June and July Favourites: Two for One

I realised, when working out what to include in this post, that I didn’t actually do one of these for June so this is going to be a bit of a two months in one. Also, it turns out that most things work on the new Windows 10 but edge does not like WordPress and my camera is not registering on there so this post is coming from my iPad including photos so may not be the best quality

I don’t know how many of you are in the UK and how many will have watched Robot Wars when it was first on, or on any of the repeats, but I love that show. As the new series has just started a lot of June and July I was watching the original series to get ready and I was surprised at how early I was watching it originally, it seems I started at series 2 with the original airing. So far I’m liking the new series though I do miss the rhymes from Craig Charles in the later series. Also some of my favourites aren’t in the new one but it was to be expected, I wonder how the original robots would have survived against the new ones. 

Anyway, enough about Robot Wars and onto some other TV and things I loved the past couple of months. I saw the movie Spy from last year and loved it, a great comedy version of a spy movie which I may end up watching again. A lot of the other things I’ve loved have been older things I have just discovered because I wasn’t alive when they were first on, Doctor in the House being on of them, or things I loved when I was younger and got all nostalgic over and ended up finding again. I ended up buying the greatest hits from Five and Steps and playing them a lot and the new Good Charlotte album made me go back and listen to their older ones so it’s been late 90s and early 2000s music mainly for me. I did also discover Walk the Moon and their album Talking is Hard which has been played a lot. 

The last things to go in here I have to include are the Euros in France, supporting Wales I kind of had to mention it with how well we did but I do love watching football anyway and I was kind of happy when Portugal won so now Ronaldo has an international win in a cup and Wales went out to the winners which always feels better! Also Euros themed is the Manic Street Preachers Together Stronger which may have been played a lot recently on my iPad and my T-shirt from Asda which I love and have worn since, even with the competition being over I think it’s not too footbally as a design and so comfy.

Onto a couple of other things not in that top photo, simply because they were too big to fit in there, my Gabor sandals which have been my go to shoes when leaving the house as, although they have a bit of a heel, I find I have no balance problems in them and they’re so supportive. I bought them last year in a local shoe shop in the sale, I think they were around £20 when I got them and they’ve been worn a lot and still look good so definitely worth it. 

The other is a dress from Asda, which I can’t find on their site at the moment, which cost £10 and is a really comfortable maxi dress, it’s got a bit of stretch to it but it doesn’t blow around in the wind as there’s some weight to the material but it’s so soft. It’s the kind of dress you can wear around the house and stay cool and comfortable no matter what you do, also great to curl up in for afternoon naps without the top or the straps digging in under the arms which I sometimes find a problem. I do love the design on this as well, though it’s been printed upside down and I’m not sure if that was intentional, it’s very summery and bright and you can get away with a few marks without them showing up on it.

The two non beauty things in the top photo are my Escape to Shakespeare’s World: A Colouring-book Adventure by good Wives and Warriors as I have been loving colouring this in. The pictures are detailed enough that fine liners work on it, which I prefer colouring in, but not too detailed so it takes away from the main picture. Also the size does help, it’s great to carry around or stick in your bag as it’s smaller than a lot. I did a full review of it here if you want to see some of the pages inside. 

I also had to include Ouran High School Host Club as have watched it probably twice in the last couple of months after finding out that there’s going to be a series 2. I can’t wait to see what it’s like and this anime is one of my favourites to go back to all the time. I like how it’s a comedy and it’s a reverse harem in a way in that you have all these guys around one main female character but she isn’t the stereotypical lead girl in these things. She’s a scholarship student in a posh school and there’s plenty of sarcasm and she doesn’t just do what any of them want her to so there’s no parts where you just want to shake some sense into her like I find with a lot of these. These kinds of anime and manga have become more common since this was originally written but I think it was one of the earliest to do some of the things it does and includes the fan service without making it cringy.

These next few things are mainly here because of the recent weather here in the UK. Hawaiian Tropic is my go to when it comes to sun cream as a lot react with my skin and this one just works. I have found I really like this Ultra Radiance one, though the one with the moisturiser swirls in is good too and smells slightly different. I got this in a latest in beauty box and love the size of it, great for a bag which is handy as I’m so pale it helps to be able to reapply when out and about without a big bottle taking up space in my bag.

Dream Cream from Lush is a go to for me when my skin is playing up or in the summer as its so calming and soothing and my skin always gets a bit pink no matter what SPF I put on (I’ve tried 50+ and it still happens) as it’s more a reaction to the heat than the sun. This really calms my skin down whenever I have problems and the past month or so I’ve been using it quite a bit

The L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream has been helping my skin too. I’ve always loved this as a hand cream but my skin on my legs has needed a bit of extra help and, as I don’t have any body butter at the moment and had two tubes of this, I tried it on them and it works so well in the evenings. It sinks in so fast, moisturises really well and you need less than you’d expect to cover both legs. It’s a bit expensive for me to be using this all the time in this way but just for now while I have the tubes and enough hand cream to last a year anyway I’ll keep going with it. Also works really well on ankles, knees and elbows to help keep them from getting all dry and cracked plus it smells amazing, like Shea butter

Do you ever find a perfume, or other scent, that just takes you back to old holidays or a certain place? For some reason that’s what happens when I smell the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo in Cedro di Taormina, which really isn’t a scene it’d normally go for. I can get the lavender in there and something else that just reminds me of when we used to go to France when I was little. I love how it changes on time as well and becomes warmer. I wore it to my graduation ceremony and I really want to get a full sized bottle of it, I’m going to see if I can find somewhere near me that sells it rather than order online but I want to get it soon as it’s definitely a summer scent to me. I do like the sound of a couple of the others in the collection too so being able to smell them would be great as I might end up with a perfume for my Christmas list, we always get one for Christmas and I never know which one to ask for.

The last three things kind of go together, I keep them in a small travel bag I got some mini Eco tools brushes in as it’s sort of a set to me now. It’s the Beautiful Movements Mineral Foundation in Stripped with the Beautiful Me Prime and Create Mixing Medium, though I’m pretty sure they’re the same make as they have the same pot they have different company names on so not sure which is correct. They work so well together and make a great foundation that can be as pigmented as you like to give a light coverage up to medium and it builds up well, leaving a matte finish. I did a review of the Prime and Create Mixing Medium here, though I haven’t posted about the foundation on its own yet. The Boots Precision Sponge I think I included in my last monthly favourites but it is amazing and I’ve found it works well for nails too for an ombré look. I use the smaller end for concealer under my eyes and the larger end works well for foundation. I did a review on this too and I definitely recommend looking into this if you want a precision beauty blender style sponge as it’s only £2.50 so a lot cheaper than some of the others out there at the moment. 

There are probably more things I could have included but I think this has probably got long enough as it is! Are there any new things you have found the past couple of months you’ve fallen in love with? Or gone back to something you used to like years ago and found you like it as much as you remember? It’s always a bit worrying looking for things you used to love in case you hate them now and it sort of ruins the memories, or maybe that’s just me.

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