Advent 2016: Day 2!

The second day of advent has more goodies and the chocolate has, once again, barely survived long enough for the photos. Something about Lindt chocolate is just so good and it’s so melty. The Marks and Spencer calendar has a tube of Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel, the Ciate Mini Mani Month had a mini of Boudoir and the Yankee Candle tea light is Winter Glow. 

These advent posts are going up daily with mini reviews and first impressions of the things I get in them. I am going to do proper, longer, reviews on some of them when I’ve had more of play around with them so if you see something in one of these posts you want to know more about ask and I’ll put it to the top of the list.

Today’s Ciate Mini Mani Month is a traditional red nail varnish called Boudoir. I think this may be the same as one I had from three years ago but it’s a pretty standard red. It’s a nice colour and does have a good shiny finish when you have enough coats but it does need three or four coats as its slightly transparent and you can see the tip through. When it’s built up enough it becomes more even, with the first two or three coats it seemed very uneven. This is one of the permanent range nail varnishes in the calendar and is available from their own website, and probably other Ciate stockists with it being a standard red, for £10.

Today’s M&S calendar has a Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel in a 20ml tube which is a pretty good size for this considering it seems like one of those products that doesn’t need much and so you get quite a few uses from this size tube. I haven’t tried this on my face as I had a reaction recently that made my skin really sensitive so I used it on my hand and it does feel nice. I can actually see a bit of difference between the part of my hand without it compared to the part that had it on which is unusual. It did tingle a bit to start with but that disappeared within seconds so I think it’ll be fine for me when I feel like I can risk it. It smells pretty good, it’s got a fruity and slightly sharp scent that does have a hint of that spa like smell but the smell goes away very quickly. It contains azelaic acid, and glycolic, lactic and fruit acids for the acid peel effect along with probiotic technology. Can’t wait to see how this works for my face as it’s not something I’d spend the money on to repurchase myself. This face mask costs £75 for 50ml on their own website, though they have 25% off masks for today only (2nd December) so it makes quite a difference at that price.

The Yankee Candle tea light is in Winter Glow, which is one of the pine based refreshing winter scents. It’s similar to quite a few stereotypical winter smells in that it has pine as a base, to me anyway, and what would probably be called a ‘snow’ scent though I never know what they mean by that. I also think there’s some cranberry or some fruit in there but nothing easily identifiable for me. This is one of the more subtle scents, though the throw from the tea light does fill the room so I’d say in some of the larger candles it would probably fill a larger room with a more noticeable scent. These tea lights have a burn time of four to six hours and I really like how it heats up and melts the whole tea light so it has an effect like a wax tart rather than just having a small pool at the top of the tea light. This is available in a range of products including a couple of sizes of the decor pillar candles as well as the traditional style Yankee jars. These tea lights are £6.99 for a pack of twelve but everything in this scent is currently in a sale so they may not be in stock all that long, things seem to disappear quickly around this time of year when they go in the sales.

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