Review: Models Own Diamond Luxe Nail Varnishes


This isn’t the post I had planned for today but as I went into Tesco and found these nail varnishes at such a great price I thought the sooner it’s out the better! At the moment the Tesco near me has quite a few beauty lines reduced, I’m guessing to clear. They’re in baskets so there’s a bit of digging around to find the right colour if you want lipstick of blush but it had brands I didn’t even know they sold, like Models Own and Sleek and covered nail varnishes, blush, eyeshadows, bronzers and mascaras. I don’t know if these are end of the line products but if you have a Tesco with a decent sized beauty section it might be worth going in over the next few days if you want some bargains. They were mainly Revlon, Models Own and Collection but there were others mixed in there. You do have to check anything that’s not got one of those tear seals as quite a few of the lip products were obviously tested but it was pretty much half price from the things I looked at.

Anyway, onto the actual products I’m talking about in the post. I think that the Diamond Luxe range may be an older one from Models Own, it’s not one I particularly noticed when it was launched but in person the colours are so pretty I had to stop myself from getting a couple more. They all appear to be a cream finish but they have tiny shimmer particles in, most of them gold but the turquoise colour I bought has turquoise shimmer in, the gold isn’t obvious at all on the nails even if you can see it in the bottle. The colours that I chose are Trillion Taupe, Pear Purple and Emerald Green.

These are originally £4.99, like all Models Own nail varnishes, but I bought them for £2.50 and they were all sealed and in good condition. They didn’t have the whole range and some of the colours they had aren’t available any more but the nude taupe colour is still on their website here at £4.99 if you like the colour and can’t get to a Tesco. I think the others I have and that were in store might be the more summer colours as there was a pale blue too, which I kind of wish I’d bought now.


Apparently the best way to show the shimmer in the nail varnish is to take it out of focus, also shows how shiny the gold in the writing is too


The bottle for these are the same as the standard Models Own in shape, though they do have the gold lids and the writing in gold which is a nice touch to add a more luxe look and to make them stand out if you have a lot of their nail varnishes already. I really like the shape of the bottles, it’s so simple and the fact that the lid is the same width as the bottom half makes them really easy to store as well as having a nice size handle to hold onto when it comes to applying the nail varnish. The brushes themselves are a fairly standard size and nice and flexible, it takes two or three swipes for me to cover my nails but I don’t get as much overlap onto the skin as with some others so they must be doing something right, even if it’s not obvious.


L-R: Emerald Green, Pear Purple and Trillion Taupe


The colours themselves in this collection are so pretty. I love the combinations of the colours and the very subtle gold shimmer, though it doesn’t really appear as gold in the turquoise for some reason on my nails even though it does in the bottle. Apparently these contain real diamond dust though I don’t think that’s the shimmer as it’d be too small to see. I don’t personally see any difference between the shine from these as the standard nails own polishes I have but as they don’t cost any more than them even at full price it’s not as if they’re charging you more to include the diamond dust and the colours are very nice.

I have found a recent love for turquoise nails so Emerald Green stood out to me straight away. I have to say that I think Emerald Green isn’t the best name for this, it’s not what I think of as emerald green as it’s definitely got a bluer hint to it and it’d fall under turquoise, even if it is on the greener side of turquoise. This one was pretty opaque at one coat, I could have happily left it there I think, though I do tend to need it to be completely opaque as even seeing a hint of paint under my nails annoys me if I have nail varnish on

As Autumn is coming up I may have gone a bit crazy when it comes to nude nail varnishes, having recently bought three of the Dare to Bare collection from Models Own as well (I’ll review them next Monday, I was just too impatient to post this with the great deal). I had to get Trillion Taupe as, although it’s a nude colour, it has that subtle hint of gold shimmer when the light hits it and it adds a bit of sparkle without it being over the top. It’s almost the equivalent of the pearlised pinks I’ve seen around a lot in that it’s a subtle change of colour in the light that adds a bit of depth to it. This one did need the two coats, but that was enough to be completely opaque. I can see myself wearing this one a lot in between the gel manicures when I give my nails a rest.

The final one I chose was Pear Purple which seems an odd name for a luxe range that seems to mainly be focused around money and gems for the names. This is the one that shows the gold the best to me, it’s such a contrast in the pale lilac that it shows up well in the light without being over the top. It just adds a depth and warmth to it to me, which makes it a great late summer or autumn colour even if it’s not traditionally one you’d think of. I like how it’s a fairly muted purple and it looks almost duochrome in the light. The formula for this is like Emerald Green and one coat may have done for it.

The formula for these three is really nice. I do like Models Own in general, it seems to work well for my nails and I don’t often get much chipping. As I only bought these today this is pretty much a first impressions and I can’t comment on lasting power, though going by the formula I would say these are the same as the standard Models Own and are likely to last well for me. The formula for these is very different to their Hypergel polishes, so if they’re the only experience of Models Own these tend to be a lot thinner and dry even quicker for me but they last a similar time before chipping.

As the formula is so thin I normally expect to need three coats for a Models Own nail varnish, these ones only took two to become completely opaque. However, due to the thinness of the varnish, they do show up any imperfections in your nails more than a thicker varnish would so I ended up doing four coats to cover up the flaky bits I have at the tips of my nails at the moment.

One of the reasons Models Own is a favourite of mine when it comes to nail varnishes is the drying time. It’s one of the things that puts me off standard nail polish quite often as I end up spending over an hour waiting for all of the coats to dry when I could be doing something else and then there’s that annoying thing where you think it’s dry and then you do something and realise it really wasn’t. With these polishes by the time I had finished my second hand my first one was dry, at least for the first two coats. For the third and fourth it did take a bit longer but all in all I took twenty minutes to do four coats and put the Seche Vite on top, only five more before I risked doing anything and no smudging.


Four coats and a top coat make the nails look a lot more even


Overall I am very happy with these and can see myself using them a lot. They dry really quick and have the thinner consistency so I can see them being great for nail art as well as just colours on their own. If you can find these at the reduced price and want some colours with a bit of subtle shimmer then these are worth looking at. The Tesco near me had a big range of different Models Own nail varnishes including the speckled egg ones, a couple of the sweet shop scented ones and some Hypergel ones I didn’t recognise as well as others in the permanent line so any Models Own fans should try and see if they have any near you. I just wish they’d had the plum one from this collection there, it’s one I’m considering getting full price now I’ve seen the collection.

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