It’s Nearly December! I May be More Excited Than I Should Be About This


In the lead up to Christmas I may get slightly more excited by the idea of advent calendars than a grown up really should but with all of the options out there now, besides the chocolate ones, I think it’s acceptable, maybe buying three was less so though. I was originally planning on doing a post with information on a lot of the different advent calendars available but I got a bit overwhelmed by the range out there and all the different release dates so I missed that post this year, sorry guys.

However I have bought three advents calendars, one with Boots points but it’s still buying I guess, and as the latest of the bunch has arrived I thought I’d do a post on the ones I have. This post will contain spoilers in the form of a list of the products in there but, as I’m going to be good and open them as advent calendars, I haven’t got photos up of the products yet. I will be doing a daily post through December until the 24th with photos and first impressions posts as I have the past two years so if you want to see a bit more on any of these then check back in December.

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