicken soup and stream watching day. It’s so frustrating when you have plans and things to do and your body decides it does not want to cooperate but it seems like everyone is getting ill so I’m being more careful and hoping to avoid that!

I think today’s is one of the big hits in the advent calendar, both in size/weight and popularity in the Marks and Spencer calendar. When I was looking up reviews of some of the products in the M&S calendar when I had the list of products this is the one that seemed to be getting the best reviews and was one of the must have products so I’m very happy to open this one. It’s the Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse which is a multi use dry oil so I’ll have to have a play around and see how it works best for me. The Cuate nail varnish today from the Mini Mani Month is Pretty in Putty, a nice pale neutral colour, and the Yankee Candle has Bundle Up as its tea light and this scent is definitely growing on me throughout the month.

I don’t think I’ve ever had anything from Nuxe but it seems like a good brand and a few of the products seem to make it onto people’s must have lists, including this Huile Prodigieuse. It’s a really nice bottle, the glass makes it feel like a high end product but I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to oil products in glass, I have been known to drop a few so it’ll be staying over carpets, or at least no tiles. Although it’s an oil it’s really thin, it has the consistency of a water based product to me and, as its a dry oil, doesn’t leave your hands greasy after using it. It says it’s for face, body and hair so I’ll give it a go and see how it works for different things. The scent for this is quite subtle, unless I actually smell it up close I don’t notice it when I’ve applied it. The scent is a pretty perfume scent, hard to identify but it smells slightly sweet and floral to me. Although this bottle is 30ml it’s not far off the smaller of the two full sized products which costs £17 for 50ml, the larger one being £28 for 100ml. There is also a slightly different bottle, I’m not sure what the difference is to the product or if it’s limited edition, as well as one with gold shimmer in it. I’ve put the link as just the search results for the Marks and Spencer so you can see the versions they do.

When I first opened today’s Ciate I thought it was a white but Pretty in Putty is a very pale neutral colour. I think I would call it a pale oatmeal colour and definitely goes with the putty name. It’s more on the warm side than cool and doesn’t wash my skin out so that makes it an improvement on a lot of these off white colours I’ve tried in the last. I think it’s a good colour if you like pale neutrals or if you find that a proper white is too harsh for your skin tone but want something very pale. It does need the three coats like a lot in the Gelology range but it does smooth itself out and spread well when you apply it. This is one of the creme colours that’s available in the permanent Gelology range and costs £12 for a full sized bottle.

Bundle Up is one of those stereotypical Christmas scents, it has a pine base to me with some cranberry and something that makes it a bit sweeter. Also after realising that something in it reminds me of an after shave that is pretty much what I smell every time I smell this. I think there must be something musky in there or something like that that’s a common aftershave scent. The tea lights do tend to be more subtle than larger candles with scent strength but this one is strong enough to fill a room in this size. Tea lights are meant to last between four and six hours but I’ve found these last quite a bit longer sometimes. This scent is available in a range of products but it appears to be sold out online, check local stockists if you’re interested as I know some I’ve been to recently had some left in different sizes.

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