Amazon and Paperchase Recent Purchases: Getting Ready For Christmas

Happy late Thanksgiving to any of you guys who celebrate it and happy Black Friday/Black Tag shopping even for people who don’t. I managed to get a couple of bargains with some clothes I wanted anyway and a big order for goodies from Holland and Barrett (I’ll have so much dried fruit and snacks over Christmas we could get snowed in and we’d be fine!) Have you guys braved the stores or found any bargains online? Or just avoided the whole thing altogether?



I’m feeling rather Christmassy recently and I decided to do an order from Paperchase to get some decorations, I got a new tree last year that’s slightly bigger than the one I had for 12 years and finally gave up on me so I wanted some extra decorations. I also did a smallish order from Amazon, a couple of things I’ve wanted for ages and I might finally be getting organised for my Ciate advent calendar swatching this year, or nail varnishes in general, and getting some nail wheels that I’ve been meaning to get for nearly two years now.

There’s a few things in these orders that are sort of bought with the idea of using them for photographs for the blog so I’m hoping that I’ll finally have a definite backing and some decorations. It’s taken me two years, long enough right?



I’ll do the Amazon order first, it’s smaller and I’ll be reviewing a few of the things later so I won’t go into detail with them. The first thing I bought, that I’ve been wanting since I first saw it around this time last year is the Escape to Christmas Past A Colouring Book Adventure by Good Wives and Warriors (£5.24) that’s a good, smallish sized colouring book with pictures inside all based on a Christmas Carol, one of my favourite Christmas stories. The second book is the Twelve Doctors of Christmas (£9.09) which has twelve short stories based on each of the Doctor’s incarnations from the TV series Doctor Who. There are illustrations inside in full colour and they’re all written by different people. They’re definitely short but I like having some light reading over Christmas and I can see this being a great one to read one or two a night.



The main reason for my order was the new Red Dwarf Series XI DVD (£13) which was released recently. I’ve been a fan of Red Dwarf for years, I grew up watching the recordings on VHS, so I had to get the newest one to complete the collection. Also my Red Dwarf Back To Earth DVD (Series 9) (£6.99)  got damaged by my old computer and I’d never got round to replacing it so now seemed as good a time as any and I am back to having all series in DVD form again. It does annoy me slightly that none of the versions of the ninth one have the same outer cover available as the rest so it looks odd in the middle and it feels wrong sticking 9 after 10 and 11. The first thing I did when I got the new Series XI was to turn the cover around, it’s reversible, so it matches the others.

I also finally got some nail wheels. I’ve been meaning to buy these for a couple of years and I’ll finally get round to swatching all my nail varnishes so I can see exactly what I have. Is it bad I’m kind of excited about that? It’ll also help for the advent calendar so I can show them on nails without having to redo mine every day. These aren’t anything special, there’s a pack of ten and I found them here (£3.69) if you want these exact ones, I went for the cheaper ones from Amazon rather than quality or anything fancy as I don’t know what to look for anyway.



My Paperchase order is pretty much mainly Christmas things. I did get a few more everyday stationery bits, I guess you could say, but the main reason for doing the order was to get the Christmas things before they went out of stock, I missed out on one of them last year so didn’t want to again! The more everyday things I got were 8 Paper Tapes from the Arcatia range (£8) which are basically washi tapes and really pretty designs with flowers and cats. Not something I’d normally go for but they’re purple and I really like them, maybe they’ll help me keep up with my planner next year, I still managed to fall behind after June this time. I also bought a 3 roll pack of Glitter Tapes (£3) which are sort of lace designs in that they have the gaps between them, though they’re on a  clear tape backing. These are also for planning or for making cards as I think they’ll make a nice border and the pink and green ones aren’t too Christmassy, the gold ones look like baubles to me so less year round but still nice this time of year.


The two packs of Tissue Paper that I bought are in White Sparkle (£2) and Mint Sherbert Pearl (£1.75) and I bought both of these mainly as backing for photos. I might end up using one sheet of the three that come in the pack for wrapping presents but I like the look of tissue paper behind photos and I’ll finally have spares if one gets marked or broken, which has happened with past things I used for backing.



Now onto the decorations and there’s definitely a wide variety in there. I will admit that I was surprised at the size of the rose gold and glass crystal shapes but I still love them and think they’ll be great for taking photos after the Christmas decorations are taken down.



The first thing I knew I wanted when I saw they had them again this year was the 3 Glass Robots (£12) as they had them last year and I left it too late to get them. I always prefer glass baubles over plastic and these may not be classic bauble designs but I do love the bright colours and the fact that there’s something slightly nerdy on my tree without it being too obviously so, though I may have been tempted by a Tardis or two on eBay as well.



As I mentioned before the 4 Glass Jewel Decorations (£10) are bigger than I expected but they’ll still work how I wanted them to. I really like the look of rose gold and the rose gold painted around the edges of each of these is so pretty. I plan on having them on a white branch with fairy lights I have in my room all year round and they’re not exactly overly Christmassy so they may become a more permanent decoration.



I have bought a few packs of these in the past but, again, I missed out on the colours I wanted last year so this year I made sure I got in quicker and bought the 100 Glass Baubles in Neutral (£10) earlier this time. These are well made, last well (I have some from four or five years ago that still look brand new despite being out every year) and these colours are going to look so pretty next to fairy lights as they’re so reflective. I like the mix of mint green and dark blue in there which makes them a bit different to the smaller packs and other company sets of neutrals. The only annoying thing is they don’t come pre-threaded so you have to spend ages threading them all with cotton as I can’t see any strings that come with them either. This box also does have one bauble missing. I’m going to email Paperchase, just to let them know, but for the 10p bauble it’s just not worth it to return it as petrol to a post office or store would cost more than that probably for me.



The final decoration is another that I wanted as soon as I saw it and it might seem slightly odd to get it. It’s the Jazz Hands Santa (£4) which is so bright and purple and glittery and doesn’t really go with anything. Before I was born my parents bought a gold glittery Santa that’s similar from Woolworth’s on their first Christmas together so I grew up with it in our tree. He’s still going strong thirty years later but seeing Paperchase bring out a similar one I had to get it. I bought the pink one from last year so there will be two glittery dancing Santas on my tree. I’m kind of hoping they bring new ones out each year so I can have a rainbow of them!



The last thing I bought, and forgot to put in the first photographs, was a roll of wrapping paper. It’s a deer design and cost £3.75 though it’s in a 3 for 2 offer. I nearly bought three wrapping papers but I know that all that would happen is I’d use the one this year and be stuck with the others I chose the next couple of years and wish I hadn’t if there are some I prefer that come out then. It’s happened in the past.

Most of my shopping recently has been for presents, though I have done a couple of other orders for me for things like a jacket and leggings as I needed them but I don’t think they’d be all that exciting to post about as I never know what to say when reviewing clothes! Have any of you guys been getting ready for Christmas or is it too early for you? We get the decorations down next weekend so I wanted these ready before then.


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