Advent 2016: Day 5!

Day five and I may have spent half an hour attaching string to baubles today. Why don’t they sell them with the string already on them? I know some do but I have a pack of 100 that don’t and this takes way too long and does not help with the Christmas spirit feeling. I am loving how many people I’m subscribed to on YouTube are doing vlogmas, or something similar, this year. That along with the Yogscast Jingle Jam is adding even more advent style goodness with daily videos. Do you guys watch vlogmasses? Is that even a word? Any recommendations on ones to watch?

Onto the advent calendars and I’m very happy with today’s, partly because I do love trying new hair products as mine takes pretty much anything you throw at it so they never go to waste, and because it’s finally the day for the Gelology top coat! The Marks and Spencer advent calendar had a bottle of Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil, something I am looking forward to trying and I’ll definitely do a full review of this in the future. The Ciate Mini Mani Month has a mini bottle of the Gelology Top Coat and the Yankee Candle tea light for today was Bundle Up. I’m really loving having these to burn each day, they’re big enough that they last for an afternoon or evening and they melt all the wax at the same time so they’re a bit like a wax tart and the scent seems to throw better than with other scented tea lights I’ve had. I also just realised that my iPad has been autocorrecting Gelology to geology every time without me noticing. Oops!

The Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil is something I think would work for all hair types so it’s a fairly safe product to put in. It says it can be used either as a pretreatment before you use your shampoo or to add shine to your finished look. I have a feeling that using it when my hair is dry would make my hair look oily rather than just shiny but I’ll give it a go. I tried some on the back of my hand and it smells really nice, it has a rose water kind of scent to me, in that it’s light and floral though it’s probably not rose scented. It also has a sort of dry oil feel in that when you apply it it doesn’t leave an old feeling on my skin or on my fingers which is good as some seem to leave that feeling and I have to wash my hands a few times aft using a hair product to get rid of it. I do like how it’s a good size, 30ml of this will last quite a while and the dropper is the same as with the full sized product and makes it really easy to use. Full sized this is 48ml and costs £12.50 from Marks and Spencer. I was expecting it to be more expensive than that, if it works I think it’s one I might consider repurchasing.

I’m happy to have the Gelology Top Coat fairly early in the Mini Mani Month considering how many of these nail varnishes are the Gelology formula and it recommends using them together. The bottle is very shiny, I had to use the reflection of the back of my iPad case so you could actually read it, and it does seem to attract fingerprints no matter how clean you think your hands are. The formula for this seems to be pretty similar to a lot of the fake gel top coats you get. It doesn’t smell of pear drops like the normal nail varnishes do, it has a slightly plastic scent more like nail varnish remover than nail varnish and that high shine finish that fake gel varnishes have. It’s not as thick as some similar products when you apply it but it does do the same with evening out any marks or unevenness on the surface of your nails after the colours are applied. It does bring out any sparkle in the nail varnish more as well. This is available as a permanent product and I found the full sized on their own website for £12.

The Yankee Candle today is what I think of as a traditional Christmas smell, at least when it comes to candles and scented products. It’s called Bundle Up and is mainly pine, which fits really well with the colour of it. It’s one of the stronger scents, which is lucky considering I’m getting a cold, and although it’s pine it’s not the cleaning product kind of pine scent, closer to real pine. It has something else mixed in, I’d say cranberries and something that softens the smell and makes it slightly sweeter. It definitely has a pretty good throw, this tea light is lit on my bookshelf and it’s filled the landing as well when I have my door open so I think I bigger candles it’d be a bit overpowering in a smaller room. It’s available in a range of products, it seems to be one of the few Christmas scents to have them all in stock. These tea lights are available in a box of twelve for £6.99.

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