Nails of the Week: Pink or Purple?


I love the base coat I used for this, the Red Carpet Manicure Boats and Heels from their summer collection this year. It’s one of the neon pastels (or pastel neons) that have been so popular over the summer and I have to say it’s one of the summer trends for nails that I love as it doesn’t make me look even paler than I am. I’m not sure whether you’d call this one a purple or a pink, it’s right in the middle somewhere I think, it’s either a pinky purple or a blue toned pink.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with the nail art, I just liked the colour combination of purple or pink with black, white and silver accents. I also haven’t really used Thunder and Lightning from Models Own much and I love the holographic glitter in it so I felt like I had to include that in this one. I guess this post is going to be part nail art, part mini review of most of these colours.

A photo posted by Rhiannon (@thoughtfulpigeon) on Sep 8, 2016 at 5:28am PDT


As I said before I love the Boats & Heels gel nail varnish from Red Carpet Manicure. It’s a creamy colour that’s opaque in two or three coats, depending on how thin you do them and how opaque it needs to be for you. It was even by two but I like to have a very opaque colour that won’t show where the tips of my fingernails begins so I tend to do an extra coat. I like how long the Red Carpet Manicure colours last on my nails, it’s normally due to growth that I redo them, though sometimes when my nails get longer the index fingers start to peel a bit but it’s not that often.

The best way I’ve found for using a mix of gel nail varnishes and regular ones when it comes to nail art is to seal off the base colour as you would if you were leaving them plain and then adding the nail art on top. Then, when this has completely dried, add another layer of gel top coat on the top of that to seal it. I have tried with normal top coats but I tend to find that they peel a bit so the gel varnish, whichever brand you use, is the best way to keep the colours bright and make sure the nail art itself lasts as long as the base colour does.


Although I love Models Own Thunder and Lightning it’s a bit sheer for these things, it takes a few coats to look fairly opaque and then it’s not black so it definitely needs a base coat of pure black on it for me. I used the Models Own black, though the sticker with the colour name has come off I’m pretty sure it’s stayed the same so it’s Black Magic. Using Black Magic as a base with the nail art tools it worked really well, Models Own nail varnishes dry so quickly they’re great for nail art and with the tools, the way they spread the colour rather than the brush, one coat was enough to be opaque which sped up the process and means that any of the finer lines I wanted the Thunder and Lightning on wouldn’t have to be gone over multiple times so they stayed cleaner. Another thing to know about Thunder and Lightning, at least something I’ve found, is it looks great when wet but dries down to look like it’s just silver glitter and almost gritty until you put a top coat over it when it returns to the holographic glitter look so definitely one for a top coat even if it seems like it doesn’t need it.

The silver I chose was from the Coca Cola collection that OPI released a couple of years ago. I actually did a review of the set I bought this in then which you can find here. It’s called Turn on the Haute Light and is supposed to be inspired by the Diet Coke can silver. This is a great silver, it’s not really a metallic or foil, or at least not a pure one, as it has some shimmer and sparkle in it too. It’s a fairly thin colour but one layer with the nail art tools was enough for it to be completely opaque. It spread so easily and also dried quickly, unlike some of the other OPI colours I’ve tried for nail art, so I’d definitely recommend this for nail art if you have it or can find it cheap.

The final details were done with the Black and White Rio Professional Nail Art Pens from the original set. They’re also available in the Neons set, which I did a review of here, and they’re the same colour and formula as far as I can tell, I’m just using my older ones up first. These are great for the pen tips, I haven’t used the brushes all that much but the formula for the nail varnish itself is great, especially the black and white which are opaque over any colour with one coat.

I think that, considering I didn’t have any idea of what I was going to do with this look when I started they turned out looking ok. I do have some favourite nails, my thumb and index finger on my left hand (the black and white thumb without silver and the one with the triangle and cross design) and the little finger on my right (the one with the different lines crossing each other) are definitely ones I’ll be trying again but they all looked good. I’m not sure I could redo a couple as it was from either my hand not holding steady or the fact the nail varnish got less on the tool at the right time so I don’t think I could do them again if I tried.

Not sure what I’ll do next time, I was maybe thinking I’d do something red Dwarf inspired as the new series of that will be released soon (22nd September on Dave) and I love that show, just no idea what I could do for it. I’ll see, I’ll probably chicken out of doing anything too recognisable and just go with general nail art. I’ve had plans for other TV show nails but given up in case they go horribly wrong and are unrecognisable. I think the only successful ones were Loki from Thor and my Doctor Who ones.

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