Fortune Cookie Soap: Fall 2016 As You Wish Soap Box


Late last week, Thursday morning I think, my Autumn Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box arrived. I’ve had a play around with everything in there so it’s all been used and I know how well they work so I thought I’d do a review post about the products themselves as well as the scents. If you don’t know what the Fortune Cookie Soap Box is it’s a box of miniatures and sample or travel sized versions of products from the Fortune Cookie Soap company from America. You always get two full sized products in there; a Fortune Cookie Soap and a hand sanitizer, but the rest are minis and can be from any of the other products that they sell on their site. The scent are all previews of the next collection to be released in this case the Fall (or Autumn if you’re I the UK) collection.

Every quarter they release a new themed collection, often there’s a second theme alongside the season and this time it’s As You Wish which is Princess Bride themed. I realised that, although it’s on my list of movies to watch as I’ve been told it’s great, I haven’t actually watched this movie so I will probably be missing all of the references. Sorry about that. This range isn’t available at the moment but is being released on August 26th at 6pm CST (I think that’s midnight in the UK).

Also at the moment you can get the Halloween soap box as a one off, either in this style with miniatures or in one with full sized products, here. It’s a one off so even if you are signed up to the Soap Box already you need to do this as a separate order and it might be a good way of trying some of their products to see if your skin gets on with them without going for the full subscription. This does close on 19th August 12 noon (CST) so you only have a few days to do this.

As this is the Fall collection and they have all been sent out the Soap Box of this one is not available any more, however you can sign up and subscribe to the Soap Box subscription service and get the Winter one when it’s released. You can find it here, though the page doesn’t seem to be working that well at the moment. I’m not sure on the pricing as it will depend on what country you’re from as P&P can be quite expensive but given the amount I used to buy going off the descriptions and not actually like when they arrived it has saved me money in the long run.FCSfall2016-2

I have never had a problem with these arriving in one piece, apart from the odd bath bomb which has become a powder and stayed inside its little plastic bag, and everything survived well this time. You get a card that describes everything in the box and you get instructions on how to use some of the new products types if you need them. You used to get a code on these for $10 off on the website, however they’ve started to send them in emails instead now and I think this time they came in the dispatch email to say the box was on its way so check your inbox if you’ve got this box and you were expecting a code. You normally get some kind of extra in there to do with the theme, I’m guessing this time it’s the gold mask shaped confetti which is a nice touch in the green shredded paper.

As with most of these Soap Box posts I’ve tried to describe the scent before looking at the card so I can see how it compares to the description as sometimes they are spot on with what I can pick up but other times I find they’re very different to what I’d expect and this way I don’t get swayed by what it says and start to smell things I expect to rather than are actually there, if that makes sense.


Drop. Your. Sword. Fortune Cookie Soap probably has my favourite scent in this box and I just love the design of this one with the little sword that I think is probably a cocktail stick, it’s being kept to be used for things anyway. One thing about this is the glitter gets everywhere and you will be finding it for days on your skin. I have picked it up a few times and its left a trail of glitter where it went so that’s a bit annoying but after the first couple of uses the majority of it is gone, though I did end up washing my hands after using it on them with another soap just to get rid of any glitter. The soap formula is great with these and I find they always last longer than I’d expect even with scrubby gloves. The creamier, more opaque, ones aren’t drying and I find the scent lingers for a while in a subtle way. The scent for this is pure apple, like fresh picked apples, maybe there’s a hint of something that makes it a more Autumn scent, like old leaves or something but it’s pretty much 99% fresh apple. The scent is described as ‘medieval honey apple mead’ which I guess explains that other scent in there but it’s definitely not one that has much of an alcohol sort of scent in there.


Prepare to Die OCD Hand Sanitizer is the second of the full sized products, though they now do the hand sanitizers in a larger size, they used to only be available in the smaller bottles. These are great for your bag and I think I’ve only bought one or two hand sanitizers (mainly for the scents) since getting these soap boxes as they last quite a while. They do have a tendency to add glitter, like in this one, and there is a definite sparkle after using it which can transfer onto other things so if you don’t want to accidentally leave a trail of glitter on whatever you touch for fifteen minutes after application this wouldn’t be for you. It’s subtle on your hands but it’s definitely there, not as much as you’d expect seeing the glitter in the bottle but it shows up on darker things. Scent wise this is definitely an Autumn or Winter scent, it has some spices in it and a subtle hint of bakery along with something very sweet. The description says it should be ‘fresh baked cookie dough with clove and saffron’ so I think it fits that description pretty well and is a good standard Autumn smell.


Mostly Dead Whipped Cream Body Butter is one of the few body butters that I don’t seem to get on with. I used to love it but recently I’ve said a few times how some of the formulas seem to react with my skin. Luckily this one doesn’t but the product type in general may be one to be careful with if you have sensitive skin. It’s one of those body butters that feels greasy and sits on your skin for a while so I always use it at night so it doesn’t matter so much, but it is very moisturising and the scents always linger well. I don’t know what pumpkin pie smells of as I’ve never had any but I imagine that this scent would be it. It’s a stereotypical American Autumn smell to me, you seem to get it every year from American companies, and it’s not my favourite. It’s got a very buttery, bakery scent to it which just covers a lot of anything else in there for me but if you like bakery scent this is a good one for you. It’s supposed to smell like ‘honey, toasted almonds, pumpkin puree and amber’ and I wish that the amber came through more.


