ME, Myself and I: Computer Games

I think one of my first posts was about computer games and I haven’t really done much about them since. I’m not sure how well they fit into my blog but as computers and technology in general is something I love writing about and games are a great escape they’ll stay in here now and then. I have to say that I am one of those people who sees games, wants them, buys them on Steam and then plays them for a few hours and they get forgotten. There are various reasons for that but one of the big ones is my ME and the energy it takes to actually concentrate and play. Add in the fact that I don’t really have any friends who play computer games, actually not many friends in general due to being housebound most of the time anyway, and that some of my favourites that have been started are ones that my computer can’t handle and my list of games I can play becomes limited.

I wish I could play more computer games, I have more than enough time for it even with starting the business, blogging and volunteering for the website I do which is probably the opposite of most people. I like how you can escape into another world, whether the game is remotely realistic or not, even the most pixelated and outdated games can be a great escape. I kind of wish I could find a good Dizzy version (the 80s game with the egg) as I loved the one I had even if I did get stuck at the same place for so long. I did find a version of the old Lion King, Aladdin and Jungle Book games we had that took like ten floppy discs each back in the day. I think it’s the nostalgia in those cases, they’re games I played when I was growing up before I got ill so it doesn’t matter how bad they might be they’ll always be amazing to me.

I can’t wait until I can play some of the games in my list, the ones that are so laggy on my laptop that they’re unplayable. I know they’ll be old then, to be honest they’re not exactly new now with the likes of Alien Isolation, but the single player games it doesn’t matter how old they are as it’s not as if you’re going up against people who have had the game for years and know what they’re doing. I guess that’s one thing I like about single player games, or those with single player modes. I do love the idea of playing with a load of other people online (Robocraft was amazing until it stopped working for me) but there’s the fact that there are other people and in all online games there are going to be those people who try to start arguments and insult people all the time.

I’ve tended to find that recently I go towards the quieter games, most of the ones I’ve been playing recently are ones like the Sherlock Holmes games (though the most recent is another that lags my computer), survival or story games that don’t really have too much that will go wrong or you can just potter around in or dating sims when it comes to the computer. The kind of point and click that it doesn’t matter too much if your brain isn’t working at 100%. I also love the puzzle games and have had the Witness on my half started games list since about a week after it came out but I’ve yet to actually finish it.

I guess I do play a range of games in a way but there are very few that include other people. I would love to be able to spend hours at a time gaming but I just know it would probably be impossible. I have been known to lose a few hours when it comes to the lower energy games but most multiplayer ones tend to need more concentration and I just can’t spend the time on them.

It feels like recently a lot of my games have been on handheld devices, they just seem to take less concentration and are designed to be ones you dip in and out of. I should probably have a search on some of them to see what there is available, my Vita hasn’t really been touched much the past six months so I should probably find something for that. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find many that actually use the Vita features, it seems like it’s kind of been forgotten for its own games and most of the things for it are old ones or the same as for other handhelds without anything added to make them different.

I guess one of the main reasons I had for writing this blog post was to ask any spoonies out there what games you play? Are there any that you’ve found that are good lower energy ones that have some kind of online multiplayer thing? Or any in general that you’d suggest? I do love horror ones but it seems the most recent ones do not work with my computer, it isn’t even that old! I should really work through the unplayed games I already have but I feel like I need something new. I’m starting new with some other things in my life and finding a new game I can spend some time on, one that maybe doesn’t have a short storyline so I can actually play it for longer than a week. I don’t know, just thought I’d ask.

At the end of the day it feels a bit like computer games is another thing that has been taken away from me, at least to an extent, by having this chronic illness. This would probably surprise healthy people as I know that people have said how lucky I am that I don’t have to work every day and that I must have time for other things. I guess that’s a common misconception, sure we do have the time for other things but we really don’t have the energy or we have some other restriction, which is probably the same thing stopping us from going to work. Writing a blog post for an hour means I have to have a rest so an FPS where you have to look around and be aware of everything just drains me so much.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing as well as possible and that the weather is good wherever you are. I’m off to take the dog in the car for a practice run to the vets, always fun. I’ll end up with bruises everywhere while he tries to climb over me to get to the windows but maybe I’ll actually get to play some Pokemon Go, mum’s driving and there’s literally no Pokemon where I live without spending money so it’s always good when we go somewhere in the car as I can sit there and see if I can catch anything.

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