Today’s Shopping Trip: Matalan, Boots and Pets at Home


I went shopping today so I thought I’d do a post on the things I bought, though a few of the things from Boots are repurchasing old favourites that I have reviewed in the past I did find a few new things that I am really excited to try. I also went to Matalan and managed to keep it down to three things from there, I could have bought so much more and I found a jacket that I will definitely be buying online as they didn’t have my size in store. I did also go to Pets at Home so I’ve included the few gerbil things I got there too, I wouldn’t normally but I figured it’s not an extra post and it’s something different.


The first store I went into was Boots and it’s the place I bought the most. I have been using the Veet Face Precision Wax Strips for a while, though I have tried others these just seem to work the best for me. They cost £6.60 for 20 strips and 4 wipes for after you’ve waxed. These work well, remove any hair and my skin doesn’t react to them but I have been looking for a good replacement as these just seem like a lot of waste when I don’t use half of the wax on each strip. Does anyone have a recommendation for one to try out in the UK that works well? I really needed a lip balm so I bought the Nivea Fruity Shine in Peach which cost 99p as it was on offer, it was a last minute buy as I finished my last lip balm earlier today but so far it seems nice. I don’t know why but I always thought Nivea was one of the iffy ones with animal testing but apparently they don’t test on animals.

Two of my favourites and must have makeup products are the No7 Extravagant Mascara, I got it in black/brown though they didn’t have waterproof so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares as I did a review of the waterproof here, and the No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer in 10. I think their colour numbers in the concealer are a bit odd, I thought I’d made a mistake and picked up 10 instead of 01 but they just go up in 10s so 10 is the lightest. The mascara costs £12.00 for a 9ml tube and the concealer has 2.5ml for £13.50, though at the moment the No7 makeup is all buy one get one half price.


The two things I am most excited about from Boots are the two sheet masks as I have loved these from other brands and I didn’t know Boots did them, I don’t think I’ve seen the Boots Ingredients range in general before either though. They have a range of five, or rather there were five there, and they each cost £2.50 so they’re not the cheapest when it comes to face masks but I do love the convenience of a sheet mask and how they seem to work well with my skin. I chose the Radiance and Brightening, which has lotus flower and tiger lily, and the Cleansing and Purifying, which has charcoal and willow bark, as they seemed the ones that would work best for my face going by the description or the ingredients. I will definitely be trying these out next week and probably reviewing them too as they seem like they’d be easy to access sheet masks in the UK, most others aren’t. Plus they say these were made in Korea so maybe they’re closer to the Korean ones which are very hard, or very expensive, to find in the UK without going on eBay.


The Matalan shop was fairly small in the end, I could have come away with so much more but I’m being good and not buying things unless I know I need them or they’re on my to buy list. The first thing I got was a Perfect Tee in white as it’s a nice 100% cotton t-shirt and it only cost £3. It feels nice and light and I like the rounded neckline. I don’t really have any plain tees so I want to get a few for the winter as I bought a waistcoat and really like the look of plain t-shirts under them. I also got a pair of Deep Rib Knitted Tights in black for £6 as I realised I don’t have any good ones and want some for next week. These do have a deeper pattern in than I wanted, I planned to get some plain ones, but they didn’t have any that were plain in black and the ribbed pattern is just plain stiped vertically so they’ll go with anything anyway.

The Falmer Heritage Hooded Fairisle Coatigan is £35 and something that ticks a few boxes on my ‘want to buy’ list that’s been there for a couple of years so when I found it I bought it. I’ve missed out on things like it a couple of times because I’ve gone away to think about it and then a couple of weeks later my size isn’t available any more so I jumped on this and I will, for once, have my warm cuddly fluffy cardigan type thing before it gets cold. I love how warm this is, it’s close knit and feels like it’d actually do okay against a light breeze without it going straight through it. I do love the really soft, fake sheep’s wool part (at least I think that’s what it’s meant to be, I keep seeing shearling around and think it’s meant to be that) and this will be perfect for cooler days as it’s part way between a coat and a cardigan as the name suggests. It’s going to be great when we go up to Scotland for the evenings, or just in general in the Autumn in that in between kid of weather as well as on top of a thin cardigan when it gets colder.


The last few things I got were from Pets at Home and they’re just some treats for the gerbils as I’m training them to come out of the cage when I open the door and I ran out of the treats. I can’t comment on how tasty they are but the gerbils seem to really like the Rotastak Delicious Yoghurt Drops so I got them and a bag of the Tasty Milk Drops too, they were both 75p I think, so I’m not having to pop in just for these in the future. I got the harvest feast as it was £1 and I just wanted to get something as a treat to have in their tank. In the past I’ve bought sticks with things stuck to them that you hang off the bars so know that these kinds of things you can put them in and take them out again and they’ll be fine in the future. I just keep them in a freezer bag tied shut and they’re fine for a while, they probably don’t need to be tied shut but it keeps the smell in so it doesn’t attract insects or anything with the sweetness.

This was a bit of an odd mix, I don’t think I’ve ever posted about anything I buy for the gerbils since I got them so not sure if anyone is interested. Would people be interested in seeing when I buy things for them? Like chew toys and which I’ve found good or bad in the past? Anyway, I am very happy with the things I got today, a few old favourites but some new things that I’ve been either wanting to get for a while or that I didn’t realise existed. I’m not sure how long Boots have been doing the sheet face masks but they don’t have new on them so I’d guess they haven’t just been released. Have any of you tried them? How do they compare to the Korean ones? I’ve never tried any proper ones from Korea, though I did get one free with an order and it’s been on my to try pile for a while now, will have to give that a go sometime soon as well.

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