Fortune Cookie Soap: Through the Wardrobe Winter Soap Box


It’s November and that means it’s the time of year when all the Christmas ranges are announced and released. It’s also time for the Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box as the pre-release for the Christmas collection. If you haven’t heard of them Fortune Cookie Soap are an American company that sell bath and body products, with their signature product being a soap in the shape of a fortune cookie.

Their Soap Boxes are a quarterly subscription box that includes a range of products in all of the scents in the collection. They normally have a secondary theme alongside the general seasonal one and this Christmas it’s Narnia, which I love as I read those books a lot when I was growing up. This time there are eight scents all in this theme and this box has eight different products, including the full-sized fortune cookie soap and a hand sanitizer which you get in each box.

fcs2016winter2As with all Soap Boxes this came in a rather sturdy cardboard box and I didn’t get any customs, which is always a bonus when it’s an order from the USA to the UK. I am yet to have a problem with broken products, aside from things like bath bombs which are safely sealed in individual bags, so that’s not a problem with these for international customers. Inside you get a card giving you a small description for each scent, I have tried to give a small description before reading this to see how it actually compares to the way it should smell, and a lot of shredded paper which, this time, is white and an iridescent clear plastic which always makes me think of Christmas and goes with the snowy theme in Narnia from the Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe. There’s also normally something little that goes with the theme, this time it’s a little red bow, which is nice and probably will get re-used when making Christmas cards, but I don’t see much use for it other than that.


Onto the products, and I’ll start with the Always Winter OCD Hand Sanitizer which is one of the full sized products. This is probably the most sparkly OCD I’ve ever had and you do get the glitter on your hands which then gets onto everything you touch for a while, probably a scent to avoid if you don’t like glitter. The scent is definitely apple to me, there’s some pine in there after a while but it’s mainly apple and not much else. It’s a nice scent, quite fresh and not too much like a cleaning product as some pine scents can go that way. It’s supposed to have ‘fir needles, cinnamon, cranberries, apple and cedarwood. I guess maybe I get the cedarwood in the pine but I don’t get any of the rest of them.


The second one on the list is the Father Christmas Whipped Cream which is a nice product but it tends to sit on my skin so one to use in the evenings rather than before putting on nice clothes. To me all I can smell is a sweet cookies sort of smell, like the Yankee Candle winter cookies scents they do. There is something refreshing in there but the baked good scent overwhelms it to me. It’s supposed to be the scent of winter air, juniper brush, frosty snow and hints of vanilla cupcakes though I’m not sure I’d call it hints. If you like bakery scents this might be a good one for you.


One of my favourite things about Christmas is Turkish delight and Sweeties Fortune Cookie Soap had that scent to me when I first opened the bag it was in, pure sweet rose Turkish delight. After smelling it again though there’s less sweetness and more fresh roses than rose Turkish delight to me. There’s still the icing sugar smell, though that may be from the dusting on it anyway, but it’s not as sweet as I’d hoped. It’s supposed to smell of rosewater, toasted pistachios, amaretto and buttery cookies. I didn’t get any of the others even when I used it to wash my hands but maybe they’d come through in other products.


I think that the Dream of a Dream Dusting Powder is a bit disappointing scent wise. I have a feeling this may be the product base as I remember having problems smelling past scents in a similar base, I guess dusting powders are meant to be more subtle than other types of product. The only scent I get really is powdery floral herbs but nothing I can pinpoint. The scent is supposed to have lavender, vanilla, soft musk and patchouli which sounds like it should have a stronger scent than this. I like the idea of a dusting powder but I don’t think I’ve ever found one I’ve got on with. This one does leave your skin drier and smooth feeling afterwards though so it seems like a nice enough one if you like dusting powders.


The perfume oil is normally my favourite product in these Soap Boxes and this time it’s a Lion’s Breath perfume Oil which has something floating in it that I can’t identify but it’s some kind of plant. I do like the way they add these things in there to make them look a bit different but I’m not sure what these are. The scent lasts for a while but after a couple of hours it pretty much disappeared so it’s one I’d keep in my bag to reapply fairly often. It’s definitely got some pine in there but there’s something fruity in it too that softens it a bit. I’m surprised I like this as a perfume, I’m not normally a fan of pine that much but it seems to work in this. The official description is winter frost, fir needles and ripened pomegranate so I guess there is fruit in there, I was just expecting maybe something citrus or berry.


I don’t think there’s been a whipped soap in one of these for a while so it was nice to have the Hide and Seek Whipped Soap. I like these products as they’re light and easy to use but they do leave your skin feeling like you’ve used soap so can be a bit drying. All I can smell in this one is fresh coconut, and proper fresh coconut rather than the fake or dried stuff, and maybe some kind of biscuit so it’s not the most Christmassy scent to me. It’s supposed to smell of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, allspice and coconut cream. Reading that I’d expect coffee but I don’t get that at all which is slightly disappointing. Maybe it’d come out more in other products or I’m just picking up the coconut because it’s not my favourite smell.


I’ve almost finished my last shampoo bar from them, they’re great for travel, so was happy to see this Deep Magic Shampoo Bar as these lather well, are a great size and last long than you’d expect. This is definitely a very minty shampoo, the kind that leaves your scalp feeling slightly tingly, but it has some other herbs in there too. It’s the kind of scent that makes you think it’ll be good for your scalp. The official description is rosemary, fresh herbs and mint. I’m not sure how well this would work for some products but I see it being a good body wash or scrub as a wake you up kind of smell.


The final product in the box is the Small Favors Pedi-Bomb which is a cute little fortune cookie soap shaped product like a bath bomb, or maybe it’s a deer footprint shape going with the Narnia theme. These are great for putting in a foot spa or bowl of warm water and soaking your feet as well as getting a nice hit of scent that lingers for a while and fills the room. I’m not sure what this scent is, I’d say there’s something woody in there and some spice and citrus which is a nice, warming winter scent. It’s supposed to smell of tobacco pipe and spiced citrus slices so I guess I was almost spot on with this one. I really like this, I think it’s got the layers to work well as a perfume but maybe it’s more of a room scenting smell than one I’d use on my body for me.

I’m really happy with this Soap Box, both with the selection of scents and the products they decided to send them in. I probably won’t get much use from the dusting powder but other than that everything will get used and they’re great to have as travel sized things as well. I think my favourites are Lion’s Breath and Small Favors which surprised me given what’s in them when I read the card. I do like the fact that most of these do tie in well with the Narnia theme with the scents and not just the names, though Hide and Seek seemed unusual for a Christmas box.

The Through the Wardrobe Collection launches on Friday, November 11th, so this Friday, at 6pm CST which I think is midnight in the UK. I think it’s either a case of stay up for it or you’ll probably have to wait until a restock of what you want if you want a few bits as they tend to sell out of certain products very quickly, before we’re normally awake in the UK. I’m not sure I’ll be making an order as postage to the UK tends to make it twice the price but sometimes it’s worth it if there’s something amazing in there I want.

Is there anything in this collection you think you’ll be getting and if you got the Soap Box what did you think of all of the scents?

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