Advent 2016: Day 3!

Oops, posted early then before it was ready!

Today’s advent is slightly later than planned as we’ve been starting our Christmas decorating! We always put ours up on the first weekend of December, Do you guys have a set date you do it or just whenever you feel like it? It seems the first weekend in December is a fairly standard one around here as we’ve seen a few appearing. Tomorrow we get the Christmas tree, always fun.

Anyway, advent calendars, today in the Marks and Spencer’s one we got a tube of Filorga Time-Filler which is an anti-wrinkle cream. Yankee Candle had a Christmas Cookie tea light and the Ciate nail varnish in the Mini Mani Month was in the colour Seas the Day which is a green, maybe a dark turquoise.

I’m doing these posts every day for advent when I open my advent calendars, including my chocolate one, and I will be doing some more in depth reviews on some of these things so if you see one of these you’re interested in and want to read more about then comment and I’ll add it to the top of the list. 

Today’s M&S present is a repeat of one I got last year, a 15ml tube of Filorga Time-Filler, which I wasn’t hugely impressed with then but it will get used. It’s an anti-wrinkle cream and it does feel really nice to use, it’s the kind that looks a bit like a gel and sort of melts onto your skin so it goes a long way. It does make my skin feel nice after using it,I tried it again on my hand this year, but it didn’t really have an effect beyond that. Then again I’m probably not the intended audience so maybe it does work at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. A full sized tub of this is 50ml and costs £54. It’s available on the Marks and Spencer website, though it seems to be available in a few places.

The colour in today’s Mini Mani Month is the Seas the Day, which in the bottle looks like a turquoise colour but when I apply it it comes out as more of a forest green. It’s a creme formula and takes three coats to become opaque but does have a nice shiny finish and looks even when you get to that. It’s another of the Geology nail varnishes, these are supposed to be used with the Geology top coat and it’s meant to be long lasting and I think a gel effect. It will be interesting to try them together and see how it differs from their standard nail varnish so I’ll see which day the top coat is. I think this may be one of the exclusives for the advent calendar as I can’t find it full sized online, only the mini and it seems to be mainly in stores selling the Mini Mani Month rather than a product on its own.

Today’s Yankee Candle is Christmas Cookie, a very sweet bakery smell that I had last year so I know it’s not my favourite. To me it’s a fairly light smell but it is very sweet, it’s very much a vanilla cookie scent to me and I don’t really get how it’s considered a festive scent as its family. This may not be a favourite on its own but I find it’s one that mixes really well with some of the stronger scents, things like the pure fruit note scents like blackcurrant can be sweetened with this. It’s not an overpowering smell and the tea light version especially is a subtle scent. Christmas Cookie is available in a range of products though, as its in an offer, quite a few of them are out of stock at the moment. I can’t find the tea lights in this scent but if they’re available in a local stockist for you they’re £6.99 for a pack of twelve. I think fans of bakery and vanilla scents would really like this one and in the sale it’s a good price for Yankee candles.

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