Review: Boots Ingredients Charcoal & Willow Bark Cleansing & Purifying Sheet Mask


I love sheet masks, they’re just so convenient and fast to use, especially when they’re the ones you just massage in the residue afterwards rather than washing off. The only negatives about them, here in the UK, was that they were hard to find without either paying inflated prices or going to eBay, though more highstreet companies seem to be doing their own versions and I recently found some in Boots. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing them but it’s the first time I’ve seen them in any physical stores. I picked two but tried this, the Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Mask Charcoal and Willow Bark Cleansing and Purifying mask. The other mask I bought is the Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily Radiance and Brightening mask, you can find the review here, which is aimed more at moisturising and for drier skin so if that sound more like your skin type then that might be worth looking at instead.

These masks cost £2.50 each and each pack contains one mask, though at the moment there’s an offer with selected Boots Ingredients face masks being two for £3 so it’s almost buy one get one free. It’s a great time to try a couple if you want to give them a go. Although they’re easy to get, even if it’s online rather than in store, there are only four to choose from which isn’t a great range but I think they cover some of the more common skin problems.

The packaging for these is pretty standard, though it does say they’re made in Korea which I think is possibly a good thing in that they may be closer to the original Korean beauty ones that started the craze but at the same time it means they’ve had further to travel. They also include instructions on how you use them, they’re pretty much the standard leave on for 15 minutes and massage the residue in, and ingredients on the back. The front looks nice enough, I wouldn’t have a problem with having a stack of these on the side in the bathroom, but they’re not exactly designed to be displayed.

They’re just large sachets, as with most sheet masks, and not resealable so if you did want to reuse them you would have to seal them yourself somehow. I would normally say not to do this as they are single use but I am definitely trying it with the next mask as there was quite a bit of the face mask formula left over at the end. I won’t recommend it for now as I don’t know how well it lasts but I’ll do an update with the next one I try.

I can’t find anywhere what the mask itself is made of, it does feel nice and soft and more flexible than some of them I’ve tried. It isn’t as big size wise as some of them, it fits my face better and it doesn’t overlap onto my hair with only a small overlap under my chin. It also means that the mouth hole actually stays pretty much there and you don’t get a mouthful of face mask as that’s never good. It seemed like there was a lot of the face mask formula on this compared to some others which did help with it staying in place more as it stuck to my face better. The formula also felt a bit slimier than some of the others, maybe it was due to the amount on the mask but it felt slipperier when I was touching it. I did find that if I stayed upright and walking around it started to slide a bit so I had to keep pushing it up but there was no peeling off.

There’s a warning on the back about the possibility of there being a tingling sensation which I didn’t get at all. I tend to find that if it says it might tingle it does for me, my skin is pretty sensitive to certain ingredients and they’re often ones that make that happen, so that was great for me. With the willow bark and charcoal it made me think that this one is designed for more problem and acne prone skin which was why I chose it.


Is it possible to not look slightly mad in these? I might just use one on Halloween when I answer the door to trick or treaters.


My skin is dry so a lot of products aimed at acne can be overly drying for me as they aim to dry out the spots to help remove them but I didn’t have any problems with that. In fact it was the opposite, my skin feels nice and moisturised and smooth even the day after so there is a small amount of lasting effects, at least for 24 hours. I also found that it did help a bit with the smaller spots. My skin has had a bit of a flare up, I think it was the change in water the past few days as everything else was the same, so it seemed like a good test. The smaller spots seemed to have calmed down a bit and reduced in redness and size but the larger, deeper acne wasn’t affected at all so it doesn’t do much for that if that’s the kind you get.

I would definitely recommend this mask, it’s worked well for my skin and helped do a bit of clearing up, even if it’s in the short term, without drying it out. It’s nice and relaxing and probably the easiest sheet mask I’ve ever used, though it was also the messiest due to the amount of the mask liquid on there. I will definitely be repurchasing this, whether I use this particular one once a week as it suggests I don’t know but I will be getting it again as a quick fix or just as a relaxing mask. If you don’t like the slimier ones then this would probably be one to avoid, the Superdrug ones are definitely closer to wet wipes if that’s more the feeling you’d prefer, but for comfort and ease of use this one beats the two of them I tried.

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