Inconceivable! Perfume Oil is in a tiny bottle but I tend to find that their perfume oils last a very long time and a little goes a long way scent throw wise. I definitely get some pear in this when it’s first applied, like fresh pears rather than the fake pear scent you often get, but it dries down into something warmer and greener with a hint of something medicinal to me. The scent is supposed to be ‘fall woods, black amber, poached pears and vanilla cream’ and I can see this one fitting that. I’m not sure what black amber of fall woods would smell of specifically but I guess that’s the scent you get when it dries. The scent lasts pretty well, four hours later I could still smell the more woodsy elements, the pear goes within half an hour on me.


Mawiage Scented Cotton Ball is a product type I’m not sure I see the point of really. I don’t use cotton balls for anything other than things like removing makeup or nail varnish and so the product I use on them would cover any scent plus I just don’t smell them anyway. As far as cotton wool goes it seems nice and it works as well as any others but I’d stick with my cheap big packs for what I use it for. The scent of this definitely has a spice of some kind in, it’s also got a bit of that bakery undertone you get with baked good scents, sort of buttery and rich. The scent is supposed to be ‘rich pound cake, cardamom, pistachio and rosewater with creamy buttercream.’ Maybe the scent would work better on another product, it’s very subtle and you have to really try to smell anything on this for me.


Pit of Despair Steam Me Up Scotty! Is never my favourite kind of product as they tend to either be overwhelming scent wise to me or just very faint and not worth it, this one is definitely towards the overwhelming side when it’s used in the shower. You’re meant to drop it in the shower, kind of like a bath bomb, it fizzes and you get the scent released around you in the steam. Something about this scent really reminds me of an air freshener for the bathroom and I can’t get past that to actually tell what the scents in it are. The scent is supposed to be ‘patchouli, lemongrass and plumeria’ but I can’t pick any of them out which is a shame as I like the scent of patchouli and lemongrass, maybe the plumeria is overpowering them for me I’m not sure.


Buttercup Shampoo is a nice change from the solid shampoos, I can’t remember having one of their liquid ones in a box before. It’s a fairly thick one and fluorescent yellow, proper highlighter yellow, so I can’t wait to see the other products in this scent when it’s released. The formula for the shampoo is nice and lathers well, there was enough for one hair wash and the scent did linger a bit even with a conditioner afterwards which was a pleasant surprise since that doesn’t happen often for me. Scent wise I don’t really get much apart from a sweet fruity scent, the fig in the description is all I get really, like a sugary fig scent. It’s meant to smell of ‘candied rum, ripe fig, bergamot, vetiver, warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla musk’ but I don’t really get any of the sandalwood in there it’s just sweet to me.


True Love Facial Cleansing Oil has a really nice light citrus scent and I really like the floating petals in there though I don’t know how much they actually do as I’m not sure what they are, I would guess lavender as that’s fairly common in skincare and could look like this but as I don’t know the ingredients at the moment I can’t tell. I don’t smell any of the jasmine in there which is good considering it says there should be some. You’re meant to rub it in your hands until it turns a milky white but no matter how much I do that it doesn’t change from an oil. I’ve applied it to my skin as an oil and then it turns milky white when I start t wash it off, I’m not sure why it doesn’t work how it’s meant to but it does leave my skin feeling nice so I’m not that bothered if it changes colour at the wrong time. I really like the scent, it’s nice a light and one that I think will work well in other products so I hope there’s others besides the facial oil in it.


Knight Cream Facial Moisturiser is the first facial moisturiser I’ve tried from them. This is truly unscented, I’ve tried smelling it a lot and the only scent there is at all is a very subtle general face cream scent but even that is only when you really try to smell it. I’ve been using it the past four nights and it leaves my skin moisturised without being greasy and so far no spots or itchy skin. I know it’s early days but some night creams make me break out within a day or two so it’s looking good so far. I think this might be a good one for people with sensitive skin but I don’t know the ingredients so it’d be a case of looking them up when it’s released.

Overall I’m very happy with these scents and products. I’m definitely going to be finishing off the night cream and the facial cleansing oil and see how they work and might end up buying a full sized version if they suit my skin and the postage isn’t too much with them. The stand out scent to me is Drop. Your. Sword. but that’s because it’s apples and that’s my favourite scent when it comes to autumn things, one of my favourites in general when it’s done right and this is done well. As with any box the Steam Me Up Scotty! wasn’t great for me, but these shower steamer things never are, and the cotton wool isn’t a product type I’d buy myself. Everything else will get used and enjoyed but I don’t think I’d get a full sized product in a lot of the scents.

I think this is a great range of you like bakery scents, there are a couple in there that seem like very nice Autumn themed bakery ones if you like that sort of scent, and there are definitely enough different kinds of scents to satisfy probably any scent group you can think of. They have foody, sweet, citrus, fruity, fresh, some slightly more green and woody scents and the general Autumn scents covered in here so you could probably find something you’d like in amongst them. Autumn ones are never my favourites but I do really like the inclusion of the new product types, the night cream and facial cleansing oil in particular are a good size for trying skin care as you get quite a bit out of these, you only need a little bit and they go a long way, which is a nice surprise for skin care as you often get an amount for a couple of tries and it’s never enough to get an idea of how they work. I do like the True Love scent and Drop. Your. Sword. so I’d definitely get some things from those if I make an order but I’ll see.

Keep an eye on the website on the 26th if you want to make an order, some things tend to sell out fast so it’s a case of get there very early or wait for the restock, and even then risk missing out as things don’t always get restocked at the same time.

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