Review: Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in Nude


I did a mini review of this Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour when I first got it in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar but I’ve been using it for a few months and have had a better chance to really try it out. I haven’t seen much on these lip colours from Marks and Spencer which has surprised me when this one has definitely impressed me a lot. These cost £9.50 each though they seem to have changed the name as I am 90% sure that this Ultra Shine is the same as the Ultimate Shine one that is on the website here as it includes the colour Nude and has exactly the same packaging.

As this is a Marks and Spencer product it is cruelty free, this one carries the leaping bunny logo and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They have a fairly good range of colours with neutrals, reds, berries and a pink but there isn’t a huge number of different shades. I can’t find anywhere that gives an actual value to the amount of product in these but I have taken a couple of photos next to a Soap and Glory one that says it has 1.5g to give an idea of the amount of product you get.


The packaging for this isn’t anything special, it’s a nice colour combination in the black and silver but is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. It does twist up easily but holds in place at however far you want it so you don’t have the hold the end no matter how much pressure you put on the pencil tip which is good. It also doesn’t twist up in the bag so no smooshed product in the lid which is always good with these, I have tried a couple of cheaper ones that ended up losing a lot of product that way. One thing that is a bit annoying, though I guess it’s more to do with how melty the product is, is that I often end up with a bit of product on the end where it twists out of as it’s so thin and melts so easily, especially in the hot weather. I do like that they’ve included a sticker on the end with the name of the colour and the background for it is pretty much spot on for the colour of the product as it looks in the stick.


The product itself is so nice to use, it melts really easily onto your lips and it means there’s no drag when you apply it. The pencil shape makes it easy to apply and keep it precise though it does start to look blunt pretty quickly. This colour has some sparkle in it but it doesn’t have the gritty feeling of a lot of glitters, you don’t notice it unless you look in the mirror but it does seem to transfer onto things even after the colour feels like it’s set. The consistency is definitely like a lip balm more than most lip colours I’ve used, it’s very moisturising and my lips feel good for hours afterwards rather than needing to reapply it to get the moisturised feeling. The colour itself lasts pretty well too, though as this one is very sheer and it’s more the sparkle which does disappear quicker it may be that the colour sticks around longer than I realise, it’s just not noticeable any more.


I really like the colour of this one, it’s a nice neutral which applies sheer to give just a sheen and hint of colour and a bit of sparkle. However, it does build up, if you do three or four layers it definitely does add some pigmentation to the lips as you can see the colour difference in the swatches. There is a fair range of colours and I think they’re all similarly pigmented, they all apply fairly sheer with a hint of colour and then can build up to become more. I would say that, although they do build up, it does mean that they take longer to dry and no transfer onto everything your lips touch as it’s pretty similar to a balm rather than a lipstick as far as thickness and how easily it melts.

The one thing that made me wonder about the Marks and Spencer brand products in the past and made me think twice about getting them was the price in comparison to other products that seem to be a similar thing. Although I liked this when I first got it in the advent calendar I didn’t look at getting more because of this and went for Soap and Glory or similar ones. However, when I compared the two when looking at the amount of product you get it became more obvious why this is £9.50 compared to their £3.50 for a similar kind of product. I took a photo of it fully twisted up and down so you can see that they’d had the same amount of use at the time. I can’t find anywhere that says how much product there is in there but I’d say there’s about three times the amount of the S&G one so maybe around 4 – 5g which is a big difference.

I would say that overall this is definitely my favourite twist up chubby stick style lip colour I’ve used, and there are quite a few I’ve bought over the years. It’s cruelty free, suitable for vegans and really moisturising, more so than some lip balms I’ve tried. There is a range that has more intense colour, rather than focussing on the shine, but I haven’t tried them to comment on the formula. I will have a look at them soon though, when this pencil runs out I’ll be getting another and I might try one of the other colours or a slightly different one. If it’s anything like this one I’d say they’re worth a look. If you can afford, and want to spend, around £10 on a lip product then these are worth a look, I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of looking at M&S for makeup and would have tended to think it might be aimed at an older audience but I think this would be great for any age.

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I think these would make a nice gift for someone just getting into makeup, a lip colour that’s a good quality, easy to use and something that’s a bit more sheer if they’re just trying things out. I just think it’s good in general for anyone, any age, it does have a more classic design than a lot of the high street makeup brands so it may not appeal to younger users but the product itself is great and it’s always good to find a lip colour that doesn’t leave your lips feeling worse than when you put it on or highlight any drier patches you might have.

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