Advent 2016: Day 6!

Day six has the first real makeup thing from the Marks and Spencer advent calendar with the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in black. I don’t use eyeliner much, I’m not very good at it, but it’s something I want to get better at so maybe this one will help, I haven’t tried many felt tip ones. The Ciate Mini Mani Month has Lucky 7 which is another Gelology one. The Yankee Candle tea light is the final scent, Cosy By the Fire, which means from now on they’re duplicates. I am definitely doing a proper full review on the Eyeko eyeliner, I haven’t tried it before and it’s always interesting to see how well eyeliners last. 

The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in black, or pitch black, is a felt tip pen style liquid liner. Despite it being felt tip it’s not all that hard, it’s not one that pokes you and it doesn’t drag on your skin when you apply it. It’s pretty black, though when you use it as a fine line it doesn’t seem as black as when you press a bit and get a thicker line. It is very precise and seems easy to use, though the eyeliner itself seems fairly thin and did bleed a bit on my hand. This may be because it’s new so I’ll see when I’ve had more of a play around with it if it stays the same. It does seem to set very quickly though and is smudge proof so it seems a decent formula. This pen is 1.2g, the full size is 2g and costs £12 so it’s probably mid range when it comes to eyeliners price wise.

To me the Ciate Gelology nail varnish today reminds me a lot of the neon pastel kind of colours around in the summer, the darker orange from the OPI collection that I bought is fairly close colour wise. The Ciate one is called Lucky 7 and it’s a bright orange. It’s a creme formula and does apply patchy until you get to the third coat where it evens out and goes opaque. It seems to be something common to a lot of the Gelology nail varnishes but they end up with a nice shiny finish. This seems to be one that is exclusive to the advent calendar as I can only find it in the Mini Mani Month and that’s the only search result coming up when I look.

The final scent of the Yankee Candle calendar, in the tea lights anyway, is Cosy By the Fire. It’s one that has the festive kind of smell, to em it smells of spiced fruit drink with something smokey in there. It’s one of those that’s similar to a lot of stereotypical fruity Christmas smells but it has something else in there that makes it a bit different to me. It’s a fairly strong scent, even the tea light size throws the scent onto the landing outside my bedroom when I light it. I think if you have a small room then the tea light may be enough, I tend to find that larger candles are stronger. These tea lights say they’re four to six hours worth of burn time but I’ve found that some of them last longer than this, I’ve never had one last less than that time though. This scent is available in a range of products but, as they’re in the sale at the moment, a lot are sold out online. If you want this scent I’d say check local stockists for the larger jars. They do still have the tea lights in stock, at full price they’re £6.99 for twelve but in the sale they’re £4.89.

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