Blind Boxes: Re-Ment PomPomPurin Dog Pudding Café and Rilakkuma Cat Café


I have always loved miniatures, I think it may have started with Sylvanian Families when I was little, and so when I discovered Re-Ments a few years ago I had to get some. I have managed to keep it down to only a few, mainly due to shipping costs as they’re imported from Japan or me not getting the ones I wanted before they sold out.

Re-Ments are basically blind boxes with miniatures in, they come in sets which often have six or eight different variations and you have no idea which one you’re getting when you buy them. There must be hundreds of the separate collections by now and they all have themes, a lot of the more recent ones are tied in with TV shows or popular characters like Hello Kitty. They are pretty detailed and good quality, especially for the size, and they are the perfect size for a lot of figures, think Barbie or similar, especially when it comes to the food themed ones. They also look nice hidden amongst plants when it comes to certain themes, I have a cat from one of these in amongst my mini cactus garden at the moment.

I recently bought a couple of these from Tofu Cute, a website that sells Japanese imports, and now I know they have them I have a feeling my collection might grow quite a bit. I decided to get one from two collections; the PomPomPurin Pudding Dog Café (sold out at the moment) and the Rilakkuma Cat Café (£5.99 each). They arrived quickly and I have had them for a while as I forgot to do this post when I first got them but I really like them.

I do love blind boxes and Re-Ment combines miniatures, cute things, detail and the fun of not knowing what you’ll get but knowing it’ll be something good so it’s a few things I love all rolled into one. I was thinking of doing more of these blind box or blind bag posts, it’d be on Tuesdays, as I do love getting them and there are a few out there at the moment I want to buy.

The first one is the PomPomPurin Pudding Dog Café, based on the character from Sanrio with the same name it’s a collection of café foods and things like menus and cutlery to eat them with. There are eight in this collection and, to be honest, I don’t think there were any that I didn’t want which is one of the reasons I chose it as you sometimes get one or two options in the set that I’m less interested in and knowing my luck I’d end up with them.

Inside, as with all Re-Ments I’ve seen, you get a small piece of shiny paper which has the picture of whatever set you got on the front and inside an image of everything in the collection in a display. The back of this is often something you can cut out and use to display the set, I think this one may be a placemat but I’m not really sure, in the past it’s mainly been menus or posters with fake prices for the food that I’ve had. You also get a piece of gum, which I have never tried so I have no idea what it tastes like but I have read people saying it’s not the best. I’m not sure why they include it, maybe it means they can charge more as it’s classed as food or something, but my past gums are still all in their plastic bag in the box.

The actual set that I got is the pudding parfait, number 5, which has a parfait with cream and the smaller puddings on the top are the characters, though I don’t know the franchise I can see they’re two dogs. I love how they incorporate the characters into the designs so there are things like dog faces on the food or the plates rather than you just getting a version of the character sitting with the meal, though that does happen sometimes.

The Rilakkuma Cat Café set is so cute. I don’t know if I’d ever go to a cat café but the idea of it sounds really fun. This one, again, comes with a leaflet showing off the set I got and the overall collection inside. This time there wasn’t any gum in there, I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not but apparently some don’t come with gum, not that I think anyone actually buys these for the sweet.

This set is all cat café themed, not surprisingly, but a lot of the things aren’t necessarily the food and more the things the cats play with so I can see this as being one of the sets you’re more likely to want to complete, especially if you get the cat tree or the bed set as they’d look better with an actual cat figure displayed on them. I got number 6, Taking Photos, which includes a mini phone along with a Rilakkuma dressed as a cat and a smaller cat and a toy so it looks like you’re taking a photo of the cat as it’s shown on the screen. I think this set would be really good for displays with figures as the phone would work better being held by something. I do love the Rilakkuma and the cat though, they’re both in the plants on my windowsill.

I think that both of these sets are great when it comes to the detail in them, where you need it, the texture and the paint or print on the Dog Café set is great. There isn’t as much detail in the cat café set but there doesn’t need to be in this particular one, photos of the others in this collection do seem to show that the food and more detailed things are up to the normal standard I’ve found with Re-Ment in the past.

Getting these out and looking at them again has made me want to get more, I keep meaning to actually collect a set but by the time I get one or two from the set and decide I’ll get the rest they seem to have sold out. One day I will actually buy a set in one go, you can often buy them in a box so you don’t get any duplicates, but it always seems so much money to spend on these. Do you guys collect anything? I have a few collections at the moment, mainly things to do with a certain TV show or sets of books rather than any one specific collection and it’s always fun hearing what other people collect.

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