Advent 2016: Day 11!

Tonight’s is a bit later as we spent the weekend in Wales for a family meet up which was great so these posts have been scheduled and we got back this afternoon but I realised I forgot to schedule one for today! I love all these things in the lead up to Christmas and I’m definitely feeling Christmassy now but they are very draining. I’ll have to do a bit of an update post as I have had plans for Christmas posts but various family things have come up. I think my Christmas themed posts may end up going on after Christmas but I guess some are just winter themed so maybe they’ll work anyway.

I am definitely looking forward to trying these out today, though the Yankee Candle tea light is a duplicate it’s a refreshing scent and I do really like it. The Marks and Spencer advent calendar has an Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm which is something I haven’t really tried before so this will be interesting. The Ciate Mini Mani Month has La Dolce Vita which is a deep green nail varnish with shimmer in it and the Yankee Candle tea light is another Bundle Up tea light.

I haven’t really tried many cleansing balms, I think the main one I used was the Lush Ultrabland if that counts. Today’s Marks and Spencer is Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm so I’ll have to look this one up to see how best to use it. This seems like a small jar but after getting some out on my hand it melts and spreads so much that I can see this lasting fairly well so it’s a good sample size. I’m not sure what Moringa is meant to smell of, I’ve had so many different Moringa scented things that smell completely different, but this one really reminds me a lot of the Lush scent Orange Blossom. It is a fairly strong scent to start with but it definitely disappears very quickly as soon as it’s applied. Trying it on my hand it does feel nice and doesn’t seem to leave a greasy feeling so I’m optimistic with this, I’ll be leaving it until after my skin is more settled to properly try it though. Full size of this is 100ml for £38 and comes with a cleansing cloth for application. This jar is 15ml so seeing how long this lasts that might be worth getting, will have to give it a proper go and report back. Do any of you guys use this?

The Ciate nail varnish for today is called La Dolce Vita and is a dark green with shimmer in it. It’s a really nice shade with a bit of depth added with the shimmer but it also has a slightly more matte finish than a lot of the others in the calendar so far. I wouldn’t say it’s full matte as there is reflection but it’s definitely not the high shine of the other colours. It’s one of the Gelology range and this one has pretty good pigmentation, two coats on the nail wheel and it was opaque, I’d think three would be best on nails though. This one doesn’t seem to be available outside of the calendar but it’s a really nice colour so I hope they’d do a similar one in their range. This is one of those colours that will probably mostly get worn around Christmas, it’d be great for Christmas tree pattern nail art, but maybe not the rest of the year so much so I get why it’s a winter limited edition.

The tea light today is Bundle Up, which I really like and think is a great Christmas scent though it is fairly similar to a lot of the generic Christmas pine based scents around in candles. It does have something in it, I think cranberry, that makes it slightly sweeter and fruity but it’s definitely a fresh scent and a good unisex scent. For some reason this time smelling it it does remind me of an aftershave, I’m not sure what it is in there, maybe there’s some kind of woody scent that’s coming out more in this specific candle as I haven’t smelled it before in this scent. Bundle Up is available in a range of products, though as its in a sale most of them are sold out online, maybe check local stockists to see if they have them. At the moment the only left in stock in the UK online store are the medium jar candle and packs of twelve tea lights at £4.89.

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