Do Crafts Goody Bag: Gorjuss


A couple of weeks ago I went to The Range near me and found this Goody Bag from Do Crafts full of Gorjuss crafting goodies. I bought one of their bags before a month or so ago and did a post on it, it was great value and I’ve used quite a few bits from it but this one was so pretty I had to get it. I do love the style of Gorjuss products, the colours and the patterns are really nice and very few of these products have the girls on them that are the trademark style of the company so they’re good to use for anything and anyone.

This bag costs £15 and the Do Crafts website has a range of their Goody Bags as well as other products and ideas for designs to do with the products in the bags. I can’t see this one on there but I have found all of the products to see their RRP and the value of the bag does come out at about £32.50, give or take a few pence. The other Goody Bags available can be found here, I’m definitely considering getting a couple of them, the Christmas one looks good and I might actually get Christmas cards made in time to send them out this year.

This review is of the Gorjuss Goody Bag, there are seven different products in it, all of them art and crafty and great for card making but I’m considering using one of them for jewellery, I’ll see how it goes and maybe do a post on what I actually do with them some time.


The bag itself is reusable, I haven’t actually re-used my other one but they’re pretty sturdy and do reseal well. They have parts along the top that pop into the other side and hold it shut and the handle is pretty strong and easy to carry so it’s not one that will dig into your hand if you needed to carry something heavier. I think it could quite easily hold quite a bit of paper or card in here, nothing too thick as it’s not got any depth to it really but weight wise it could hold quite a bit without breaking. It’s not the best looking bag as it says what it’s for but it would work for storage or to get things from A to B if you’re not bothered about the looks.

The biggest product in here is the 12” x 12” Paper Pack (RRP £8.95), though I’m not sure of the name of this exact one I’m just going by the picture on the front to see which is the right one, I think this is the Tweed one going by the website so from now on in the post I’m going by the names on the site rather than anything on the product packaging as there’s nothing on here to distinguish between the different paper sets. Inside are 32 sheets of paper, all a really nice quality thick paper and each one is different. There are seven different designs for the all over paper which make up 31 of the sheets and the final one has images you can cut out and use on cards with a range of different ones but mainly framed pictures, frames you could write in the idle of and details that are made to look like old buttons. There’s a great mix of patterns in here and they all fit with the darker colour scheme in this bag. Inside the box itself, the sleeve that holds the paper, when you unfold it you get more of the images and details made to look like ribbon which can be used in card making. I like this little extra touch that means the packaging itself will be used and not just put in the recycling.

The second paper product in this bag is the A4 Decoupage (RRP £4) in Santoro Tweed – Nightlight, which has the sleepy girl image on the front. Inside are eight sheets of thick paper, four are patterned all over in two different colours in one of the patterns in the first large paper set. The other four are the decoupage sheets, with die cut images to create the layers for two different card designs on each. There are two designs of sheets so you get two of each piece. These do all have the little girls on them so they may not appeal to everyone but they’re nice cards in the end and the paper included can be used as a background so all you need to add is the card itself. It says this creates eight or more cards, that’s by using every layer for each design but I’ve done some in the past using two or three so you can get double if you want from this. Again it has the images printed inside but it’s harder to undo this one without breaking the packaging and I want to keep the decoupage sheets protected in case pieces fall off them.

The final paper based product are the 6” x 6” Cards and Envelopes (RRP £5) in Simply Gorjuss which includes 12 cards and 12 envelopes. It’s not the thickest card and not much thicker than the paper in the other products but it does stand up well by itself. There are six different designs for the cards and all of the envelopes are the same. On the back of each card is a frame, I guess you could put your name or something in there to show who made it. Inside they’re all blank and the card itself is good for writing on with any pen, I’ve tried a few different ones and none of them bled for me. Again you get the printed pictures inside the packaging but these ones are quite a bit smaller than the others, you can still use them on smaller cards but the labels and frames are pretty small to be used as a large part of any design, to me anyway.

