Review: Sleek MakeUP Forces of Nature I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette


I bought the Sleek Force of Nature eyeshadow palette a while ago, though it seems like it was released late last year and I somehow managed to miss it at the time. It does say it’s limited edition but I have found it still on the Superdrug website, here, so if you like the look of it I’d get it as soon as possible as you never know when they’ll disappear with it being Limited Edition and not exactly recently released.

Sleek i-Divine palettes are mineral eyeshadow palettes and have 12 eyeshadows in them, each is 1.1g (0.03 oz.) and they do a large range of colours and finishes. This Force of Nature palette has all twelve as mattes and in autumnal colours with quite a few neutrals, purples and a dark green and blue. As a brand Sleek are cruelty free but I’m not sure if this one is suitable for vegans so if you only buy vegan products I’d look at the ingredients (I’ve photographed it and it’s below the cut if you want to check). This palette costs £8.99 which makes it one of their more expensive palettes, I’m not sure why some are £7.99 and others this price but it’s still a good price for twelve eyeshadows.

As this is a limited edition palette it has a different outer packaging with the card having a really pretty dark blue and yellow cloudy design in the background and a dark green plant in front. As with most Sleek palettes the name of the palette, the logo and the i-Divine text is all in white which makes it stand out. The only thing is there are no pictures anywhere that show you the colours inside the palette, which is unusual for newer Sleek palettes. The back has the ingredients and a bit of a description of the palette but nothing much. I really like this outer packaging and I would say it definitely stands out from my other palettes, even on its side in a stack I can pick it out straight away which is always helpful with these things. I always keep these card ones anyway as they keep the palette looking nicer and do often help with easy identification but the design on this is so pretty I think it’s worth keeping even if you don’t normally.



The inner packaging of the palette is pretty much the same as all the other Sleek palettes out there at the moment. They used to do some with different colours on the outside which made them stand out but I do prefer this matte black plastic look. The logo stands out with the shiny finish but it still looks more expensive to me with the mainly matte black surface, even if it does seem to attract fingerprints. As this is a limited edition it does have the name of the palette in the bottom corner in a pale orange so you don’t have to open it to find out what it is which is helpful if you don’t keep the outer packaging.


As with all of the current Sleek palettes the hinge is really good, it will hold it open at any point you want and I have some that are years old and been used a lot and this doesn’t change over time which makes it a great palette for travelling. The large mirror also helps, it’s a good quality and I haven’t had any warp over time even with getting dropped or fallen off the side they were on. Inside is a clear plastic sheet with the names of the colours on, I like it when companies do this as it means you have something to protect the mirror from stray powder and you have the product names there, though having them printed on the palette itself does make it easier sometimes.


It does come with the standard double ended sponge applicator that I never use, I don’t think I know anyone who does, though they are a good quality for the type of applicator. They’re more rubbery feeling than a lot of these types of applicator and they do pick up a good amount of product to pack it on if you want to. I have tried to use them a few times and they do work fairly well for under the eye when you want precision if you use the edges but other than that I’ve stuck with brushes.

The eyeshadows themselves are all matte and seem to be the same formula, or give off a similar amount of pigmentation, which is a nice change as I’ve found mattes from Sleek (or from most companies actually) can be a bit hit and miss even within the same brand. I haven’t bought many all matte palettes because of this, this is the only one I still have, so it was good to see one with a consistent standard. Sleek do have two other matte palettes that I think are in the permanent line but I don’t know how they compare pigment wise, they do have a different range of colours in though.

The swatches show the eyeshadows on top of the Urban Decay Primer Potion on the top half and directly on my skin on the bottom half.


Sunrise – Light yellow. Not the most pigmented but a very close colour to my skin tone which makes it disappear. It feels really smooth when applied and a silky, finely milled powder. It needs the primer for any real pigmentation but does build up when on top of primer. It blends out well and actually works fairly well as a powder for setting my under eye concealer ad it blends really well even on a stickier base and applies really evenly.

Cloudburst – Mid to dark red based purple. Very pigmented on a primer and applies evenly unless you try to apply too much at once. It feels slightly drier and grainy on my finger but it doesn’t show on my skin and there’s no irritation at all so I’m not sure what it is that does that. Pretty pigmented without a primer but does blend away to nothing. With a primer it blends pretty well but it’s one of those colours that leaves a bit of a mark that shows where it was first applied so it’s best to blend other colours into it.

Whirlwind – Warm light brown. Very fine and smooth, applies very evenly and pigmented with or without the primer. With primer it builds up well, without it tends to disappear to nothing when it comes to blending. Blends out very well with a primer and pretty pigmented with one layer but does build up well to become more pigmented if you want. It’s a great crease or transition colour as it blends well with other eyeshadows.

