Review: Models Own Soft Pop Summer Nail Varnish Collection

softpop2 I am loving the colours of this summer’s nail varnish collections, the neon pastels, which sounds an odd combination, just work so well for me. It seems like some of the colours are pretty much in every collection, there are greens, blues and purples in all of them I’ve seen so far but the other colours do vary a bit. Models Own have released a collection of five and, as I wanted to get a pale blue and a green anyway, I decided to get the complete Soft Pop collection.

The colours in this collection are Lemon Popsicle (yellow), Cosy Posy (green), Sugar Rush (blue), Lilac Flush (purple) and Candy Floss (pink). They are part of the Hyper Gel range which, I think, are their nail varnishes that have that gel finish appearance without being gel nail varnishes. These are 14ml (0.47 fl oz) bottles and cost £5 each. I bought these on the Models Own website but I expect Superdrug to have them some time, they seem to have a lot of the Models Own range on there, just a bit delayed.

I have never had any of the Models Own Hyper Gel range, though I have tried quite a few of their standard nail varnishes and they are some of my favourites when it comes to staying power and the formula working on my nails. I have also tried other gel effect nail varnishes from different brands so I can compare that way. I wouldn’t say that these have that plumper, shinier look that a lot of the gel effect nail varnishes have but the colours are amazing and I have given them a week’s worth of wear to see how they last without a top coat, they’d last better with but I want to see how well they work and stand up to various things.


The bottles for these are the same as the standard Models Own, they are straight up and down cylinders with the lids being the same size as the bottle itself. I do like the look of them but I would prefer if the part you hold was slightly slimmer as it’s not the most comfortable to hold. Saying that they are easy to control and I find that I get less overlap around the edges than with some other brands. I really like the brush, it’s not the widest but the end is rounded so it’s not got the blunt square end and it works better going down to your cuticles without going over them. The brush in general seems to hold the nail varnish well without holding too much and it coming off in a big blob so, although they don’t look all that special, I do get on well with them.

One thing I really like about these bottles which I think is a standard thing with the Hyper Gel range is the fact that there’s a plastic sticker on the top of the lid that shows the colour of the nail varnish inside. I keep my nail varnishes in a box so you only see the tops of the lids with most of them and this is really helpful. Also the colour is pretty accurate to what it turns out like on your nails so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The five colours are so pretty, I do love this neon pastel look as I like how, although they do have the sort of neon colour pop they are creamy and, the yellow and green especially, don’t have the highlighter colours that you get with true neons. They have the look that they should glow under black light, I don’t think they do but I like the effect you get with them.


Lilac Flush is a bright purple, very close to some of the highlighter pens I own in colour. It stands out as brighter on the nails than in the bottle to me but is exactly the same colour. The thickest of the formulas, was pretty opaque at three coats and felt like it had the most coverage with each layer.

Candyfloss is a neon pale pink, which seems an odd combination to say, but at times it looks almost like an orangey colour on my nails. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I have all five colours on and it’s between the yellow and the purple but at times I think it’s a pale orange. The one that took the longest to dry and I had the most problems with when drying but even after three coats it’s the third of the middle varnishes when it comes to consistency.

Lemon Popsicle is a greeny yellow, the sort of colour you get in highlighter pens but slightly muted. Exactly the same colour on my nails as in the bottle but it’s probably the thinnest of the nail varnishes and needs the most coats to be truly opaque.


Sugar Rush is probably the least neon of the colours and I’d say it seems a fairly standard pale blue colour, which is what I was looking for. The second of the middle thickness when it comes to consistency, evens out well after the third coat but appears streaky before that.

Cosy Posy is somewhere between a neon and a mint green, it’s like a lime green version of a mint green so it’s got the yellow and brightness while still looking creamy. One of the three mid thickness colours, does need more coats than some but applies very easily and evenly.


The formula itself for these seems to be the same for all of them, though the purple is the most pigmented and I think would be ok with fewer coats than the others. The nail varnish applies fairly evenly, though if you have any ridges in your nails they will show through very clearly even after two coats, or they did on mine. It took four coats for the majority of the colours to be properly opaque and I ended up with five or six layers on mine simply because I accidentally did things too soon after the fourth and had to do a bit of clean up to smooth over bumps.


These nail varnishes dry pretty quickly, for the first two coats by the time I’d finished my second hand the first was ready for the next layer. For the third coat onwards it did take more time, the fourth took longer than I expected which did cause problems with me doing things but it’s something to learn and I think the heat may have also affected this.

As far as how well these stick, I’ve had them on for a week to show how well they stay and there is definitely obvious chipping but this was done without a top coat to see how they fared on their own as I know other gel finishes tend to last better than their normal counterpart with other brands. Within about three days they had started to get those fine lines around the corners that show where chipping might happen but it took until Tuesday for anything to actually come off which is pretty good for me considering I often end up getting chips after two days and that makes it four without a top coat. It wasn’t until yesterday, so day six, that they really started to show as chipping and even then it’s more that the edges look scruffy on most of the nails rather than proper chips.

These nails have survived hair washing, sorting out a pool with chlorine, cleaning out the gerbils and general everyday wear and tear so I’d say these have stuck very well for me. If I wasn’t leaving this on to see how well it lasted I would have redone them yesterday or the day before as these colours do show up any chips beyond the smallest ones at the corners very well. The blue is definitely the most forgiving when it comes to the chips though, the green is pretty good as well. The purple and pink show the most I’d say but even they were ok until the larger chips started to happen.

Overall I would say I’m very impressed with these. The colours themselves are great for summer, even for pale people like me, they haven’t washed me out like some neons have in the past and they make me appear more tanned. That’s probably something that any of these colours would do from other brands too though. I love the formula for these, I will definitely be using them throughout the summer when I’m giving my nails a break from gels and I can see them working well for nail art as well as they dry so fast with one or two coats.

I was slightly disappointed with the gel look side of them as they didn’t look any different to their normal nail varnishes and didn’t have that gel effect finish I’m used to from other brands but maybe I’m expecting the wrong thing from them and that’s not what their version is meant to do.

If you’re looking for some nice bright colours for summer and want to stick to a budget then I definitely recommend these. I think even if you’re not sticking to a budget these hold up to more expensive brands on my nails. I do know that everyone’s nails are different and some brands seem to work better for some people that don’t work for me so if you know from experience that Models Own don’t work for you then look elsewhere, otherwise these are worth a look at for £5, even more so if they’re in offers.

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