What I Have in My Travel Makeup Bag


I did a post about the things I took in my makeup bag for travel over a year ago but I thought I’d do another after going away last week. Some of the things I didn’t use but it’s going to be the same things I’m taking away for family meetups and things in the lead up to Christmas so it seemed like a good time to post one anyway. I’m not normally too bad at packing light when it comes to makeup but I was surprised when I unpacked it all how much I took this time. I tend to go for taking only a few kinds of products but a range of colours in them.

I think that most of these things I’ve posted a review for so I’ll link it if I have so there’s a more in depth post on them and proper swatches if you’re interested in them. Almost everything is still available in stores, I think only the eyeliners might be hard to find but I haven’t found any that I like as much, I am on the lookout for a nice soft bronzey or gold colour if anyone has any suggestions though.


I feel a bit bad about how dirty the makeup bags themselves look, though it seems like the marks from the ends of the brushes are so ingrained that washing doesn’t remove them. I guess it shows they’re well loved and used. Both of the makeup bags are from Eco-Tools sets, one is a mini travel one that I bought last year and I think it still available, but the larger one with the brush holders has a newer version out at the moment. If you get Eco-Tools brushes I recommend getting one of the sets if you want the brushes as they’re really good quality and I’ve been using the one for years now.


L-R: (Top) Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium and Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder in Stripped (I still have no idea why they have different company names). (Bottom) Boots Precision Blending Sponge


I use the one bag for all the foundation things, it just keeps it all together and fits pretty much perfectly. Also it means I don’t need a larger makeup bag for the rest and I can just leave this at home if I don’t want to have any foundation products.

Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium (£20 from Holland and Barret) – Works well as a primer and a mixing medium for the powder foundation. It can mix with eyeshadows but it’s a bit of a fuss when you’re out and not that great pigmentation wise then. It does work well as a primer for a liquid foundation too, I’d probably keep this in my travel kit even if I was taking a different foundation as it does just smooth it and keep it all even and matte.

Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation Powder in Stripped (£14 from Holland and Barrett) – the palest shade and works really well with the primer so you can have it as pigmented or as light coverage as you want. With the primer stays matte but does have a slight shimmer to give a healthy glow or dewy type finish without being too obvious when used on its own. It does work well as a setting powder for under eye concealer or on top of another foundation if you use it lightly as it doesn’t have a great deal of coverage as a powder.

Boots Precision Blending Sponge (£3.50 from Boots) – Probably my favourite Beauty Blender type sponge, the thinner end is great for under eye concealer, as is the thicker end though a little less precise. I have used it for nail varnish once too often so the one end doesn’t work so well now but I’m going to buy another one to replace it and keep just for makeup. Does work well for nail varnish ombre style nails, this one will be kept for that I think.


Top – Bottom: Real Techniques Pointed Crease Brush, Elf Defining Eye Brush, Elf Eye Shadow Brush, Elf Blending Eye Brush, (L-R) Lush free brush, Unknown small concealer/lip brush


I think I may take more brushes than I really need but I like having at least one spare that means I can use a very different colour, or go for a matte after a shimmer finish without getting the sparkle in the matte colour. A couple of the brushes were free with other things, I can’t remember where the smaller flat brush came from, I have a feeling it may have been a lip kit or something, but it works well for liquid concealer or lips. The thinner pencil came free when I bought a Lush liquid eyeshadow years ago and it’s perfect for eyeliner. I’m not sure if they still give them away now but I know a lot of people got replacements then by just asking in stores.

Real Techniques Pointed Crease Brush 201 (£12 from Boots) – This one isn’t my favourite brush and that’s why it’s kept in my travel bag all the time. I like the brush itself but the handle just isn’t that comfortable for me to use. It does its job well but I prefer their standard brush design.

Elf Defining Eye Brush (£2 from the Elf website) – An old favourite, I need to replace all these Elf brushes soon I think. Great for applying colour in the crease or if you want a lighter coverage than the standard eye shadow brush gives. The Elf brushes all seem to have changed name slightly and become more expensive but I’m pretty sure they’re the right ones.

Elf Eye Shadow Brush (£2 from the Elf website) – Great for packing on shimmer and glitter or applying a good amount of any eyeshadow colour. Not the most precise but covers a good area.

Elf Blending Eye Brush (£2 from the Elf website) – Great for blending colours, does tend to pick up quite a bit of the colour into the brush at times but blurs edges so well.


