Advent 2016: Day 4!

Day four, another late one sorry, and this time I got one of the products I was most excited to try from the Marks and Spencer calendar so I’m a very happy bunny. The Marks and Spencer calendar had the Brow Tamer from Pixi by Petra which I am looking forward to trying out. The Yankee Candle calendar had a Snowflake Cookie tea light and the Ciate Mini Mani Month had a mini Iced Frappe nail varnish which is a favourite from the past so very happy with this too as I managed to miss that it was in here so it was a nice surprise.

These advent calendar posts are mini reviews or first impressions of the things I get in my advent calendar. I am definitely going to be doing a full post on the Brow Tamer and maybe a comparison to the Benefit one as I got one free with a magazine a while ago and it would be interesting to see how they compare. 

As I said I am very excited about this Brow Tamer from Pixi by Petra, though I don’t really do anything with my brows so it’s a bit odd probably to want to try this one out so much. It’s a clear gel and is supposed to hold your brows in place, a bit like hair gel but without the wet look. You apply it with what looks like a mascara wand and it’s supposed to coat your brow hairs and hold them in place. I’ve tried the Benefit one but I’m not sure on their animal testing with selling in China but I know Pixi are cruelty free so this might be a good alternative. It’s also paraben and fragrance free, though it does smell quite nice so it’s from the ingredients rather than something to specifically scent it. This is full sized at 4.5 ml and costs £12.

Today’s Ciate is a new version of and old favourite for me. Three years ago I got an Iced Frappe nail varnish in their standard formula in the Mini Mani Month and loved the colour. It’s a great nude, but has a bit of a taupe hint that makes it slightly warmer and a bit different to a lot of other nude nail varnishes I have. This year it’s the Geology version and, although it has the same name, there is a slight difference in the colour in that this one is slightly more pink tinted than the old one. It’s still a great colour and one that I’d going on my to buy list, it was on there two years ago but got forgotten with other releases and trying to keep my collection down but after a recent clear out I think I have room for this when I’ve finished the old mini and is one. I found the Geology version, in full size, for £12 on the Look Fantastic website, though as its a fairly standard colour the normal version seems to be stocked by most companies that sell Ciate.

The tea light today in the Yankee Candle calendar is Snowflake Cookie, another sweet bakery scent. I don’t see that much difference between this and the Christmas Cookie so it seems a bit odd to have them both in here with their range of Christmas scents. This one is slightly stronger than Christmas Cookie but still very much a sweet vanilla scent. It seems to have a hint of coconut to me for some reason. This is another that, although I’m not a fan of them on their own, they work really well to add a sweeter note to some of their pure fruit scents (Cassis is a favourite of mine and this just makes it a bit sweeter). This is available in a range of products though most have sold out online. They do still have the tea lights in a pack of twelve for £6.99 though other things may appear back in stock, I wouldn’t expect it though going by past years, it’s probably worth checking a local stockist rather than relying on them appearing back online.

One thought on “Advent 2016: Day 4!

  1. […] Iced Frappe is the base coat (which I forgot to photograph on its own), the one that had been on my nails for three days with no chips, and one of my favourites from a previous advent calendar too. It’s a pale, warm taupey nude, which sounds like a very odd colour but it’s really nice and it seems pinker when it sets than it is in the bottle. This is the Gelology formula which is meant to give it more shine and make it last better and, although it lasts well the original formula was great with that too. This one does need a lot of layers to apply smoothly for me. For some reason it seems to do the thing some fake gels do where the second layer onwards doesn’t apply that smoothly and you get obvious lines where the strokes are. This is five layers done over two days for the base coat. […]


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