August Favourites: Finding Old Favourites


I did a post on Friday about the empties from last month and there are a few of those products that should probably be in a monthly favourites post too as I used them a lot but I’ve chosen eight different products I’ve been loving this month. I think most of these are a case of finding something I’ve had for a while and loving it but there are a couple of new things I only found this month. It seems a bit odd to include food but the Walkers Sunbites in general are so good. I really like it when companies do a good sweet chilli flavour for crisps things and these have the crunch and a bit of spice without being too hot for me which is always good as I don’t do chilli all that well sometimes.august2016favourites4

I feel like in a monthly favourites I have to at least mention Reigns and Hustle Cat as I have really liked both of these games, Reigns in particular is one you pick up and play and lose time in whereas Hustle Cat is more one to sit down and know you’ll play for a while. This month I haven’t really been watching or listening to much that’s new for me to say that I’ve found something different. I have been really liking the heritage series, or whatever they’re calling it, that the BBC are doing where they either remake old series I none offs or they do a prequel or sequel type thing for them. It’s a nice way to revisit older series and give a new twist on them. Robot Wars finished and that was a great series, I hope they bring it back for a second (maybe they have already announced it and I missed it) but that next time it’s longer. I’d love to see some of the robots from earlier series appear, seeing some of them back was nice but I’d love to see the return of ones like Chaos 2, Panic Attack, Pussycat and Razor. They’d have to be updated against the newer robots but seeing some of the old teams back would be nice even if they’re new robots.


One old TV series I have been rewatching a lot, I think I’ve seen the series at least twice this last month, is Wonderfalls. I’m not sure how well known it is really, I stumbled across it years ago around the time of the end of series 1 of Pushing Daisies as it’s by Bryan Fuller and also has a younger Lee Pace in it, the main two reasons I watched it. I think it only showed for a couple of episodes before they cancelled it so you have to either find it on YouTube, where I first found it, or buy the DVD which is only available in region 1 so you need a DVD player for the region, I use an older laptop. It’s a comedy about a girl who starts to see inanimate objects that look like animals talk; a wax lion, stuffed toys, animals on clothes, those kinds of things. Each episode has a new animal and it tends to be a case of making things worse before they get better. It’s all set in Niagara Falls in America where the main character, Jaye, works in a gift shop and it’s all about her family, friends, love life and life in general and how this new animal talking changes it. I am so bad at descriptions for these but it’s worth a look, even if it’s just a search on YouTube, I would say that the first episode may not be the best, partly because it’s obvious that Lee Pace is trying to play the same way as the original actor in the pilot that he replaced, but it does set up the whole idea.


I can’t remember the name for this necklace but it’s from Tatty Devine and has a selection of summer beach things in acrylic including shells, seaweed and a starfish, in a range of colours on a gold chain. I bought it in the sale last year and didn’t wear it that much but this summer I have definitely worn it a lot. The colours are so pretty and it goes with so many things because of the range of colours in there, plus I don’t really own much gold jewellery so it’s nice to have it as an option then. I might do a post on this as an extra thing but Tatty Devine are currently partnered with Macmillan and Marks and Spencer and doing some jewellery that you can pick up at M&S food courts, including earrings, an enamel pin and a keyring with one of those pound coin tokens for trolleys. There’s also a foldable shopping bag that looks like a big purple strawberry when folded up which is quite cute. I was hoping to have got some the end of last week but they didn’t have them in the M&S I went to, or I couldn’t find them, so I’m hoping they get them in later this month or I go somewhere that does have them.

I feel like the Yankee Candle Tea Lights in Witches Brew may have been in a few monthly favourites but this is my last one and I really do love it. I’m so happy that Halloween is coming up as I’ll be buying more of these, I’ve had to make sure I don’t burn them too much so they lasted, and I’ll probably get other things in the scent too. It seems to be one of those ones you love or hate, last year I bought one of the big candles without opening it in the store and the man at the checkout seemed surprised I liked it. It’s patchouli and something that makes it sweeter to me.


And finally the beauty products in this month’s favourites. Again these are mainly ones that have been rediscovered. The first is something I got in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar, that shows how long it’s been in my cupboard, and it’s the Pixi Skin Treats Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner. I don’t tend to use toners, I’ve found in the past that they’re a bit extreme and drying for my skin, but this one has been great and I’ve not got much left. It’s slightly exfoliating in that it removes dead skin but it’s not scrubby, you apply it by putting it on a cotton pad and wiping your face with it. It doesn’t leave a stinging sensation like some of these kinds of products do for me. I’m not sure how much it’s helped my skin or not, I guess I’ll see when I run out if I leave it for a bit and see how my skin changes, but I would definitely consider buying more of this in the future.


Recently my lips have been so dry for some reason, I guess it’s been the heat, and I know I have so many lip products in my collection so I tried quite a few and decided to stick with using ones that did the best moisturising job. The Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint in 04 Flowering Freesia was actually one mum got free in one of those spend X amount and get this bag of goodies offers but had never used, it’s probably from last summer. I’m not sure if it’s even available as a full sized product but it’s done a great job of keeping my lips smooth. I probably wouldn’t buy it again as Clinique are expensive and don’t have the best record with animal testing though I think everything sold in the EU can’t be tested on animals now. The second of the lip products is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Purple Rain which is a darker colour than I’d often wear, probably why it’s been sat in my collection without getting much use, but I’ve actually really liked it when I’ve worn it. It’s been mainly used because it is so moisturising and has helped my lips but the colour is very pretty too.


The last thing is the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish in Zircon which is a gorgeous turquoise sparkle with a turquoise jelly like base and turquoise glitter in it. There’s something in there that makes it reflect a bit of gold in the sun light but in the artificial light I can’t really see it, it seems that summer has gone in the UK today as it’s rainy again so it’s not the best light. This did need four coats and I think it would benefit from a white base to stand out more but I do think it’s a great summer colour and really worked for the mermaid nails I did. I will definitely be using this again soon, I’m going bright purple next time but if the weather stays sunny I might go back to this mermaid nail art the time after that.

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