Recent Purchase: Lush Online


This post is kind of a mix of first impressions, a recent purchases haul kind of post and some mini reviews as I bought a mix of new things to me and old favourites. I’m going to go into more detail with a couple of them in the future when I’ve tried them out some more. Two of them are from the Lush Kitchen which means they’re limited edition, the one is online only but the other is available in Lush Oxford Street store if you live near there.

In this order I bought the Olive Branch shower gel in the 250g size, the Self Preserving Dream Cream and a 250g chunk of Dream Wash from the permanent line as well as the Comforter Shower Jelly and the Perspective lipstick which is the one from the Oxford Street store. There is a version of Perspective available on the website, it’s in the original Emotional Brilliance glass bottle style packaging, but this is the more solid stick lipstick style, I’m not sure how they compare but just to know this exact product isn’t available online any more.


One of my favourite scents from Lush is the Olive Branch, I’ve been using various limited edition perfumes in this scent over the years as my favourite scent, so I decided to treat myself to one of the 250g bottles of the Shower Gel to see if it was as great as it used to be. This is a scent I find very hard to describe, it has got the hint of citrus but it’s more mellow and has a more perfumey scent rather than straight up citrus. It’s a pretty thin consistency and you do have to be careful when it comes to using it but it’s great for on scrubby gloves or a shower puff and creates a lot of lather. It does have a creamy layer that separates in the bottle but give it a shake and it mixes really easily. I think it’s whatever it is in that creamy part but it’s probably their most moisturising shower gel, that I’ve tried anyway, currently in the permanent line. It doesn’t dry my skin out and the scent does linger for a while, even if it’s pretty subtle I get a whiff of it when I move around for an hour or so afterwards. It does work as a shampoo if you want it to, it seems gentler than their shampoos or a lot of their shower gels for this and the scent really sticks in my hair more than on my body. This is available in four sizes; 100g (£4.95), 250g (£9.95), 500g (£16.50) and 1kg (£27.95). I always prefer the 250g, though they aren’t necessarily the best value they last me long enough and the bottles themselves are the right balance between thick enough to not break or get that creased look after a while and not too thick that it’s harder to squeeze the product out.


The next two products pretty much go together for me and they are the best thing I have found for my skin when it’s flaring up. Combining them with a Ceridwen’s Cauldren and it pretty much sooths my skin whenever I have a reaction, sun burn or any kind of itchiness. These two are Dream Wash Roulade and Dream Cream though I haven’t tried the Self Preserving Dream Cream before so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the original.

Dream Cream is an old favourite, I think it was the first product to get me properly into lush eight or nine years ago, and I’ve seen this self preserving one (£12.95 for 240g) and been intrigued by it since it was first released. It’s always ended up out of stock whenever I needed a replacement but this time it wasn’t and I needed a new pot of Dream Cream so I went for this option. I will do a comparison post when I’ve actually had a chance to give it a proper go and see if it helps my skin as much with the different ingredients and if it really does stay fresh in a month or two.

I did a review and comparison for the Dream Wash Roulade to the original Dream Wash Shower Smoothie that they did for years so for more detail you can read that here. It isn’t the nicest smelling product in a perfumed way, it’s got camomile and lavender which are the strongest scents to me in there. It is very creamy and does work really well in calming but using Dream Wash on its own is very drying on my skin so I do find I need to combine it with a good moisturiser for my skin not to become very dry. Although I’m not so keen on this version compared to the original as it’s harder to keep it fresh and smooth and dries out very quickly if you’re not careful, I noticed it shrinking in a week when it stayed in the original packaging. However it stays fresh for a lot longer in any sealed container, the Lush plastic containers you get shower jellies or any of the larger black pots are great for the larger 250g chunk (£14.85) and if you cut up the 100g chunk (£5.95) they fit into the smaller sized pots Lush have so they’re worth keeping around for storage if you don’t want to take them back for the free face mask.


The last two products are both from the Kitchen section of the Lush website which means they are made in limited numbers. The Comforter Shower Jelly was an online exclusive though it’s unfortunately sold out. However they do have a tendency to put products that have been made in the Kitchen back up in the future so it might pop up again and then you’ll know if you think it’s worth checking out. The Perspective Lipstick is a new version of the one available online, as far as I can tell anyway. This version isn’t available online any more but it said it was an Oxford Street exclusive so I’m guessing it’s available there if you live nearby. I don’t live anywhere near there so I can’t confirm it, maybe one of you guys know if it’s available there.

The Comforter is one of my favourite Lush scents, it’s just so comforting, as the name suggests. I do have a weakness for blackcurrant scented products and this one is just perfect for me. It’s not too sharp but it’s very strong and is available in permanent products like the Comforter Shower Cream (I did a review on that one here) and the Bubble Bar Slice. The base scent is the same but I find that the shower jelly is a lot closer to the various limited edition shower gels they have done in the past in that it’s stronger, slightly sharper and less creamy. They used to sell a jelly called Sweetie Pie that was meant to be the same scent and I’d say that they are very close but, again, this one is sharper and closer to the gel than Sweetie Pie was.


This one was only available in a 240g pot, like all of the Kitchen shower jellies I’ve bought, and cost £7.95. It behaves in the same way as the jellies in the permanent line so if you’ve had one before you know how they work. They do lather pretty well with only a small piece if you use a shower puff or scrubby gloves and you can use them on your hair for shampoo if you want though I tend to find this is a lot of effort for how well they work. I have found that it works fairly well as a bubble bath kind of thing, just put it in an old pair of thin tights and hang it under the tap and it’ll make some bubbles. The bubbles aren’t that soft and are the kind that don’t necessarily last all that long but you get the scent and some bubbles if you want.

The Perspective Lipstick is an odd colour to describe, it seems sheer and almost like an orangey nude with shimmer in it. I’ll have a play around with this to properly try it out but I like what I’ve seen so far. It isn’t available online any more, though there is another product with the same name so I’m not sure whether this is meant as a replacement over time or if it’s just another product type with the same pigmentation. The lipstick version I bought cost £12.95 for 2g (I think, I can’t find it online and my receipt only has individual products without VAT) but the original, liquid lip colour, version costs £14.50 for 5g. There’s quite a price difference per gram and it would be interesting to see how they compare but I really didn’t get on with the original Emotional Brilliance range of liquid lipsticks, or much in it at all really, so I don’t think I’ll be spending the £14.50 to find out.

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