Review: Boots Ingredients Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily Radiance and Brightening Sheet Mask


I haven’t seen these Boots Ingredients sheet masks in Boots until recently so I bought a couple to try out as I do love sheet masks, they’re just so convenient and a lot less messy as you don’t need to wash it off afterwards. There are three available in this range, I tried the Charcoal and Willowbark Cleansing and Purifying one, you can find the review here, and this time It’s the turn of the Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily Radiance and Brightening Sheet Mask.

These masks are all £2.50 each in Boots though they do have offers and at the moment it’s 50p off certain Boots Ingredients masks. These packs each contain one mask and are one use, though from my experience with the two there’s quite a lot of the moisturising formula in there so you can use it on the rest of your body as well.

I used this a few days ago to see the lasting effects and if it made my skin flare up as it’s a more moisturising mask and my skin is pretty acne prone despite being dry. This mask is supposed to leave your skin ‘shining with radiance and looking brighter’ which often seems to translate to oily but this mask didn’t have that effect for me.

The sachet itself is nice enough looking, it’s fairly simple and includes all the information you need like the ingredients and instructions. They’re nice enough looking that I think they’d be fine to have out on the side in the bathroom, I’ve seen some people keep a stash of sheet masks in those desk organiser things and they can look quite nice. There are warnings on the back about this being single use so I wouldn’t recommend using them again. I did consider it but after a few days of being open, even after closing it again with tape, I decided not to risk it with it being skin care.lotusflowertigerlilysheetmask5

These face masks are made from decent material, they’re not the best but they’re probably twice the thickness of something like a wet wipe and very soft and flexible. They do seem to be more flexible than some other brands I’ve used and actually stick to my face in the right places rather than sliding off. The one part that’s an exception after a while is the bit between my nose and lips but that’s because when you breathe on it is seems to dry out the mask so it can’t stick any more. I think that the amount of the skin care part of the mask on these helps a lot, there’s so much that they stick well and it also means you can use it on the rest of your body if you want to as a moisturiser treatment thing. I did this and this particular one works well for this.

This mask does feel slightly slimier than others, though I think it’s because the liquid feels more like a thin moisturiser than a traditional face mask, or the ones I’ve used. It’s also got a more moisturiser type smell with the floral scent. Though this is fairly subtle and not overpowering when on your face, which did worry me a bit when I first smelled it.

lotusflowertigerlilysheetmask4As you just massage the residue in after removing the face mask it means no washing off and no mess in the sink with left over mask. However, this one did have quite a lot of excess moisture so I ended up spreading it down my neck as well, just the residue from my face, with it covering it no problem. It definitely left my face feeling soft and well moisturised without feeling greasy and there was no film on my skin, either straight after massaging it in or after a while.

With the more moisturised feeling I was a bit worried about it making my skin flare up but I’ve not had any problems with this and I used the mask five days ago now so, knowing my skin, it would have shown up already if it was going to. My skin actually still feels nice and smooth, I’ve had less dry patches than I normally have even with the same skin care routine so I can see this one being a good one if you have dry skin.


How do you not look slightly scary in these?

I would definitely recommend this mask if you have dry skin, or maybe even combination or normal skin, as it seems to have helped with the drier patches I get without making the less dry parts overly oily. If you have specifically oily skin then I’d avoid this one, maybe go for the Charcoal and Willowbark or the third option, which I think was recommended for oily skin which was why I didn’t pick it up. I think that this range overall is good, it doesn’t have a great deal of variation but there’s enough difference between the two that I’ve tried for them to cover the major skin types. As sheet masks are still fairly hard to get in the UK, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, these are an easy to find version that I think are in a lot of the physical stores as well as just online.


Have any of you tried these sheet masks or are there any in the UK, apart from Boots and Superdrug, that you’d recommend I try? I’m always on the look out for nice, easy to find ones as I either have to order them from Korea and pay a lot of postage or go for eBay.


6 thoughts on “Review: Boots Ingredients Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily Radiance and Brightening Sheet Mask

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I think a lot, in the UK anyway, use brightening to make your skin look bright and younger rather than lightening it. I have found, though, that a lot of the lightening ones don’t lighten freckles anyway, just even my skin a bit more. I’ve tended not to go for ones that say they lighten as my skin is so pale anyway I’m always worried it’ll actually work! I have tried a few samples on my hands where I have freckles though.

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