The rest of the pack is made of details and embellishments for the cards. The big one, and probably the one I’ll use the most, is the set of Rubber Stamps (RRP £5.95) in Santoro Tweed – Rainy Daze which includes one large stamp of a little girl but the rest are generic designs that would work for any card or scrapbooking. I really like the feel of these, they’re well made and stick well to a clear acrylic block, they don’t supply this, and I didn’t get any real patches where you got any excess ink when pressing it down. Although I know it’s not for everyone I do quite like this design of the little girl and think it’d be great to do this outline in ink and then add some colour for a card, the design could work for any occasion really, especially if you don’t include the hearts. This is the products I’m most likely to buy more of, they do have a great range of these and the design style is the sort of gothic or antique look for the extra bits apart from the girls, though they do all include at least one stamp design with her on so if you don’t like that then these wouldn’t be worth the money at full price, as part of the £15 offer though I think that having one stamp that doesn’t get used as much it’s still worth the money.



The Large Ribbon Bows (RRP £3) in Santoro Tweed would add a nice finish to cards or scrapbooking, they’re well made and don’t pull apart easily plus the range of colours in this pack is good. It includes a bright green, dark turquoise, red and black,  cream and black stripes, cream with black writing on and a black, red and white tartan pattern. You get two of each of these six patterns so there are twelve bows altogether. The ones with writing on do have gorjuss things and it’s gorjuss written on so they may stand out as odd if you don’t know the brand but it could just be one of those unusual phrases you get on things now. They are pretty big but for larger cards I think they’re a good size and will mean I won’t spend ages with glue everywhere trying to get my bows to stick in one place!


The Wooden Frames (RRP £2.50) in Santoro Tweed are something I’ve looked at getting in the past but I’ve never known if I would use them so ended up not getting them, now I can see whether I’ll get much use out of them to know for the future. In the pack there are eight wooden frames and eight of the cut outs from the middle of them. These each come in four designs so there are two of each and there’s a navy, a green and yellow based tartan, a black and white stripe and a cream one with ‘gorjuss little thoughts’ written around the edge. They’re nice and don’t bend, will give more of a 3D effect to a card and seem like they’ll stick in place well. I’m looking forward to playing with these, maybe I’ll end up getting more wooden embellishments in the future.


The final thing, and the one that I’m planning on trying to make some jewellery with, is the pack of Coloured Mixed Buttons (RRP £3), also in Santoro Tweed. There are 100 buttons in this pack in five different colours, a mix of turquoise, deep purple, dark and light green and a dark red (I almost couldn’t tell it apart from the dark purple until I saw it says there are five colours not four). These are around 11mm in diameter so they’re bigger than I expected but I think they’ll make nice earrings and maybe for a bracelet. I do like the idea of them on cards but I want to play around with them as jewellery too. They’re all pretty standard, no obvious differences between each button, and they feel good quality. I can see these working well on cards or anything else you want to put them on and do love this colour combination.

Overall I think that this is a great bag of bits, adding everything together it does add up to £32.40 which seems like a great deal considering I will get good use out of everything in this bag. I’m not sure if I’d buy the ribbons or the buttons if I hadn’t got them in the bag but it’s great to have them as I do tend to use ribbon in my designs fairly often so having a premade bow is always useful. As a way of trying new things, the frames and buttons are things I haven’t used in card design before, I think this is a great bag as well. If you like Gorjuss designs then this is worth a look. I can’t find it on their website but it’s still in the Range near me so worth looking in there if you have one nearby.

If this design isn’t your cup of tea they do other goody bags with different themes, there were two others there at the time I bought this one, so it’s always worth going to the art and craft section and having a look around for one and having a good look at what’s in the bag, it’s always worth more than whatever it says in the corner (I’ve only seen the ones with 30 but they may have other values at other times) and they seem to bring out a new one each month looking at the website.

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