Game Review: Hustle Cat

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I realised I don’t think I’ve posted a review of a game for a while and I recently found this game while looking around on YouTube at Let’s Plays and I thought I’d do a bit of a review. I will try to remain as spoiler free as possible, anything spoilerish is stuff that happens within very early stages of the game rather than any actual plotline information and explains what the game is about that makes it a bit different. If you want to avoid that then you probably shouldn’t read below the read more bit here.

Hustle Cat is dating sim game published by Date Nighto, basically you’re Avery Grey, you don’t get a choice in the name but you do get to choose which pronouns you want to be used in the game. There are six different character models, or rather two with three different skin tones, and you can use any combination of them with any pronouns. There are five characters, initially, that you can choose to go after with three of them being male and two female. They each have certain character traits, as with any dating sim, and they have a nice range of looks as well.

This game is £14.99 on Steam and from what I’ve read has an average of 10 – 15 hours gameplay, though I did kind of rush through the five main routes after the first one or two using the fast forward feature and I think I’d say it probably skipped half to an hour for each with an added hour and a half for the bonus storyline. Looking at my Steam account it says that I have played for 8 hours, though it was quite rushed in parts so I’d say 10 is probably about right if I wasn’t or if I’d waited longer between each storyline. Now the slightly spoilerish bits might start so don’t keep reading if you want to avoid anything, though I promise nothing too spoilery or anything that isn’t revealed really early in the game.

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