Top to Bottom: The Balm Mr Write (Now) in Brian, Beauty People Eyeliner in Shimmer Brown, Shimmer Bronze, Shimmer Gold and Shimmer Beige


The Balm Mr. Write (Now) in Brian (Can’t find this on UK sites) – A nice, soft and easy one to apply. A good neutral colour that works well on the waterline rather than using white to brighten your eyes a bit. It twists up as well so no need for a pencil sharpener.

Beauty People Eyeliners (Can’t find them on UK sites) – These are so soft and pigmented. The brown has become a bit stickier because I don’t use it much but they’re all so pigmented and easy to use. These are four out of five (I think) in the Special Edition Season 2, it had Snow Whit eon the front of the tine. From top to bottom I have Glimmer Brown, Glimmer Bronze, Glimmer Gold and Glimmer Beige. Glimmer Bronze and Glimmer Beige are two of my favourites, I use bronze and gold a lot and beige is great as a lightener in the inner corner of your eye.


L-R: No7 Instant Radiance Concealer, Models Own Eye Base, No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara (blue ring) and No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara


No7 Instant Radiance Concealer in 10 (£13.50 from Boots) – A great under eye concealer, has the more salmon colour to conceal dark under eye pigmentation and stays really well for me. The only negative is the fact it’s one of those clicky ones with a brush applicator so I apply it onto the back of my hand first as I find you get a bit much and it’s less controllable for application otherwise.

Models Own Eye Base Eyeshadow Primer in Matte (£6.99 from the Models Own website) – I think this is my new favourite primer, great for travel as it’s a solid tube rather than being a squeazy one so no worries about it spilling.

No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara in Brown/Black Waterproof and Normal (Waterproof £12 from Boots and not waterproof £12 from Boots) – I took both as I wasn’t sure how well the non-waterproof would last against the Scottish rain we were going to have but it lasted fine. I love how this mascara, either version, can have light or thicker coverage without clumping and it didn’t run at all even when very wet. I have since thrown out the waterproof as it was time for it to be replaced and, to be honest, I’m not sure if I’d bother with getting the waterproof again. Maybe best to be safe but they didn’t have it in store and I see no noticeable difference in application or the formula itself aside from maybe needing more to remove it at the end of the day.


L-R: No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio and Finally an Oscar for Leo DiCaprio


Leo DiCaprio Trio of Eyeshadows from Shiro Cosmetics ($18 for all three on the Shiro Cosmetics website) – My go to eyeshadows when I want something neutral with a bit of sparkle, or maybe that should be a lot of sparkle. They stay well and work well with other colours. They do blend fairly well but a bit of fallout if you’re not careful. The colours are No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio and Finally an Oscar for Leo DiCaprio. I highly recommend any of their pigments, I have quite a few and love them all, but they do have a tendency to loosen in travel sometimes. I have never had one open on me but I have had a bit of sparkle on the rest of the things in the makeup bag so maybe ones to have in an extra smaller plastic bag or something if that bothers you.


The Balm Appetit Palette (£34 from HQ Hair) – A great all round palette, has a mix of mattes, satins and metallic colours in there. I love the lightest matte colour, it’s a great one for blending out eyeshadows as it’s fairly close to my skin tone. I definitely think that The Balm are ones I would trust for travel when it comes to palettes but they do need the card sleeve they come with, I don’t think the magnet by itself would keep them closed in travel.


L-R: The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Dedicated and Doting, Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle


The Balm Meet matte Hughes in Doting and Dedicated from the Mini Set (£25 from ASOS) – I love the finish and the size makes them great for travel too. I think these are the best matte lip colours I’ve tried and think they’re worth checking out in full sized, though the minis are a nice pocket size and you get a range of colours for not much more than one in the full size.

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (£7.99 from Boots) – an old favourite, it’s been everywhere with me and I’m on my second one. I love how moisturising it is and the colour is a muted, dark pink or dusty rose and just seems to go with pretty much anything but especially the neutral colours I wear in the day.


I think that’s everything I take when travelling when it comes to makeup, I’ll be taking the same things later in the year when we go for family meals and things as I think it covers everything in there with the different colours for my lips and some sparkle for the eyes in the evening if I want. I might throw in a liquid foundation as well, I do have one I like but I haven’t work it out yet I case it oxidises, I should really do that as otherwise I’ll never know.

Do you guys find it easy to pack light or do you tend to go for a range of colours in the same products like I do? I want to be one of those people who takes a small palette, maybe one of the The Balm Autobalm ones I used to take as a travel palette, a mascara and one lip product and that’s it but I like having the range of colours and my makeup travel kit seems to be growing each time rather than shrinking!

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