Review: Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes


For years I’ve been using Simple face wipes s they’re great for removing makeup, especially on lower energy days, and they’re quite refreshing on hot days as a bit of a pick me up in the middle of the day. Recently I bought some different ones as I know I should exfoliate more and there are the Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes. These look like standard facial wipes but have a more exfoliating side and a smoother side.

They cost £3.49 from Boots and have 25 wipes in the pack. At the moment they’re in the 3 for £5 offer in Boots so you actually get three for less than the price of two, it’s worth looking at other Simple products there at the moment as well.


Simple as a company are marketed as being good for sensitive skin, one of the reasons I started to use them in the first place, and so far I haven’t had a problem with any of their products in this way. My skin has reacted to other brands of makeup remover in the past so if your skin is sensitive to ingredients then this company might be worth checking out if it’s available in your country, I know they’re available pretty easily in the UK and are a reasonable price compared to some other sensitive skin products. They do a range of skin care products, makeup removers and face washes seem to be their most popular and well known products. They’re also cruelty free, despite not having the logo on the packaging. As this packaging specifically says it contains no animal derivatives I think they’re vegan friendly but I’ve photographed the ingredients so you can read it and check.


The packaging itself is the standard plastic bag style with a sticker on the front that works as a seal when you’ve opened it. It does reseal well and the stickiness doesn’t really go even when it gets wet from the wipes themselves. I’ve had packs in the past last for months and it still work so they don’t dry out in between uses. As the packaging is thin and there’s no reinforcement it means that as the pack gets emptier it gets flatter, I have kept some packs in the past with five or six wipes for travel as they’re so flat then they fit into any pockets in bags.

The sheets themselves are supposed to have one side that’s finer than the other. One does seem to have a more bumpy texture to it but I can’t tell much difference between the two sides. Both are fairly scrubby for a face product, at least for me, and the exfoliation itself is sometimes what sets off my skin. I would say that these are probably as exfoliating as my skin can handle so if you have any problems with the texture of products, rather than the ingredients, being the things that sets off your skin I’d go for one of the other products in their range. The material they’re made of is strong though and they don’t rip, you can use them with water as a damp towel if you want and reuse them, though it’s not what it’s designed for I have done this on hot nights as they’re really lightweight and can sit in the glass of water if I want so they’re quick to use.

The formula for the face cleanser is good, it does say you can use it on makeup with the smoother side being useable on the eyes as well. I have found that it does remove makeup really well, even the more stubborn waterproof mascara come off fairly easily with it. Scent wise it’s got a slightly stronger scent than a lot of the sensitive skin products I’ve used in the past but it’s just a fresh face wash kind of smell and doesn’t linger. I don’t think there’s anything perfume based in it, it’s just the smell of the skin care ingredients and it says it includes aloe which is one of the scents I can pick up.

I think that these do make my skin feel nice, it felt smooth and clean after but not overly dry which is good as some face wipes seem to dry my skin out more than normal face washes. I did find that, due to the exfoliating part of these particular face wipes, my skin was a bit red after using them but it went away after half an hour or so, just not a great look if you’re trying to apply makeup soon after as it’s hard to tell what it’ll look like when your skin is red.

I would say that these are pretty good for what they’re meant to do. I’m not sure I’d buy them again as they are a bit scratchy for my skin at times, I’ll stick to the liquid exfoliators, but if you don’t have that problem then they’d be worth checking out. I did find that my skin felt nice after using them, it just went red for a while. I didn’t have any problems with the ingredients and, as it’s aimed at sensitive skin, I’d say that if ingredients are the problem often for you and you want something exfoliating for your face these might be worth looking at. I don’t think I’d recommend them for everyday use, even if you do use exfoliating products that often, simply due to the fact that they’re face wipes rather than a wash and you end up with a lot of waste and it’s more expensive than a lot of face washes. However for travel or to have for when you’re getting ready for bed or in the morning in a hurry then these are a good option, at least to me. I like how they stay fresh in the bag even if you don’t use them for a long time and they’re definitely travel friendly, there’s not much extra moisture in there as it’s soaked into the wipes themselves and any excess is held in by the seal of the sticky pull up flap which definitely sticks well.

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