Review: Models Own Vintage Rose Eyeshadow Palette


Models Own have recently released some eyeshadow palettes and, as I was planning on getting a couple of other things from their site anyway, I added one of them to my basket. There are two kinds of eyeshadow palette, the cream one being limited edition and costing £19.99 with only one colour option and the powder eyeshadows being £14.99 and with a range of colours available. There are nine different variations of the powder eyeshadow palette and I think there’s one for anyone really. They have the neutral Barely There, the neons in Full Moon and various combinations of mattes and shimmers in different colour palettes. Some of these are available on Asos and Superdrug but some are only on the Models Own site at the moment.

The colour I chose is called Vintage Rose, one of the ones that’s only available on their own site now, it’s got a combination of mattes, shimmers and some matte bases with glitter in a combination of neutrals and a splash of other colours, mainly purples. It says there’s a matte midnight blue in there but it’s so dark to me it’s more of a black if it’s the colour I think they’re talking about. I was interested to see how these compare to other palettes out there at the moment as they do cost more and have ten colours in compared to some other brands’ twelve. There are ten pans of 0.7g of product and it comes with a double ended brush which is a nice change from the sponge tip applicator you often get in these palettes.


The first thing I love about this palette is the card outer packaging, I really like the dark purple and blacks in the background and the Vintage Rose writing stands out, though to me the font doesn’t really go with a vintage rose feel I think it’s the same for all the palettes so it does tie them all together. I normally keep these from other brands, though I know a lot of people throw them out, and I would say that for me, with these Models Own palettes, this outer packaging is more me than the inner plastic. On the back of the card is a small picture showing a rough representation of the colours, though I think that most of them are way off, especially the bottom row. There’s also a bit of a description of the palette, like a blurb for a book, though I think they could have had the colours a bit bigger and this smaller or less empty space, it does look ok.


The palette itself is a pearly white plastic with the same writing as on the front of the card sleeve but in a holographic print. The back has the same picture of the colours as the card sleeve though this is at least kind of close to the colours on the bottom row. It feels pretty sturdy though not that expensive when you hold it. You get the feel that if you dropped it it wouldn’t chip or break on the outside. The lid is held in place by a magnetic clasp, I found it very hard to open at first but after the first few times of opening and closing it it gets very easy to use. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as I don’t think I’d trust it on its own in a bag for travel, another reason to keep the outer packaging or have a hair tie or elastic band handy to keep it closed.

Inside the palette has a big mirror, it takes up pretty much all of the lid and seems a good quality. The lid does stay up at the angle you leave it for a while, though if it’s too far back it falls open. There’s also a clear plastic sheet that covers the shadows, though this has already got lost. It does help to keep the powder in place and off the mirror and some of the darker colours have already made a bit of a mess with some of the loose powder.

I think one of the best things about the palette, apart from the eyeshadows, is the brush that you get in it. It’s a double ended one with a smaller one for application and a larger, fluffier brush which I think would be for blending. The small end does pick up quite a bit of product and it’s good for precision, though some of the eyeshadows have a formula that seems to clump on the brush a bit. The fluffier end does blend them out well, though if it’s an eyeshadow that sticks a bit on primer it does have a bit of trouble. One down side of this brush is the fact that the bristles are white and do look dirty as soon as you use them at all. It feels nice and well put together and the shape and size of the handle makes it easy to hold and use. There are no stray bristles and I’ve tried using it a bit and none have come out yet so it seems good in that respect.

Alongside the palette I bought the Models Own Eyeshadow Primer in matte and used it for the swatches, though I have tried it with Urban Decay Primer Potion too and got the same results with the colours. There are a few obviously different formulas in this palette, even in those with a similar finish, some definitely need the primer for any real pigmentation. The swatches show the top half with the primer underneath and the bottom half directly onto my skin.


Lily – White shimmer, maybe more of a satin. Not very pigmented, does build up to become opaque with a few layers on a primer. Very creamy feeling, seems to apply better with your fingers rather than the brush as it sort of clumps on the brush, though it still applies evenly. Blends out well and sticks in place, even without the primer but does become more opaque with the base.

Charming – Gold shimmer with glitter particles. Creamy and fairly pigmented but does need to build up to be completely opaque. It seems to be almost flaky or clumpy and the first layer isn’t all that even, especially when on a brush. There is a bit of glitter fallout but the glitter seems to get stuck in the brush quite a bit too. Blends out well but tends to take the glitter further than the gold base.

