Review: Soap and Glory Perfect Ten Eyeshadow Palette (2016 version)


A couple of years ago I bought the Soap and Glory Perfect Ten limited edition eyeshadow palette and I saw the one they brought out this year so I thought I’d buy the newer version too. I know they brought one out last year but my old one has got to the point where I’ve hit pan, for the first time ever in an eyeshadow, so I thought I’d see if the new one is as good as the old. There are some obvious differences, the colours chosen being the main one as the older one is mainly neutrals, this one has more smokey colours, and the fact that over half of the colours are mattes this time around but the range of colours in there still looked good so I gave it a try.

The Perfect Ten eyeshadow palette contains ten eyeshadows in a mix of finishes, there are 6 mattes and four with degrees of shimmer (one of them is probably more of a glitter than shimmer really). It costs £16 from Boots and is in the three for two offer on Christmas gifts. As it’s limited edition I’d say get it before Christmas if you’re interested as they sometimes appear in the sales after but last year they sold out before then.

If anyone’s interested the older one still seems to be on the Boots website, I’m not sure if it’s a permanent line product now maybe as it’s £10 but it does have exactly the same product names so I’m guessing they’re the same formula as the original. My original post on that one is one of my first posts and you can find it here, it does have a review of the colours in there and I’d say the old one is a good palette, it’s still one I use today so it must be doing something right.

One thing about these Soap and Glory palettes that makes them stand out from others I have is the size, especially as there are only ten eyeshadows in there. It’s a lot longer than I’d expect, the best one I have for comparison is the Naked 3 and it’s slightly larger in length and width but shallower than the Naked palettes. I like the Soap and Glory packaging in general, the pin up style models and art work look nice, and I prefer how this palette fits into that brand compared to the older one. This is a palette that you can pick out from others if you have it stored side on as well as there’s a soap and glory quote on the end, unfortunately this is the same as the older palette but there is a slight colour difference in the shade of pink.


Soap and Glory use card for their palettes which, although it looks nice and probably keeps the price down, does mean that it gets dirty really quickly especially with the mattes that seem to cling to it. This one is shinier in the part that holds the eyeshadows so it does wipe off easier but I can see it staining in the long term. Also the mirror, which is a good one, does not stand up on its own so you do need to either hold it up or lean it against something if you want to use it. It is a nice sized mirror though and the one from two years ago hasn’t warped so I think this one will last well too. The magnet that holds the palette closed is strong and I’d trust it on journeys, I have in the past, though it is best to make sure it’s between things in a suitcase or bag as the eyeshadows themselves may crumble when it comes to the more glittery, softer ones.


One thing I really liked about the other Soap and Glory palette is the brush they include. It’s small but it does hold the eyeshadow well and the double end means that you can use two eyeshadows so one for mattes and one for shimmers is a good way to separate them. Another positive with this palette compared to the original is the plastic cover, it’s one that fits snuggly around the palette base and holds everything in with the brush and keeps the powder off the mirror.


I’ve found that some companies the eyeshadows work well with or without primers, others need the primer to show any pigmentation and this palette definitely falls into the latter category. Without primer the mattes don’t show up well and disappear within ten minutes on me, the shimmers last really well with primer but do get patchy without for me. In the swatches the top half is on top of the Models Own primer in matte and the bottom half is directly on my skin.


Fair Dues – Matte pale creamy pink. A good match for paler skin tones as an under eye highlight. It doesn’t show that much on my skin because it isn’t far off my skin tone but I think on darker skin tones it would show up well as it’s pigmented and blends out well. It does feel fairly dry and powdery but applies smoothly and evenly on top of a primer.

How Nude – Matte taupe. Another dry one that’s really pigmented and blends well but does have a bit of fallout when applying due to the powderiness. On primer it lasts for hours, five hours after application it was still going strong.

Twinkle Belles – Glittery champagne. This one applies pretty much as a glitter, there is a shimmer base but it’s not very pigmented, the glitter does show up well though. The glitter does have an almost multi-coloured look when the light catches it but the champagne and pink based ones stand out most.

Mauve On Up – Matte mid toned mauve. Another matte that’s highly pigmented, blends out well but does have a bit of fallout with the powder. It lasts really well on primer but was gone within minutes without it.

Iced Coffee – Shimmery darkish taupe. This one also seems to have a bit of a blue duochrome as well as a slivery shimmer in there. This one does do well without primer. It’s a fairly creamy one that applies very evenly but does need a couple of layers for it to become completely opaque. Blends out really well but the shimmer seems to spread beyond the base even with a primer and no blending so not sure how it moved.


Okey Smokey – Mid tone warm matte grey. This one has a bit of a purpley undertone to me. Like the other mattes it doesn’t show up at all well without primer and this one does seem to stick in place when it’s applied on a primer so leaves a bit of an outline if you try to blend it.

Steel – Mid to dark blue toned grey. One of the more opaque colours of the mattes, needs the primer and applies very evenly. Works pretty well as an eyeliner and blends out well like that.

What a Night – Very nearly black matte. It’s not quite black, it’s probably a very very dark navy that looks almost matte black. With a primer this is a great colour for eyeliner as it seems to be one that sticks in place rather than blending out well on there. Very pigmented and does blend well with other eyeshadows.

Plumble – Dark plum with plum shimmer. Very smooth and pigmented, blends well but does benefit from the primer as it seems to move quite a bit without and ends up with the base disappearing and the plum and blue shimmer staying. Very little fallout with this one and opaque with one layer when on primer.

Foil in Love – Silver shimmer with fairly large glitter particles in it. This is a blue toned silver, very pigmented and creamy but the base tends to disappear when you blend it out. Lasts well but does seem to move for a while after application before it sets.


Overall I am pretty happy with this one as I do use a primer every time I use eyeshadow because how oily my eyelids seem to get and everything moves on them. The mattes do need the primer but when you use it they’re pigmented and smooth and easy to apply. When I look at my old palette I haven’t used the mattes much and I’d say that this palette the mattes are definitely better and easier to use than in the one from two years ago. The shimmers haven’t improved but then they didn’t really need to.

I think I would recommend this palette, especially in the three for two offer. The majority of the colours are cool toned to me so if you know cool tones don’t work for you then maybe go for the older version which is more warm toned. It does seem like this is almost a half and half, in that there’s the neutral half that does have a bit of a warm base but they still seem to have a bit of a purple tone in there.


The old one next to the new palette. You can definitely tell my favourite colours in this and Brownie crumbled a bit when travelling


If you want a palette with a range of mattes for a smokey eye in either neutral or more traditional grey tones then this has a nice range that blend well together and you have the range of shades in a similar tone that work well together. It would be a nice gift for someone else as well, I think especially people who may be newer to makeup where having the two different obvious colour choices would give them a range of looks without getting multiple palettes.

I do think it’s a decent palette for people who are already into makeup but none of the colours are that special, you’d probably already have dupes of a lot of them, but it is a good palette for the mattes and I think the formula has improved over the past two years so the mattes definitely compare well to other makes out there now if you use them with a primer.

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