Advent 2016: Day 9!

I just realised this is day nine, it’s over a week into December and just over two weeks till Christmas. I feel a bit underprepared, I started well with gift buying but it sort of went downhill when I had half of the presents and thought I had plenty of time. Do any of you guys find this happens to you too?

Today’s advent has two nail varnishes! I knew it would happen some time because of the products in the Marks and Spencer one and I can never have too many nail varnishes, especially when it comes to purples and berry colours. The Marks and Spencer nail varnish is an exclusive to their store as it’s an Autograph product, one of their lines, in Cranberry. Ciate has another clear one, this time in a nail treatment called Status Grow (I do like the name). The Yankee Candle this time is Snowflake Cookie, not my favourite but it does mix well with others.

I have never tried any Autograph nail varnishes and, given how impressed I was with the few Autograph beauty products I’ve tried, I am definitely looking forward to giving this one a go and seeing if it lasts well. The colour Cranberry is a dark berry colour, more on the red than purple side as the name would suggest and it has shimmer which is great for the holiday season. I can see this being a colour I love and wear a lot, maybe even the one I wear on Christmas Day as it’s a colour I love with a hint of sparkle without being all glitter. It claims to be a combination of base coat, top coat and colour so it will be interesting to see how this one wears when it’s on my actual nails. It does take three coats (at least) to be completely opaque. I love nail varnishes with thicker brushes and the formula for this one spreads really nicely. This is a full sized product and costs £6, or rather other colours in this product do as this particular colour is no longer available. If this formula works for me I’d definitely consider getting more as that’s a good price for nail varnish to me.

Unfortunately I can’t actually get the Ciate Status Grow open, I tried a few times and it hasn’t worked so I’ll have to try again and see if I can get it open. It’s a clear nail varnish that’s supposed to help improve nail growth. I am yet to find one that actually works so will be interesting to see if this one does help, I’ll have to work out a way to compare with this and another base coat and do a proper post on this one I think. This seems to be available in a lot of Ciate stockists, it’s £12 for the full sized bottle.

The Yankee Candle tea light is Snowflake Cookie, which is a very sweet bakery vanilla scent. It does have a hint of coconut in it for me, I’m not sure it’s meant to, but this does make it less overpowering than a pure vanilla scent. It’s stronger than Christmas Cookie but still fairly sweet and the main scent I get when it’s burned is just general sweetness rather than a specific cookie scent. This means it’s pretty good as something just to add some sweetness to another candle scent, this with one or two Cassis ones works well to add a sweetness and make them more like blackcurrant candy rather than the more tart original scent. If you like really sweet scents this might be one to check out. It’s available in a range of products, these tea lights are £6.99 for a pack of twelve, £4.89 in the sale. As they’re in the sale a few of the products are out of stock online so if you want a larger jar then maybe check your local stockists in a physical store.

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