Dawn – Warm pale taupe, slightly orangey tones. Very soft and creamy feeling, applies very evenly but does seem to clump a little bit on the brush if you’re not careful. Blends out really well and pretty pigmented even without a primer. This one seems to stick even without primer which is unusual for my skin and blends out fairly well on its own without disappearing completely. It does benefit from a primer but doesn’t need it.

Mist – Mid brown with khaki or olive green tone. This one seems odd and seems to become less green as I wear it and becomes browner. It’s very pigmented when used on top of a primer, without a primer it’s got a decent amount of pigmentation but seems to disappear when blending. This is another very creamy feeling one that applies very evenly and builds up well if you want to.

Moonbeam – Warm off white. Has a slight pink or orangey tint when I apply it to my skin but it’s pretty much white. Fairly pigmented, builds up well to become opaque when used on a primer. Very soft and finely milled so very even when applying it and blends out well. Definitely needs a primer for any real pigmentation to look like in the pan but it does work as a subtle brightening colour on its own.


Twilight – Dark plum. One that feels creamy and clumps slightly on the brush so you have to be careful when applying as it’s so dark. When you first apply it it can be a bit patchy but a second go over with a brush evens it out very easily, just be careful if you plan on packing the colour on rather than doing anything with it afterwards. Very pigmented with primer, fairly pigmented without and blends out well either way. With a primer it is another that seems to show where it was first applied when blending.

Lightning – Bright purple. Very pigmented and bright with or without primer but does need it to stick around. It does apply slightly uneven with the first layer if you’re not careful as it clumps on the brush but it’s fine if you remove excess. Blends out really well and one of the finely milled, soft feeling colours in the palette.

Thunder – Dark navy. Very smooth, finely milled and applies very evenly. Very pigmented, even without a primer, but does benefit from it when it comes to blending as without primer it disappears pretty quickly with blending. With primer it leaves a slight mark when it was first applied so one to blend into. Applies evenly with one layer and no problems with clumping or fallout.

Borealis – Dark blue green. Pretty much the same formula as Thunder, very nice and easy to apply evenly and blends out well. It does leave a mark with a primer but the primer makes it stick and helps bring out the colour. This one works really well as a liner so I think the other finer ones would also work well for that.

Sandstorm – Cool pale taupe, probably closer to purple than Dawn though it looks pretty much the same in the pan. Really nice formula, well pigmented without a primer and seems to have the same formula as Dawn where it sticks fairly well without a primer even for me. Blends out really well and applies evenly though it does look like it clumps on the brush.

Sunset – Mid, very red based, maroon. The closest to a red in this palette, does look redder when you blend it out. One of the drier feeling eyeshadows but applies evenly and very pigmented even without a primer. It does leave a mark when blending on a primer but it’s one that blends well and the pigmentation of the eyeshadow means a second layer after blending does cover it.


One thing with these colours is that quite a few of them seem to leave a bit of a stain on my skin when I tried them so it needs a stronger makeup remover or you have to try a few times. The mark didn’t stay on my eye like it did on my arm but it might happen if you have a different skin type, I don’t know. I have taken photos to show how much of a mark there is after using a makeup remover wipe I normally have no problems with. The top half with the primer is the only part where it’s left a mark, the bottom half without is wiped clean with one go.

I was very impressed with the pigmentation on all of these colours, even Sunrise was fairly good but a more subtle colour. There were a few different formulas it seemed when it came to the eyeshadows but they all had good pigmentation and applied evenly even if it needed a second go over with the brush. All of them had great staying power when it came to application on top of a primer and the darker ones will work well as eyeliners as well to get a pop of colour in a look.


I do like the combination of colours in here, it was released last autumn I think so it explains the purples and darker colours but I think it’s a great mix of neutrals and some others that can be used in a smoky eye or as eyeliners. I think this does work well as a palette on its own if you like mattes but it’s a great one to use for the neutrals to mix with your other favourite palette as they’re so pigmented and easy to apply.

If you like mattes, especially neutrals and purples, this is a great palette to try and find. I think it’s worth it for the four colours; Whirlwind, Dawn, Mist and Sandstorm as they’re the ones I use most and at just under £9 that means they’re £2.25 each, not a bad price for a great matte when I’ve tried so many others that don’t work so well. Lightning is another stand out colour that I don’t think I have anywhere else. I do have ones similar to Twilight, Thunder, Borealis and Sunset but they’re great colours anyway and I don’t think the others are as pigmented or easy to use.

I definitely recommend this palette, it’s a great one as an introduction to mattes if you want to try them but not spend a huge amount and still get consistently good pigmentation. It would be a nice palette as a gift for someone else, either new to makeup or who’s more experienced, as it has some great colours and I don’t really know of many makes that have a consistently good palette that’s purely mattes.

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