Advent 2016: Day 13!

Over half way through the calendars already, this month is going so quickly and we still haven’t actually finished all of the decorating yet! Been a bit hectic and it’ll be busy in the lead up to Christmas too. Another skin product today from the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar with a jar of Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream. The Ciate Mini Mani Month has a pale purple called Ibiza Blues that’s a nice cool frosty colour so a good winter one but can work the rest of the year and the Yankee Candle tea lit today is a Spiced Orange. I do like having the different scents each day rather than having one large jar burning all the time, gives a bit of variety and keeps it Christmassy at the same time.

Today’s Marks and Spencer present is a 5ml jar of Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream. I’ve had some under eye cooling patch things from Skyn Iceland before I think and really liked them so looking forward to seeing if the eye cream works as well. It’s good timing as I have almost finished my last eye cream and I do like trying eye creams as none of them so far seem to have worked exactly as I’d like them to, maybe none will, but it’s still good to keep trying them and I have found that using them helps my under eye concealer apply more evenly. This 5ml jar doesn’t look like much but I only got a small amount out and it was way more than I’d need on both eyes so I see this one lasting me quite a while. It’s a bit of an odd texture, it’s really thick and solid feeling when you try to get some out of the jar, for some reason it reminds me of blancmange! Though it does seem to melt when you spread it and it is nice and refreshing. I’d say it’s one that could so with a spatula or something similar as using your fingers it’s harder to control how much of the product you get out. It does have a bit of a strange smell as well, it has a slightly bitter plastic you smell which isn’t the nicest but does go pretty quickly and as its under my eyes it doesn’t waft past my nose or anything so you don’t notice it once you apply it. A full sized jar of this is 14g and costs £38 which sounds expensive but I can see it lasting a long time. The eye cream is vegan and vegetarian friendly and is paraben, alcohol and fragrance free. It is recommended for 30+ years as the age range it’s designed for but I think it’s one that’s good for any age.

I love purple nail varnish, I may have more purple than any other colour in my collection at the moment, so today’s Ciate nail varnish in Ibiza Blues is a good one for me. It’s a pale, pastel lavender to me with grey tones so it’s a fairly muted purple. It’s a creme finish and does need three layers to become opaque but it has a really high shine finish and the last coat does make it all look even, until then it’s a bit patchy. It’s one of the Gelology formulas so has the gel effect finish when used with the top coat. This is another colour that I think is an exclusive to the calendar, it only seems to be showing up with the Mini Mani Month when I search for it. 

Of the festive candles this year from Yankee Candle, that I’ve smelled anyway, hat seems to be the most subtle and the weakest is the Spiced Orange. I do really like it but it’s just very weak. There isn’t that much spice to me, it’s a fairly sweet scent with the citrus base but I get a sweet spice mix and liquorice in this for some reason rather than the standard spices you often get in these Christmas scents. I don’t really smell any cinnamon or the warm spices though it does come out as slightly more orange and festive when burnt it’s still pretty gentle and definitely not one that will overpower a small room. I think it’s one that will be stronger in other products so if you want a stronger scent then go for a larger jar candle or maybe the wax melts, they’re often some of the strongest scents to me. This one is still available online in a range of scents, it’s not in the sale at the moment and these tea lights are £6.99 for a pack of twelve.

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