Advent 2016: Day 8!

Today’s calendars had a blue nail varnish I called Pool Party in the Ciate Mini Mani Month, I think it may have been released as part of a summer range buts it’s a permanent product, the Yankee Candle had my second tea light with the Winter Glow scent and the Marks and Soencers advent calendar had a bottle of Alpha H Liquid Gold which sounds interesting and not one I’ve heard of, or remember at least.

Day eight and it’s surprising how empty the Marks and Soencer advent calendar is looking. I’ve been putting the Ciate empty boxes back in for some reason, I guess I like the look of them more, so it’s less obvious on that one. We finally finished the decorating today and have been writing Christmas cards. It always makes me feel more Christmassy when we’re writing Christmas cards and it’s always interesting to see how many people’s handwriting you see every year only at Christmas. Or maybe it’s just me that finds it interesting. 

The Marks and Spencer advent calendar’s present today of Alpha H Liquid Gold isn’t a product I recognise. It does feel like a luxury product with the matte packaging, it always feels more expensive when it’s matte for some reason. It says it has glycolic acid in and to apply after cleansed skin so I’m assuming it’s something like a more concentrated version of the Pixi Glow Tonic in that it’s got acid and is kind of a toner. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m going to have to read up on this one a bit more and give it a proper try. It does seem like it’s a very concentrated one as it says alternate evenings rather than twice daily so we’ll have to see how it compares. This is a 50ml bottle and, if it’s anything like other products that seem similar, it will probably last me a while. A full sized version of this is £40 for a 200ml bottle so it’s a fairly expensive product compared to others I’ve tried. Have any of you guys used this? Is there any way you recommend trying it and did it work for you?

The Ciate mini today is Pool Party, a bright blue creme from the Gelology range. It’s a fairly thin formula that applies evenly but does need a third coat to become properly opaque. It has a nice high shine finish and it’s a gel effect nail varnish meant to be used with the top coat so it’ll be interesting to see how this range works when combined and how long the different colours last. I have been thinking recently about getting a royal blue kind of colour as its one I’ve never had in my collection, the closest was shimmery and darker, so I’m very happy to have this one. This is available in their standard formula for £9 at full sized and this Gelology version costs £12 on their website.

Winter Glow is one of the lighter, fresher scents in the Yankee Candle winter range. It reminds me of a winter you version of a fresh cotton fresh scent, it has the fresh scent that a lot of ‘snow’ or ice scented products have. It seems to have something pine and a bit of spice in there, it’s like a fairly generic winter scent but with something extra that makes it stand out compared to other makes. It does have a decent throw, thou it’s one of those scents that you maybe don’t notice when it’s burning in the room until you leave and come back to it. These tea lights claim to burn for four to six hours and I’d say that most of mine have lasted longer than that. This scent is available in a range of products, though as they’re on sale a lot of the products have gone out of stock. There are still some of the tea lights in stock with a pack of twelve costing £4.89 rather than £6.99. If you want some of the out of stock products then check local stockists as I’ve seen some in garden centres near me.

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