ME Myself and I: Making Christmas Cards

I just got a new phone so all photos in this post come from the camera to see how well if works. 

I love making cards it’s one hobby that’s fairly easy to find cheap materials for and it’s low energy as you can make them as simple as you like. It’s also fairly low energy, or can be, as you can spend five minutes in a simple card with precut things and out everything in a tub to go back to later. 

A few of the things in the post I’ve had for years but a lot is from Hobby craft this year if you see something you want to get yourself. I could do a haul post with links and more details if you want to know how to get each one. 

One thing I like about Christmas is how much of it is around family and friends, at least for me it is. It’s a time when you do things with people close to you or people you only see once or twice a year. I think making cards can be part of that to, we have plans to make cards, me and mum, for some of our relatives individuals ones as well as one I’ve done as a design to be made into a card by a local printing company.  

There are so many different kinds of things available for making cards and you can make them for individual people if you want. I tend to go for different papers and build up on a plain card base, you can add as many layers as you want. But there are other things I’ve found this year that I really like to use, things like short lengths if a mix of ribbon or the snowflake ribbon that looks good on any plain paper to make it suddenly more Christmassy.

If you don’t have the energy to cut things or make a pattern for the background yourself there are so many precut crafty things out there. I live the stag and more natural designs out there this year, they seem to be everywhere. These even come with sticky backs so no messy glue. There are cards with patterns on them already, the pack I bought has a few different patterns and the envelopes that come with them have a nice design on them too. 

One thing I’ve only discovered this year is the roll of sticky back tape in something that reminds me of the old tippex mice. This is great as an easy to use, precise way to stick thing with very little energy used. It doesn’t always work for some materials, things like the more plastic products or sticking it onto my painting it just doesn’t stick so well. 

Stamps are another really good, easy to use and low energy way of adding a picture on your card and getting the same, or very close to it,picture each time. You can get so many designs and colours for the ink so even the same set of stamps can give you a range of designs, especially if you then colour in parts of it. I prefer the clear plastic stamps as you peal them off the clear sheet they’re kept on and they stick to a clear acrylic block but it means you can out a few together for a design if you want and you can see through it to know exactly where it’ll end up rather than having to do a bit if guess work. I’m not great with the solid wood ones, it takes more skill than I have to get it in place!

When it comes to Christmas cards last year we decided to do our own design and take it to a local printer. I think it’s a great way to have a really personal card, you could use a photo of the family or a collage that can be scanned and printed out for multiple cards. Thid way means you can do one design and send it to everyone. It also has the bonus that you can do layers, stick them tigether and as big as you want and it can be shrunk down to any of the standard card sizes. I do live the way ripped coloured paper looks when you have the lighter under layer showing as well. These and the precut embellishments and stamps scan well and you get the look of the different layers with a flat card. This isn’t the cheapest way to do cards, depending where you get then from the price will change and Vistaprint often has offers for larger orders. 

This final design for my card is from a painting I did with ripped paper, the snowflake and a scan of a smaller stamps that I have. I did it a4 size so it keeps the detail and becomes more detailed because it’ll be in a6 which is a quarter of the overall a4 size when it prints. Last year I just gave them a painting and they added print in. 

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