Review: Funko Pop Sherlock With Violin


Having not bought any Funko Pops until last year because there weren’t many franchises I was interested that they did, or that were being made when I found them, suddenly they started to make figures for a lot of my favourite shows. One of them is Sherlock, or I guess more specifically it’s Sherlock Holmes in general but I do like the Benedict Cumberbatch version. I originally meant to buy Mycroft and Irene Adler but then I found this Sherlock with Violin and I loved the detail so bought it a while ago. He’s been sat on my bookshelf, along with my Sherlock Holmes books, he just kept falling down the list of my Tuesday posts.

Funko Pop are vinyl figures, they’re normally 10cm (4”) tall though this does vary slightly with hair and details. They do some larger figures, like Hagrid in the Harry Potter range, but this is one of the standard sized figures. The price seems to vary a lot, it ranges between £9 and £12 that I’ve found online but this particular figure, at the time I got him, wasn’t available on most sites so I got him from Amazon which seems to be the best price often for these Funko Pops figures.

The box for this figure is the same as the standard Funko Pop design, it has a cartoon digitally drawn image of part of the figure looking in the bottom left corner with the name of the series and number of the figure at the top and the figure name on the bottom. The majority of the front and one of the sides is taken up by the clear window that means you see exactly what you’re getting and, if you want, you can display them still in their boxes which does reduce the amount of dusting you need to do as the figures themselves are a bit fiddly when it comes to cleaning. The back of the box has images of all of the ones available in this range, at the time of release there were ten, and the other side is fairly plain with an image of the full figure.

I really like the background design for this box, they’re normally more plain than this (or the ones I have seen) but this has things like a faint outline of an anatomical figure of a head with labels, some compounds shown in a diagram and 221B, Sherlock’s address. In general I think this one goes pretty well with the colours of the TV show with the muted blues.

One thing that I noticed on this figure is the suggested age for this one, it’s 14+ which seems rather high. I’m guessing it’s because of the TV show itself rather than anything specifically about this figure, it just seems odd as my two Harry Potter ones and the Disney one are 3+ but this and the Doctor Who one are 14+. This one does have more detail, with the violin, that could harm younger children if they poked themselves with it but having it at 14 seems rather high for a figure.

This is definitely a display figure, as I’d say for all Funko Pop figures, he has no articulation apart from the head which does go 360 degrees, so you can have a possessed Sherlock if you want. The head is fairly easy to turn on this one and it’s pretty loose in that way, I’ve had some that need a bit of twisting around a few times to stop them from squeaking and sticking, but securely on the body and it doesn’t feel wobbly.

As with all Funko Pops he has the signature larger head, almost chibi, style with the plain black eyes. It’s funny how, even though all of the characters I know of have plain black eyes, they still manage to bring the character across with the same nose and no mouth for all of them. I guess it’s the eyebrows and the hair that just makes the character in these. With the larger head some past Funko Pops haven’t been the most stable when they’re on the shelf but I haven’t had that problem with Sherlock. He has quite big feet, I do like the shiny shoes too, and he does stand up on a slight slope. He does stand best on a completely flat shelf and, even if there’s a bit of a slope, he doesn’t stand up on an uneven surface.


The figure itself is really nice, I like the fact that he has the top shirt button undone and he’s holding the violin securely so it’s not going to break off. The bow is pretty bendy so I think it’d bend before it breaks if it fell off a shelf and it returns back to its original shape straight away. I like the suit and how it’s different to the clothes he has in the original release of the Sherlock in the series which wears his signature coat and scarf. I think this is the exact same suit in the one with the skull and the apple that are also available so there isn’t a great range of looks when it comes to Sherlock himself in the series.

The details in this figure are really nice, the majority of the pain on these is good and things like the hand on the violin are good and stay within where they should, however some of the paint goes over where it should. Things like his hair on the side of his head isn’t that precise and there’s a bit of brown on his hand but none of this is obvious when he’s sat on the shelf, it’s only when I’m being super critical for the review that I see it. I really like the colours they’ve chosen for these, though if there’s one slight negative is how light his hair is, it’s not the dark brown of Sherlock, more a light brown, but that doesn’t really bother me as it’s obvious who it is. I do like the way they’ve done the hair though, it has a lot of texture on it and it has the signature side parting and waves that make him stand out on the show.

Overall I really like this figure, I like the detail and think that fans of the show will like it. I do like the fact that there are a range of different figures in this series for Sherlock but they do all seem pretty close so I’d say unless you’re a really big fan and want to collect everything in the series I’d choose one of them from this, the skull or the apple. I am glad I chose the violin as I think it’s something that goes with the original version of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle more than the apple or the skull but it’s personal preference on that and the others seem less detailed with the accessory so I’d assume they were as well painted as this one.

I think this would be a great gift for a fan of Sherlock, or Sherlock Holmes in general, ­as would any of them in the series, as there aren’t that many figures of the characters themselves that I know of that you can have on your desk in a smaller budget. I’m not sure how many more expensive ones there are either but this cartoon style is simple and fun and I think will look good on a desk or bookshelf even if you don’t collect the Funko Pop figures and just like the TV series or the books.


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