Lace – Shimmery taupe or mid brown. A fairly neutral colour, very creamy and pigmented and becomes opaque with one layer with or without a primer. It does tend to slide a bit if there is no primer but blends well with or without.

Rosebud – Warm dark brown matte. A dry formula but smooth and finely milled so it applies evenly. Not the most pigmented but builds up to become more pigmented, especially on the primer. Blends out well without a primer, though can disappear to nothing, but it does tend to stick in the one place on top of the primer, blends ok but takes more work.

Violetta – Matte black base with a royal blue or purple duochrome. The duochrome is the main thing that stands out, though when you start to blend it it removes some of the duochrome and it becomes the darker colour. Fairly pigmented, does build up to become opaque but takes a few layers on the primer and you need to pat it on. Any time it blends it seems to blend out the duochrome aspect and takes quite a bit of working to get the base to go too.


Cameo – Warm mid brown or terracotta matte. Similar formula to Rosebud, very finely milled and pretty pigmented. It does build up to become more opaque but the sheerness makes it a good transition colour. Blends out well, better when you have a couple of layers on the primer as the original layer tends to stick in one place.

Antique – Matte maroon base with silver shimmer and glitter particles. Dry, powdery base but it applies evenly with little fallout from the base, the glitter does get everywhere when you start to blend it though. Pretty well pigmented and definitely benefits from the primer, needs two layers to become opaque with primer, without it needs more and does fade fairly quickly.

Harvest – Pale warm taupe matte. A very good transition colour but not the most pigmented. It does build up well, especially with the primer. It has a bit of a pink hint to it which becomes more obvious if you apply it while the primer is still slightly wet. Blends out well and blends well with other colours, though due to the sheerness it can disappear if you don’t use a primer under it. The primer sometimes makes the original layer stick in one place but a second layer will blend out well and keep it pigmented.

Bouquet – Matte plum base with silver and pink/purple shimmer. Similar to Antique but more magenta in it so it’s brighter, also the base is closer to the more finely milled mattes in the palette. Fairly well pigmented, applies evenly and builds to become more opaque. Blends out well but it lightens the colour a lot to become more magenta than the original colour. The glitter does tend to cause a bit of fallout so you have to be careful with blending it out.

Timeless – Almost matte black. I think this is the ‘matte midnight blue’ it describes on the back but it’s so dark it looks black to me. It’s not quite matte, it has a slight sheen to it so it’s not a true matte but it’s close. This is very pigmented, one or two layers and it’s opaque and even more when on the primer. It feels slightly creamy and sticky when you apply it. It blends well when not on a primer, when on a primer it tends to stick in the place where it’s first applied but does blend well when you’re blending it with another colour rather than blending out to nothing. This one works really well as an eyeliner if you have a good precision brush.


I like these colours, there’s a nice combination of mattes and other finishes and I think these mattes are some of the easiest to use of any mattes I have in other palettes. The mix of colours is a nice mix and the purple and neutral colours work well together. I think that the matte black is probably one of the best pigmented blacks that I own, which still seems to be a colour that a lot of companies have problems with.

I think if you want a palette in this price range I’d say these are worth looking at. I’m not sure I’ll buy any of the others as I have got a lot of palettes and a lot of them have similar colour combinations to palettes I already own. I think the main draw for these may be the availability in other countries though I don’t know the price. I know that Sleek are hard to find in a lot of countries, or they have been in the past, and this palette has eight different languages on the back so I’d think it would be available in at least those countries. If Sleek aren’t available in your country and these are then I’d say these would be worth getting rather than paying the additional postage.

This might be a nice palette as a present for someone who’s just getting into makeup, especially with the range of colours available in the different palettes. It might be worth picking up if you don’t have many purples and especially like this colour combination or want neutral mattes as those are definitely good in these palettes.

Overall I would say that this is a nice palette, the three matte browns, Timeless and the two purples; Antique and Bouquet are colours that stand out. Lace is a really nice colour but one that I think is in a lot of the neutral palettes I own. The other three colours are nice enough but nothing that stands out. I think that for £14.99 this is a nice palette, some of the colours beat those I’ve had in more expensive palettes like Too Faced or Urban Decay but at the same time I’d say they don’t beat the cheaper Sleek palettes. The palette itself feels nice, I will get a lot of use out of it and I will definitely be using the brush which is the main thing in this one that stands out compared to other cheaper palettes.

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